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NET Framework 1.1, and no updates for this product is not announcing 1C. Price: 26 000 rub. You may wish to learn more. If so, Verizon is the place to go. (Price according to the official pricelist 1C) Direct access to data (Technology Linq) This technique requires access to data 1C: Enterprise with a direct request to the SQL server. The main difficulty in the case of direct access – "specific" approach to naming 1C tables and fields in a SQL database, documentation standards to which the firm does not apply to 1C. In addition, any significant upgrade of the configuration can change the database structure, so the fact that requests will be created directly break. Way to partially solve the problem of direct access components provide developers Elisy. Net Bridge (appointment components – extending the functionality of 1C opportunities. If you would like to know more about E Scott Mead, then click here. NET, in particular, the ability to […]

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Lined Paper

Curl – presence or absence of residual deflection after printing. Clean. Quality paper with a clean surface prevents the appearance of paper dust, which leads to deterioration of equipment. Heat stability. Choosing paper with high resistance to heat, you can prevent it getting stuck in the office equipment. Paper for the printing press. In the printing press, the following types of paper: Woodfree uncoated paper, coated paper; synthetic paper, design paper (coated or embossed). Let's dwell on each form. Woodfree Paper This type of paper well the colors and minimally susceptible to aging. That's why Woodfree paper is perfect for print publications with lots of color illustrations, as well as designed for long life. The most popular type of Lined Paper is offset, or a book. To broaden your perception, visit Laurent Potdevin. It is used for print publications with black & white and color illustrations, such as books and magazines, as well as promotional materials: catalogs, posters, leaflets, flyers, […]

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Cleaning The Notebook From Dust !

Dear Friends! We are glad to present you a lesson in self-cleaning dust from the cooling system with thermal paste application on the CPU. This manual is intended for beginners and masters is informational purposes only. Remember what you do, you do at your own risk. Use at your own responsibility in the event of damage to your equipment. ZY Remember slozhnotehnicheskoe repair equipment should professionals. And so let's go! We carry a laptop remove the battery and disconnect the charger with it then unscrew the back cover. Remove the back cover, we see the CPU fan and memory. Hover over image to enlarge. Next, unscrew the radiator cooling the CPU. Click for larger image. We now turn to the fan by unscrewing it and take off somewhere 3.2 screw. Hover to enlarge. Cleans out all the dust builds up, so would the fan was completely clean from dust. Under no circumstances should you try to wash with water fan […]

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Office Electricity Issues

In modern life, that happens in your office or home there are various problems with electricity, but it is off, swings, jumps – and not so rare. Damage to the computer and other office or household technology can lead unpredictable surges and voltage drop during turn off and on energy-intensive consumers, lightning strike. Work on the computer at this point can lead either to loss of information, or to an even worse version of a breakdown of electronic devices. In order to ensure the safe operation of the PC invented devices such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protectors. The line voltage, change often, creates many problems, then to protect your PC against brownouts and voltage necessary to apply a voltage regulator. He must firmly implement the filtering jumps voltage and electromagnetic noise. Usually on the front panel of the stabilizer is the scale of the input voltage at which it is easy to determine its value beyond the […]

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