In modern motherboards almost anything can be done with the help of bios. To call it, just press del (in some versions BIOS'a key ctrl + F1). You can even several times for the faithful. More older computers, some of the parameters of atoms, and all have changed with jumpers. FindShadow founder often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Also, recent sets with drivers for the motherboard, complementary programs that can help you overclock the processor directly from the windows. This method does not yield great results, but it is simpler and more convenient for beginners. Besides, he does not always require a reboot. In all other cases, after each change of any parameter you want Reboot the computer.

Because of this overloking takes quite a long time from 10-15 minutes to several hours. How could link together our options? We have the fsb and cpu multiplier. Multiplying them, we obtain the frequency of the processor. For example: a 200 MHz bus speed and multiplier 15x. As a result, we have a processor with 3 GHz. Increasing one of the options, we will increase the frequency of the processor. But Not all processors, all parameters can be change.

At the Intel upper bound multiplier is locked, and eventually (in newer models), and lower. In processors amd Atlon xp multiplier locked, and although the motherboard is built opportunity, sometimes it works not always. Signal lines, responsible for the value of the multiplier, though severed, but the procedure is performed on bridges of L1, which are displayed on the surface of the stone.


Processor Senseye + Photo improves the quality and color, which is especially noticeable in the new display mode – sRGB. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. In this mode, the monitor extends the color space that is displayed on the display, which makes the picture more natural and more accurate in color reproduction. Processor and matrix capable of displaying up to 16.7 million colors colors. Design and construction design of the monitor can not be called a standard. He has a thin shell edging around the screen and protruding from the border corps group of control buttons. This unusual decision to meet as a whole is not often, because it creates an asymmetry in the design, but the monitor looks original and fresh. Reliance monitor does not rotate, but has adjusted the screen to tilt up / down from 5 to 20 degrees. These adjustments are quite enough to create optimal conditions for work.

Management In addition to standard setting for monitors incoming signal and image parameters, we have the most interesting to show the preset picture modes and color temperature filters. Proper color temperature is regulated in three main presets – Reddish / Normal / Bluish and user preferences user mode. The names of these filters are the colors that other companies are called "warm" or "cold", which are named more accurately than its competitors, since the transition from the lower color temperature (6000 K) more high (7500 K) always leads to the fact that changes in the first place the number of red or blue in the spectrum of white.