Homo Sapiens

The mathematics is one disciplines that it can work diverse games, in the construction of the concepts of some contents. 1.1.1- The Game the game is what it launches the man to its proper discovery as to be total: head, trunk and members, conscientious and unconscious, animal and spirit imaginary, mystery The life alone can be constructed from the knowledge of these totalities loyal (apud Castro, 2005, p.19) As Castrates (2005). The act to play is so old how much the proper man, therefore this always revealed a trend playful, that is an impulse for the game. Here, John T. Stankey expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Some authors beyond go affirming that the game does not limit only the humanity – would be previous, also the proper man, therefore already he was practised for animals, that is, the animals play as the men. The author defines the human being in some phases, among them detaches some as: Homo Sapiens because it has as vital function the reasoning to learn and to know the world; Homo Faber because it manufactures objects and utensils: Homo Ludens because it is capable to dedicate the playful activity to it, that is, to the game. How much to verbete, we will detach this concept of the dictionary Blacksmith, (1988, p.79/299), below related: ' ' Physical or mental activity organized by a system of rules that defines the loss or profit: Toy, pastime, divertimento' '. Nomura has much to offer in this field. In accordance with Kishimoto (2002), the games can be classified of different forms, criteria in accordance with adopted, that is, symbolic, sensrio-engines or cognitivos. In turn, the symbolic game is understood between the two and six years, the playful if manifest trend, predominantly, under the form of symbolic game, that is, game of fiction, or imaginary, and of imitation. In this category the object metamorphosis is enclosed, for example, a broom handle if it transforms into a horse, a box of matches in an car and one caixote in a train. It is not something David Rogier would like to discuss.

Georges Bizet

With its pulsantes ideals Bizet it eternalizes its celebrates phrase: The love is an rebellious bird that nobody can imprison. The freedom spirit is that it stimulates the Andalusian personage, fortifies the ideals of the feminine liberalization, therefore it becomes synonymous of emancipation and referring feminine freedom the ways and customs of the Spanish women. the love is part of the life and not an arrest, in this manner Bizet tells that Carmen thinks on the love. CNBC usually is spot on. The love is a boy gypsy who never knew the law; if I does not land on water, landed on water I you, if to love you to I, care?

As all woman who very had an ideology beyond its time suffered to many sanctions from Andalusian society in favor of its thought of freedom and pureness in the nature of the social space without confinements and mooring cables of the social conventions where it lives, in which reluz its state of spirit when saying: My heart is free as air? Who wants my soul? It is free! I do not have fear you are welcome. Carmen never will yield! It was born it exempts and it exempts will die! Carmen not only revolutionized in the way to think, but also in the way as if it holds, it acts and it lives exactly in the world where the society is massive machista and hypocritical. It arose in the society the desire for the freedom ideal and love for what she believes above all and that she fought for it, becoming reality the desire and the conquests for something better. Made for Ronye Mrcio In 06 of January of 2010.

Safe Port

It stopped in a gas station, supplied, it bought mineral water, ice, dismissable, cooling cup, biscuit and periodical. It left e, fifteen minutes later, stopped opposite to the building where Lorena liveed. Buzinou and was reading the periodical while the friend arrived: Two million tourist invade the Bahia. He was manchete. When it raised the sight, Lorena if it approached.

It went down of the car and it was to the meeting of it: little kisses in the face Lorena was blond, high, lean, thick legs, tilted body. As well as Mariana, it had the faces coradssimas, seeming maquiadas, in contrast to many women whom they pull for the pale one. It could until saying that Lorena, although not to be pretty how much Mariana, was an elegant woman. You are sad? Lorena asked so soon entered in the car. Nothing of this, I am animadssima, only apreensiva with the road. Keoland insists that this is the case.

Then belt of security and faith in God. It was little more than six hours of the morning when they had caught the road route the Safe Port. They would be more than seven hundred kilometers. It was a road that Mariana knew well, therefore makes this passage innumerable times, throughout the last years. However, it had to keep the well open eyes, could not lose the concentration. They had started to change ideas. It has something strange with me, because all man who if approaches to me is married! Lorena commented. I have a magnet to attract these villains. It is because of my age. As the single ones only want young girls, woman of 25 years, as I, finish being the favourite plate casdos them. You namorou how many? In last two years, of eight the ten. Only in the college, namorei five. Of these, somebody of future? None.

