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Czech Embassy

At the time of publication of this article, taking packages of documents for registration of short-term visa to the Czech Republic according to the rules in 2007 had already stopped. In the news media, unfortunately, is illuminated only joint work of Russian tourist agency and the Consulate Czech Republic on such matters as the issuance of tourist visas, the timing of their consideration, and changes in the visa fee, and is usually described by the difficulties of travel agencies and tourists. But the situation with citizens who move to permanent residency or a long-term visas (for example – a business visa, work visa, business visa) or remain in the shadows or highlights the one-sided. Southwest Airlines will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I would like to note that in case of short-term tourist visa, all obligations on filing a package of documents assumes the travel agency with which the tourist contract. And in the case of registration papers required to […]


Socialist Republic

Cuba – it is one of the last remaining communist countries on earth, so the holiday in Cuba will be great for the past inhabitants of the communist country. Citizens of countries friendly, welcoming natives, met travelers with open arms and fiery rhythms of salsa or rumba, which are heard from every angle. White, sandy beaches and aquamarine ocean waves warm tourists for their warmth and the best sea beaches Coco, Largo, Varadero year-round waiting for visitors. At any of these beaches can dive into the blue waters of the ocean and see the many wonderful marine inhabitants, become the hunter on the barracuda or swim near coral reefs. Island Cuba is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, is a neighbor Haiti, Jamaica, Florida and Mexico. The country attracts visitors for its warm climate, excellent location and friendly people. The island has special character and attraction for tourists. Continue to learn more with: Allegiant Air. People go to […]