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Berlin November

Winner nominated for media Prize strong family, Berlin November 2008 strong films about strong families are rare in the film and television business. The Albert-Schweitzer – children’s villages and family works find, that needs to change. Movies about strong families encourage family on the adventure. The media price strong family wants to encourage filmmakers and filmmakers to such films. For the second time, he is for the best film or television report titled family life with children and young people in Germany\”presented. Now for the first time in the two categories best film\”and best documentation\” on November 8, 2008 at the theater Erfurt, beginning 16:00 18:00 Placidus-Muth-Strasse 1, 99084 Erfurt for the media prize of powerful family 2008 many very different contributions were submitted by public and private channels, productions and film schools. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. For the jury was the election in addition to the cinematic quality\”the differentiated and up-to-date perspective on the topic of […]


Agriculture Committee

Accompanying negotiations over provisions in the industrial pole of the rabbit – protest action at the 07.07.10 before the Bundestag “no thanks logo of campaign rabbit fattening,”. Well-known organizations have looked to the animal welfare Alliance?Rabbit fattening, no thanks? joined together. The aim should be the abolition of rabbit cages, ‘ free-range held cage. Rabbit meat is in vogue, after the scandals involving BSE, foot and mouth disease and avian flu the consumption from 1995 to 2008 has doubled literally. Among German consumers, the meat is regarded as especially fat and cholesterol, more than 25 million rabbits are eaten so annually. But how the animals are kept, remains hidden for the unsuspecting consumer in the dark. Lobby Association and trade groups suggest happy animals bucolic, but the opposite is often the case. Squat thousands rabbit in narrow cages and wait for their death, welfare: nil, the store with the ware animals. The keeping of rabbits for fattening is one of […]