The Schedule

It was observed that the predominant public is of adult women. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. The frequency of aged was more intense in the part of the morning, but exactly thus it did not reach significant peaks, in contrast of what if it waited, a time that this square is situated in the proximity enters three homes for aged. These data had been collected through comment of the flow of people in the place. It is important also to perceive that these peaks are not determined by users of one same profile. In the schedule of the morning the peak is determined by the concentration of aged adults and, no longer end of the afternoon of adults and children. Also seeing a preference of the aged population of the place in at the beginning using more the space of the day, already the children in the end. No longer sector 02, that he was waited a ticket transit? what would not be characterized as use of the square? , it came another reality, the area very it is used for walked and races, complementing or not it use of the devices. The square is very looked for practical of physical activities, being the carried through walked one to the second practical one more in the place.

Although the square to present furniture for infantile recreation, this does not reveal very attractive. Amongst the children, few had been the ones had used that it, preferring to play in the area of internal circulation with its bicycles friends, in the small tables of concrete or, still, in the proper ATI, as already commented. The main behavior of the users in the studied square, practises is it of physical exercises, fact that the use of the place is modifying? what historically is used for meeting? that can be raised as a change of behavior of the population, proven this hypothesis would be possible revitalizaes in more efficient urban spaces.

Teaching Mathematics

I am thankful the professors of the course of After-graduation of the International College of Curitiba? FACINTER for all devotion in the teachings. I also thank my wife Neusa Da Silva Souza and to my Mariana children Da Silva Landim de Souza and Juliana Da Silva Landim de Souza for being always gifts, exactly when she judged this impossible one. ‘ ‘ When we find the mathematics and the theoretical physics very difficult, we turn ourselves toward misticismo’ ‘. (Stephen Hawking) SUMMARY monograph comes of meeting to the inquiry of an controversial subject enters the professors of disciplines of mathematics: the desmistificao of this disciplines in order to remove peja of inaccessible, mechanics, obligator, placing it in one another platform, where it becomes possible to see it as habitual, brought up to date, necessary, accessible and mainly pleasant in the measure where the front of the pupils of aprazvel form is ece of fish front. Initially it was approached, by means of bibliographical research, the importance of the mathematics in day-by-day. Later, one searched to focus the professor of mathematics and its social political commitment with the correct use of the didactics in the mathematics. Finally, one points some empecilhos and impediments in the learning of it disciplines and the conflict where the Mathematics if finds in the schools and, still, the paper of the school, the use of games as facilitadores of the learning of the Mathematics and the consideraes on the implications of this type of initiative in the lessons.