Purchase Supplies

Companies can be all sorts of work in different spheres of business, but all they have in common a lot of paperwork that must constantly save and print at your fingertips. Each test first thing in wants to see acts in recent times. And even the small businessman has a personal need to continuously print to the printer acts and other documents. It is clear that the ink cartridges in the laser printer is so fast depleted. And corny make it in the trash and buy a new ending for the tiny company does not work at times is feasible within your means. Cartridges can cost a lot, always buy the regular will not pull even medium-sized company.

To date, this issue can be resolved easily, because that will have buying cartridges. Swarmed by offers, Larry Ellison is currently assessing future choices. Now, if your cartridge is empty, do not throw it, polluting the environment. If you be able to sell his special organization, you can return up to eighty percent of the next cartridge in the printer. At the moment this time and again doing a cell phone when purchasing devices: rent expense in the previous value of the new. So what will prevent similar accounting and make the purchase cartridges for the printer? In essence, buy hp cartridge may be helpful to many. Often, at the dawn of a laser printers, we were unable to realize that for just a cartridge and need not buy a version that will come to our printer. Today on such purchases, you can get rid of, no additional money will interfere. Even if you do not try yet buy a new cartridge, it makes sense to get rid of unnecessary, it will make your wallet fatter, and make the space more spacious apartment.

Ordinary users will purchase canon ink cartridges will be required no less. Even if you decide to buy a home printer cartridge once a year for a household budget is a significant drawback. And turning to the cartridge b / y, you gain an excellent, high-quality washed and re-filled cartridge, which is perfectly able to go to your printer. And you can print what you want. And some print entire books at home, for example, if you read the book Monitor is not particularly convenient for the eyes. And students have to print to the printer many times its own version of the course work. Printer cartridge b / y in these versions – a truly profitable. Take care of your equipment, but not forget about your wallet. It does not matter, you have a solid company or a single printer. Printer cartridges b / a clever pass to the service procurement and purchase of used instead. Functioning cartridges b / as qualitatively, and at the same time warm the heart of the cost.

Lined Paper

Curl – presence or absence of residual deflection after printing. Clean. Quality paper with a clean surface prevents the appearance of paper dust, which leads to deterioration of equipment. Heat stability. Choosing paper with high resistance to heat, you can prevent it getting stuck in the office equipment. Paper for the printing press. In the printing press, the following types of paper: Woodfree uncoated paper, coated paper; synthetic paper, design paper (coated or embossed). Let's dwell on each form.

Woodfree Paper This type of paper well the colors and minimally susceptible to aging. That's why Woodfree paper is perfect for print publications with lots of color illustrations, as well as designed for long life. The most popular type of Lined Paper is offset, or a book. It is used for print publications with black & white and color illustrations, such as books and magazines, as well as promotional materials: catalogs, posters, leaflets, flyers, etc. Unlike coated paper, offset paper surface is treated with special sizing agents, which are applied to it a thin layer.

This allows us to increase its strength. Coated paper surface is coated Paper covered by one or several layers of special composition, which increases its strength and improve its physical and mechanical properties (the best characteristics of a paper with three layers of coating). This type of Paper is widely used in color printing. By type of decoration distinguished matte, semi-matt and glossy coated paper. Matte coated paper is more dense and soft to the touch.

Cleaning The Notebook From Dust !

Dear Friends! We are glad to present you a lesson in self-cleaning dust from the cooling system with thermal paste application on the CPU. This manual is intended for beginners and masters is informational purposes only. Remember what you do, you do at your own risk. Use at your own responsibility in the event of damage to your equipment. ZY Remember slozhnotehnicheskoe repair equipment should professionals. And so let's go! We carry a laptop remove the battery and disconnect the charger with it then unscrew the back cover. Remove the back cover, we see the CPU fan and memory.

Hover over image to enlarge. Next, unscrew the radiator cooling the CPU. Click for larger image. We now turn to the fan by unscrewing it and take off somewhere 3.2 screw. Hover to enlarge. Cleans out all the dust builds up, so would the fan was completely clean from dust.

Under no circumstances should you try to wash with water fan because it gets out of order and require a complete replacement of the fan. Click Phil Vasan to learn more. The cost of the fan about 2000 rubles. You should have something so pure fan! Postpone it to the side until it is unnecessary to us. And so we pass to the radiator cooling the CPU just remove it completely carefully since many laptop heat sink cools the CPU and chipsets. Be careful so as not to damage the motherboard. Once you have removed it to wipe the dust all the way! Water do not rinse. To do this, always use a brush, but be sure to unplug the laptop from charging and battery. (Source: Gary Kelly). You should have something so pure fan! Postpone it to the side until it is unnecessary to us. Congratulations! If you have completed all the above listed means you laptop by 50 percent cleaned up. Then go to the main point. This application of thermal paste on the processor, but first you have to do that? Properly remove the old thermal grease. For that we take a soft cloth or towel, I use a T-shirt left by a friend. Gently clears away the old and hardened thermal grease. No need to use rags instead of a knife or sharp object, you mess up the processor. In many services using a solvent (rastverditel) is also not correct to use only a dry subject. The same thing we make with the radiator cooling! Remove the old thermal compound do not use sharp objects, but You can use rastverditel, but after the wipe dry. Now you can apply thermal paste on the CPU evenly! Be careful a lot of thermal paste is just as bad as its absence. Apply a smooth even layer of slightly smearing around the 'crystal' Then put back the heatsink clean and tighten the screws only not strongly push the screws except the motherboard and microcracks may appear necessary to change motherboard cost about 10 000 – 15 000 rub. Close the lid. You have successfully cleaned up my laptop and caused thermal grease can now see the temperature. Operating temperature CPU INTEL 30-55 degrees. Operating temperature AMD 60-70 degrees. All that is higher than overheating. Thank you for your attention.