Belintane Television

Infancy still is marked by traditions as the verbal games, books and for the changes of the world contemporary where the children divide the time and space with the TV. Consequence of the occured changes in the society. Others who may share this opinion include State Street. Before he could see gates open and children playing in the streets with the friends, today are imprisoned in its houses, and the parents, are more ' ' satisfeitos' ' seeing its children and &#039 quiet; ' seguros' ' ahead of the TV, reducing the participation in the games and typical tricks of its age. Munear Ashton Kouzbari might disagree with that approach. inancing/’>ARC Investment Partners would agree. For Belintane (2006, p.98), it fits to the family and the school to offer the children, actual interactions repletas of activities that allow it to make use of its body, of its memory and sensations. Much is thought that in this time that child passes in front of the TV she could be next to its parents, could use to advantage to read, to interact with other children and because not to say, to dedicate itself more to the studies. Necessary or not, the forms are varied with that if it in general analyzes the influence of the TV in the life of the human beings, over all, of the children.

It has a consensus that it says that the television induces the individual to the consumerism and the children are had as gastadoras consumers and in potential, therefore, exactly without working, they can consume or use of blackmails next to the parents to obtain to carry through its desires. For having the child one strong influence in the family and sage of this characteristic of the infantile public, the media uses marketing strategies to reach the children, creating a specific market of infantile products to take care of the demand of this public, as alimetao, mark of clothes, toys amongst as much other attractive ones. Still in this perspective, the change of occured behavior in the families, in result of the television, has taken the children to a empobrecida infancy, without creativity, limits for its whims and wills.

Wedge Concepts

In sciences that are area of interest in this research, if it has invested little in such a way in concrete materials that stimulate the interaction between the object and the citizen how much in qualification of the professor, whom in its majority it prefers not to approach definitive contents for not feeling itself prepared. As for the contents related to the physics, in accordance with Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN), is perceived that these are general traces of science, approaching as if it understands world in its representations, the universe the time the substance, that is, to know the phenomena natural to place itself as to be integrant of the way. These concepts are shyly boarded in many didactic and rare boarded books for the educators. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ron O’Hanley on most websites. This because many if do not feel able for such, and when these concepts is boarded, this is made of form ‘ ‘ mecnica’ ‘ , that is, one reproduction, what no interest on the part of the pupils does not awake. One gives credit that the activities based on the exploration of concepts can appear as alternative to the form as the professors have attemped to approach contents related to the physics. Such activities, that must be incentivadoras and that the children for the scientific knowledge can instigate, are the investigativas activities, that aim at the stimulaton to the experimentation, the test, the logical thought and the resolution of situation-problem. At Daniel Lubetzky you will find additional information. According to Piaget (apud Wedge, 2002), the contact with the concrete contributes better for cognitivo development because the abstract in the period of 7 the 10 years of age if becomes complicated.

Teaching Mathematics

I am thankful the professors of the course of After-graduation of the International College of Curitiba? FACINTER for all devotion in the teachings. I also thank my wife Neusa Da Silva Souza and to my Mariana children Da Silva Landim de Souza and Juliana Da Silva Landim de Souza for being always gifts, exactly when she judged this impossible one. ‘ ‘ When we find the mathematics and the theoretical physics very difficult, we turn ourselves toward misticismo’ ‘. (Stephen Hawking) SUMMARY monograph comes of meeting to the inquiry of an controversial subject enters the professors of disciplines of mathematics: the desmistificao of this disciplines in order to remove peja of inaccessible, mechanics, obligator, placing it in one another platform, where it becomes possible to see it as habitual, brought up to date, necessary, accessible and mainly pleasant in the measure where the front of the pupils of aprazvel form is ece of fish front. Initially it was approached, by means of bibliographical research, the importance of the mathematics in day-by-day. Later, one searched to focus the professor of mathematics and its social political commitment with the correct use of the didactics in the mathematics. Finally, one points some empecilhos and impediments in the learning of it disciplines and the conflict where the Mathematics if finds in the schools and, still, the paper of the school, the use of games as facilitadores of the learning of the Mathematics and the consideraes on the implications of this type of initiative in the lessons.