Nonprofit Associations

The Berlin specialist for association management Friedemann Rojahn serves non-profit organizations for over 20 years. Berlin, may 28, 2010 – the Berlin specialist for association management Friedemann Rojahn supervised nonprofits for over 20 years. With skill and diligence he ensures his clients legally clean, transparent and efficient settlement of donations and public grants. Donation is a matter of trust. This applies even for prominent people, as Alice Schwarzer on the basis of Metun & can affair recently painfully learned. Non-profit associations through their years of persistent social work, which has already become an indispensable part of public social services acquire this precious confidence socially engaged people. Many organizations are finding themselves through the current negative headlines around two large Berlin social institution of discredited threatened. In addition, they fear a significant overhead by future sharper controls of their use of funds.

These to cope with the additional administrative overhead, can be problematic especially for volunteer-run clubs. “Trust is good, control is better so could the guiding principle by Friedemann Rojahn, owner of the GmbH” are within the current discussion. The trained merchant distinguished by expertise: Often several volunteer share the management tasks. These include the areas of finance and management of Member data in a hand. “Only in this way, the necessary control is possible otherwise funds often lost the Club.” From this and other administrative shallows, the preserves GmbH”non-profit organizations for over 20 years, of the equestrian Association of kindergartens up to cooperatives of the Knights Hospitaller. While the administrative specialist throws his considerable expertise to vereins – and tax issues in the pan.

Of course, we replace not the counsel or tax adviser, but we can alert the Board to, when the corresponding advice recommended is”, says Rahul. This special knowledge are there in particular, that the boards of non-profit associations can benefit from. All too quickly, an administrative error into a legal nightmare for its Board of directors personally liable can grow out? We relieve especially volunteers at the administrative tasks. If the Association Management runs effectively and legally correctly, there can be no rude awakening due to formal error, who sneak out of ignorance or lack of time”, RAI performs. The bandwidth is large: modern database technology facilitates the member management, postal mailings to members to be done with the in-house inserting in a fraction of the time. A complete “Office services” to the approval of the Board will be installed upon request. Capacities are released, Board members can concentrate on content, faster to recognize critical situations and cope better. Thus they sustain that even in difficult times survival trust of their private and public sponsors. “About the GmbH” Friedemann Rojahn, managing partner of GmbH, has specialised for more than 20 years on the management of clubs.

Cancer Association

News from the Association of children’s smiles Club children’s smiles – Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. organized on 18 December on the gifts to the children passed MS Sanssouci his traditional Christmas celebration, in which Katia Saalfrank. The Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. to just such cares now 12 years. 2006 was merged with the Association of children’s smiles children smile – Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. Once a year, the traditional Christmas celebration is held, also presents to the children are distributed at the. \”This year still a very special guest has announced the gift passing next to Santa: Katia Saalfrank, also known from the television in the Super nanny\”, from the eponymous RTL broadcast.

I have worked as a teacher and music therapist on a children’s intensive care and had to do so myself with sick children and their parents. David Fowler brings even more insight to the discussion. The difficult situations of the families are very familiar to me. It is all the more important unloaded and happy moments to make it possible, to share and to give and with the kids a good time to spend much. The invitation of the children smile Club, their Christmas party to participate, I assumed therefore happy. I would like to support the voluntary commitment of the Association within this framework. Susan G. Swenson describes an additional similar source. \”\” I just look forward to the encounters with the children and parents and hope to contribute with my visit may be a little to the anticipation of Christmas, says the Super nanny Katia Saalfrank for five years in the family counseling in RTL format\”is active. This year’s Christmas celebration of the Association will take place on the MS Sanssouci and Treptower Park starts from the pier in the port to a three-hour tour on the river Spree and Muggelsee.

Capital Zoos

Standing in establishment of Foundation for Zoo and Berlin Zoo website is presented the Foundation of friends of the capital zoos now already in the Internet presence. The new foundation for the promotion of Zoo Berlin and Berlin Zoo will be completed this year. So the Foundation is seminal cover the wide sphere of activity of the capital zoos and can jump in there, where it is currently most. The Foundation committed individuals and institutions will be sought for, who identify themselves with the Zoo and the animal park. It should be built a Foundation’s assets, which makes it possible to implement the purpose of the Foundation sustainable”, as Thomas Ziolko, from the Foundation of the capital zoos. The initiative came to the Foundation to promote the capital zoos from the Association of Zoo Berlin and Berlin Zoo, who gave the impetus under the background of declining donations from the State of Berlin, the capital of zoos. From 2011, the capital zoos receive only 88 cents per animal at Day, even though it the most visited leisure facilities in Berlin are. “, so Thomas Ziolko.