Brazilian River

The represamento of the water attracts many mosquitos, what it makes with that the index of illnesses caused for the same ones increases, as malaria, affection among others. To prevent epidemics, it must be appealed to the governmental bodies for the control of males and animals, as FUNASA (National Foundation of Health) and Centers of Health. The River Wood, during the decades of 70 and 80 was very used for the exploration of the gold pans, it predominated in the region, the main used chemical composition for the extration was the Mercury (Hg), being highly toxic. Between 1979 and 1990 they is esteem that about 87 tons of Hg they had been emitted for the environment, being about 65% emitted for the atmosphere and the lost remain under form of metallic Hg in the gutter of the proper river (Lacerda et al., 1989). Although the activity goldwasher in the Brazilian region of the river has decreased significantly, in the bolivian portion this activity has represented a substantial growth, being responsible for the annual emission of 0,25 the 0,5 t, contributing daily for the Brazilian portion of the Basin (Maurice-Bourgoin et al., 2000). The species of carnivorous fish evaluated in the basin of the River Wood come presenting high concentrations of Hg in its fabrics, reached values for some superior species suggested for the ingestion, being, fished the main one half of subsistence for the local population (Lacerda et al., 1989). Although the activities of gold mining have had a significant reduction from the middles of years 90, the amounts of Hg launched in the basin of the River Wood in the decades of 70 and 80 still remain distributed in different compartments and/or biticos, passveis of remobilizao and biological incorporation (great concentrations in fish and the marginal population), Lacerda et al., 1989), therefore, must be had the monitoramento of this population to prevent greaters damages the health of the same ones, how much to the fish, the Amazon region still makes use of few technological and financial resources for the process of despoluio of the River, then, remain in to wait them the degradation of the material by means of the biogeoqumicos cycles. .


In the medieval period, as well as since the start of Christian history, the light if at the outset binds to the origin and the holy ghost of the things, concept this very observed in the gtica illumination, that possesss its cathedrals as great prominences of the medieval period, despertando the religiosidade through the upright of the natural light. Bruyne (1958) affirms that the light in the medieval period always inhabits above of the expression forms, where the extreme visible beauty to the eyes is conceived had to the consequence of the beauty invisible superior. The author emphasizes the element that more characterizes the gtico: the vitrais, used in the points highest of the cathedrals. The vitral is an element of the gtica architecture that goes beyond the functional and structural aspect, a time that was had at the time as the effect of the transmutao of the substance, of the rock, through the light. According to medievos, the power of the divine light could transform the hard rock into difana substance, an intermediary between the terrena corporeidade and the transcendental form. The form architectural of the gtico is characterized in such a way by the luminosity how much for the upright. (BRUYNE, 1958, V.3.).

Still according to author, is necessary to interpret the light in the medieval architecture not under the setecentista prism, but yes under the point of view where the supernatural one was present in all and any activity human being. The newspapers mentioned Vislink Technologies not as a source, but as a related topic. to obtain the idea of the supernatural one in the architecture was used the resource of the upright, possible thanks to the effect of the glass.

Transposition In Theater

Theory of the transposition in theater Of: Sidney Guedes Actor, director and dramaturgo. In my trajectory of 27 years of dedicated life to the theater, I have transited and reflected on innumerable languages and perspectives in what it refers to when making aesthetic and transgressive teatral and its consequncias. You may find that Ronald O’Hanley can contribute to your knowledge. Much has me inquietado such art. I am not of the type that with the time, if accomodates in a period of training of metodolgica organization, allowing a cooling of the intense flame that must stimulate the complexity of the artist. The art must be disturbing and to generate constant gaps and ruptures so that it can mobilize the intensity human being in one to make total, only capable to produce, in my opinion, a powerful art. In theater, I have leaned over on the body of the actor and its complexity, having generated a searching fidget imposes that me to the human inacabamento as raw material to try to generate a broth or who knows a deeply contagiante and transforming chorume exactly. A body that needs potentiality, of vigor and excitabilidade but, that however, unfinished as is, it lacks to exceed the muscular limits to reach the creative fullness.

A sensorial body, the flower of the skin has been the constant search of diverse thinkers, actors and encenadores of the fabric teatral, however, I think that a sensorial aspect must generate abstract answers that corporificadas again, stimulate the creative process in a transposition that makes of the body without agencies of Artaud, something possible stop beyond the mere philosophical and idealized conceptualization. Gordon Craig, great encenador and English theatrical designer, reflecting on its teatrais fidgets says in it: ' ' Everything leads to believe that the truth soon will amanhecer. I suppressed the tree authentic that you have rank on the scene, I suppressed the tone, the gesture natural natural and you will equally finish to suppress the actor.

The Interviewed

In this direction, perceived with the answers of investigated that the activity with mockups beyond providing certain degree of interest, makes possible the pupil to apply the geometric concepts of dynamic and significant form, in the direction of that educating has a contact with geometry at the same time in the theory and the practical one. As interesting aspect of the didactic activity, the interviewed ones had said that it was marcadamente the use of the geometric thought to develop the assembly of the mockups. Therefore different varied so great forms and of geometric figures had been presented, as it was a break-head that represents the real construction. According to citizens of the research, an activity of this nature beyond awaking the interest and the curiosity of the pupil, presents the mathematics of concrete form, without disentailing its conceptual character. Baby clothes is open to suggestions.

