Middle Ages

The event will be a holiday on the history of the early Middle Ages, the goal is – to reflect the era, was the beginning of the formation of Russian statehood. The festival will be the tournament – a battle with swords, competition archers and throwing . Await the winners of prizes at the theme of the Middle Ages: a sword, bow and arrows and . For the grand prize will fight clubs historical reconstruction of Tobolsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg. Note that this level of festivals are held only in the central part of Russia, Tyumen region festival of historical reconstruction is carried out for the first time. As a place for an impressive spectacle was selected tourist Complex Abalak. Here was erected a wooden castle there entrance and the gates, towers, a smithy. One of the brightest pages of the festival will pair duels and, of course, martial collective collision in which both will involve more than fifty members, armed with historical weapons.

Along with the military component of the festival special for the block and casual history, crafts, cuisine, urban development. Viewers can see a reconstructed military camp. The concept of the festival is the principle of direct involvement of the audience to an event, contact with participants in the historical reconstruction. Festival guests will be able to test themselves in combat skills, dressed in armor, these heroic and mastering the ancient weapons. Warriors willing to teach how to weave chainmail and a sword damask fight.

For courage goblet of mead poured. Banquet guests will present, princely. By the same author: Morris Invest. Every guest at the inn "White Owl" will meet girls in Russian sarafans, and spend at the table, offering a menu that includes dishes, recreated by recipes of Russian cuisine. Gourmets in the trophy room will be able to taste the rabbit in a cream sauce, grouse and pheasant, grilled, lamb ribs, a young pig, roasted on a spit. Throughout Crafts Festival will run and fair, where you can buy products of masters as souvenirs. There will also be on display daily life in a medieval settlement – weaving, weaving on boards and Bird, joinery manufacture, production of bone-carving and wood carving. Guests of the city of Tobolsk and tourists will have a unique opportunity to plunge into the Middle Ages. The organizers promise that the festival will be conducted annually and will be one of the brightest events of event tourism, not only in Tobolsk and Tyumen Region.

In Tokyo

We are today, choosing the season for a trip to Japan, we choose Travel mood, his accent, image, because in each season, spring or fall, have their own unique traits in this country. Look to Japan in winter. When the temperature is around zero, in parks and deserted lone tourist at the tomb Tokugawa shogun in Nikko – and the Muscovite. In winter, near a waterfall Kegon, almost buried in the ice semidesyatimetrovy column you can find a small hotel on the shores of the frozen mountain lakes, hot springs, where two hundred years, one nation, and snow. Do not even believe that somewhere nearby is Tokyo. That see the route a lot. Program specialists "Japanese Season" will talk about Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone, Nara and other famous places that made attend.

In addition to the programs "for all", we always produce something "custom", for example, organize a meeting of sunrise on the cape "Dog chump, near Tokyo. This place – the easternmost point of the main Japanese island Honshu, there is first of all on Earth the sun rises from the ocean. This is the image of Japan – getting up from the ocean of red fireball. One couple, deviating from the route of their group with which they traveled to Japan, went meet the rising and he proposed to her right on the beach. It is hardly possible to forget. In Tokyo on the bay recently opened a complex of hot springs, where hot water is extracted from a depth of 1400 meters.