What is special about foundations is are basically forever and so particularly effectively back up the selected targets. The assets of a Foundation may not be touched; only the interest income from the investment may be used for the work. Especially in times of scarce public funds, a sign for the future of Zoo and animal park can be used with a donation to the Foundation of the friends of the capital zoos on private initiative. It is donated a piece of everlasting memory so that a donation must not as a regular donation to the capital zoos or the Association promptly for current projects be used, but is fed into the core assets of the Foundation and therefore not consumed. Thus contributes a donation to the capital zoos. undiminished and far into the future, said Thomas Ziolko. For more information:

Berlin November

Winner nominated for media Prize strong family, Berlin November 2008 strong films about strong families are rare in the film and television business. The Albert-Schweitzer – children’s villages and family works find, that needs to change. Movies about strong families encourage family on the adventure. The media price strong family wants to encourage filmmakers and filmmakers to such films. For the second time, he is for the best film or television report titled family life with children and young people in Germany\”presented.

Now for the first time in the two categories best film\”and best documentation\” on November 8, 2008 at the theater Erfurt, beginning 16:00 18:00 Placidus-Muth-Strasse 1, 99084 Erfurt for the media prize of powerful family 2008 many very different contributions were submitted by public and private channels, productions and film schools. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. For the jury was the election in addition to the cinematic quality\”the differentiated and up-to-date perspective on the topic of family. Movies are needed beyond stereotypes and Sensationalism, which uphold respect for the represented persons. Nominated were: growing up in poverty. Children should live on the dark side (RBB) Jeremiah (WDR) bag, courage, and ABC (WDR) Mama works again (ARTE, SWR) Stella Moon children (HFF \”Konrad Wolf\” HFF Munich, BR, RBB, SWR) and the star of the Orient (ZDF, film rental) we need more strong films about strong families that create positive role models! And right Mr.

Reich-Ranicki wants more quality in the media beyond Promirummel and ratings\”, says Dr. Holger Wahl, Member of the jury. For over 50 years the Albert-Schweitzer-family works and children’s village committed Germany to families, children and young people. See important partners on the way to a more family-friendly future in media and film-makers. The press is cordially invited.

Agriculture Committee

Accompanying negotiations over provisions in the industrial pole of the rabbit – protest action at the 07.07.10 before the Bundestag “no thanks logo of campaign rabbit fattening,”. Well-known organizations have looked to the animal welfare Alliance?Rabbit fattening, no thanks? joined together. The aim should be the abolition of rabbit cages, ‘ free-range held cage. Rabbit meat is in vogue, after the scandals involving BSE, foot and mouth disease and avian flu the consumption from 1995 to 2008 has doubled literally. Among German consumers, the meat is regarded as especially fat and cholesterol, more than 25 million rabbits are eaten so annually. But how the animals are kept, remains hidden for the unsuspecting consumer in the dark.

Lobby Association and trade groups suggest happy animals bucolic, but the opposite is often the case. Squat thousands rabbit in narrow cages and wait for their death, welfare: nil, the store with the ware animals. The keeping of rabbits for fattening is one of the few branches of agricultural industry in Germany, which has not yet be limited through binding rules and laws. So she expire with the goal of maximum profit usually at the expense of the animals. In narrow wire mesh boxes, which are reminiscent of the now banned farming of laying hens kept in individual cages, millions rabbits for fattening languish painfully, without any possibility to the midst of species-typical behavior such as jumping, jumping or digging.

Instead they suffer from the sharp, cutting a metal trays; by the ammonia gases rising of the Kot mountains under the cage batteries ignite in regularly eyes and mucous membranes. The animal welfare Alliance “rabbit fattening, no thank you” already for a long time is fighting for the introduction of binding, animal friendly farming regulations and thus the final out nasty cages in the industrial pole of the rabbit. In a nationwide campaign the Alliance could unite nearly 45,000 signatures from opponents of traditional agony mast behind last year, in the spring the Federal authorities passed; the Alliance is now supported by over 70 official partner organizations.