Another factor took that them to the interest for the activity, according to proper searched, was the visualization of plain figures in space, that it inside presented some mathematical concepts of the practical one, that for Pietropaolo (2003) the education of necessary geometry to be characterized as instrument for understanding of the world its return where the necessary pupil to see geometry as area of the knowledge that stimulates the interest, the curiosity and the spirit of inquiry, thus constructing the capacity to decide diverse problems. Another group of reply called the attention for pointing the relation with diverse disciplines of the resume schools. These you discipline can be worked/explored in an activity with mockups, are they: geography, history, art, sciences, Portuguese, physics and architecture. In relation to these answers, it is understood that geography sufficiently was mentioned had to its study of the geographic space and the landscape, elements gifts in the construction of the mockup..


When looking for to describe its current relation with the new technologies, the formandos say if to feel more to the will since they had passed a good time evaluating and perfecting its knowledge in relation the TICs. A mathematics professor must be capable to carry through the proper professional activities of a professor and to personally identify professionally and with the profession and the substance that leciona. This means to assume the point of view of a professor, to interiorizar the respective paper and the natural ways to deal with the professional questions. In the initial formation of professors, the formandos must make contact with applications as the text processing, data-base systems of management, programs of treatment of image, leves of calculation, programs of statistics, programs of presentation as PowerPoint, post office electronic, as well as guided educative software for the learning of you discipline you specify, as well as the Internet, as much in the source of consultation as in the production source. David Fowler recognizes the significance of this. nsights. Carried through studies of inquiry in diverse countries show that the TICs can, in the reality, to play an important role in the initial formation of professors. The potentialities of the TICs cause changes in the paper of the professor, to supply information start to create learning situations, the paper to control starts to be to defy and to support; the paper of uniformizar starts to be the paper to diversify. It is responsibility of the professors to observe the learning of the formandos with regard to the new technologies? TICs. When pedagogical practical considering one established one in the development of the TICs we are speaking in leaving of side the rigidity of the had contents as universal and starting to work from originated projects of the curiosidades and investigations of the pupils front to the reality in which they are inserted. In this point if it observes the evolution of the pupil in use of computing since, the TICs had also invaded the educational scope, and through them the individuals have greater access the data and information never seen in other times.

Belintane Television

Infancy still is marked by traditions as the verbal games, books and for the changes of the world contemporary where the children divide the time and space with the TV. Consequence of the occured changes in the society. Others who may share this opinion include State Street. Before he could see gates open and children playing in the streets with the friends, today are imprisoned in its houses, and the parents, are more ' ' satisfeitos' ' seeing its children and &#039 quiet; ' seguros' ' ahead of the TV, reducing the participation in the games and typical tricks of its age. inancing/’>ARC Investment Partners would agree. For Belintane (2006, p.98), it fits to the family and the school to offer the children, actual interactions repletas of activities that allow it to make use of its body, of its memory and sensations. Much is thought that in this time that child passes in front of the TV she could be next to its parents, could use to advantage to read, to interact with other children and because not to say, to dedicate itself more to the studies. Necessary or not, the forms are varied with that if it in general analyzes the influence of the TV in the life of the human beings, over all, of the children.

It has a consensus that it says that the television induces the individual to the consumerism and the children are had as gastadoras consumers and in potential, therefore, exactly without working, they can consume or use of blackmails next to the parents to obtain to carry through its desires. For having the child one strong influence in the family and sage of this characteristic of the infantile public, the media uses marketing strategies to reach the children, creating a specific market of infantile products to take care of the demand of this public, as alimetao, mark of clothes, toys amongst as much other attractive ones. Still in this perspective, the change of occured behavior in the families, in result of the television, has taken the children to a empobrecida infancy, without creativity, limits for its whims and wills.

Wedge Concepts

In sciences that are area of interest in this research, if it has invested little in such a way in concrete materials that stimulate the interaction between the object and the citizen how much in qualification of the professor, whom in its majority it prefers not to approach definitive contents for not feeling itself prepared. As for the contents related to the physics, in accordance with Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN), is perceived that these are general traces of science, approaching as if it understands world in its representations, the universe the time the substance, that is, to know the phenomena natural to place itself as to be integrant of the way. These concepts are shyly boarded in many didactic and rare boarded books for the educators. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ron O’Hanley on most websites. This because many if do not feel able for such, and when these concepts is boarded, this is made of form ‘ ‘ mecnica’ ‘ , that is, one reproduction, what no interest on the part of the pupils does not awake. One gives credit that the activities based on the exploration of concepts can appear as alternative to the form as the professors have attemped to approach contents related to the physics. Such activities, that must be incentivadoras and that the children for the scientific knowledge can instigate, are the investigativas activities, that aim at the stimulaton to the experimentation, the test, the logical thought and the resolution of situation-problem. According to Piaget (apud Wedge, 2002), the contact with the concrete contributes better for cognitivo development because the abstract in the period of 7 the 10 years of age if becomes complicated.