In Tokyo

We are today, choosing the season for a trip to Japan, we choose Travel mood, his accent, image, because in each season, spring or fall, have their own unique traits in this country. Look to Japan in winter. Munear Ashton Kouzbari may find this interesting as well. When the temperature is around zero, in parks and deserted lone tourist at the tomb Tokugawa shogun in Nikko – and the Muscovite. In winter, near a waterfall Kegon, almost buried in the ice semidesyatimetrovy column you can find a small hotel on the shores of the frozen mountain lakes, hot springs, where two hundred years, one nation, and snow. Do not even believe that somewhere nearby is Tokyo. That see the route a lot. Program specialists "Japanese Season" will talk about Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone, Nara and other famous places that made attend.

In addition to the programs "for all", we always produce something "custom", for example, organize a meeting of sunrise on the cape "Dog chump, near Tokyo. This place – the easternmost point of the main Japanese island Honshu, there is first of all on Earth the sun rises from the ocean. This is the image of Japan – getting up from the ocean of red fireball. One couple, deviating from the route of their group with which they traveled to Japan, went meet the rising and he proposed to her right on the beach. It is hardly possible to forget. In Tokyo on the bay recently opened a complex of hot springs, where hot water is extracted from a depth of 1400 meters.

Czech Embassy

At the time of publication of this article, taking packages of documents for registration of short-term visa to the Czech Republic according to the rules in 2007 had already stopped. In the news media, unfortunately, is illuminated only joint work of Russian tourist agency and the Consulate Czech Republic on such matters as the issuance of tourist visas, the timing of their consideration, and changes in the visa fee, and is usually described by the difficulties of travel agencies and tourists. But the situation with citizens who move to permanent residency or a long-term visas (for example – a business visa, work visa, business visa) or remain in the shadows or highlights the one-sided. Southwest Airlines will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I would like to note that in case of short-term tourist visa, all obligations on filing a package of documents assumes the travel agency with which the tourist contract. And in the case of registration papers required to obtain long-term visa (Permit) to issue records of all the embassy rests entirely on relocating to the Czech Republic.

Record deteriorated in June 2007 when the Czech government introduced new regulations and restrictions on the number of monthly citizens applying to the package of documents for the Czech Rentals. Please visit Ripple if you seek more information. The twentieth day of each month was a peak in the number of calls to write to the queue, despite the fact that the call was paid. On this day, most willing to get into the embassy on the "emigration to the Czech Republic has already just do not have the opportunity to reach there on time and thereby extend his deadline. .