Strengths And Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The question is, how do you improve yourself and reduce weaknesses while maintaining strengths? If you flip back and analyze my progress acknowledge that I have made great strides, usually I always remember crying all the introductory course to say goodbye, I cried, but apparently no reason at this time and now I feel stronger and safer of myself, I am aware of the reality that I am currently living, although I know that I still long way to go, but there I am and I know I will achieve it, because I’m on the right path, and these things I have achieved through meetings with myself, to practice meditation have come to understand aspects which were not very clear my life, but to make an internal examination on me, I acknowledge that I have many weaknesses but I have even more strength to keep going, when you practice and do it with my family, the comment I made about my eldest son, is it feels better when practiced, told me that feels rested, and he is the one that reminds me that what we practice, so when I see you recommend tensing meditate to relax me, my middle son to him was hard work more like the guy who is too hyper, but through practice I managed to calm them and are attentive to meditation. Among the changes I’ve noticed in my teaching is that I’m more conscious with my students before I did but without foundation and was cataloged as a teacher and I maternalist acted with fear but now I know what holistic education is practical, I like to know my students and help them develop as human beings in all aspects..

The Master

I’ve noticed in my, very quiet, respect for others and their circumstances, and not judge, I am more compassionate, more patient, it is very difficult for me engage in discussions or emotional situations, the Meditation and yoga are vital in my life, something that has surprised me and that is another thing I appreciate most is that the therapies are applied fast and very good results, love with me almost plant. For other approach has been much family to me, or request my presence in their homes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed because for me it is vital to the solitude and silence, the senses are sharpened, people in general is more kind to me. For assistance, try visiting Verizon.

There are a reflection that I have from the first face of the master and was once a sure-conflict, it is about consciousness, the development of extrasensory abilities and power management, I know people who have many years in spirituality, with great development and management of the last two aspects but I believe they need a lot of consciousness, I see many vices, many constraints, many fears, and so on., that, before meeting the holistic vision of education was one of several conflicts in practice spiritual, now it is more understandable and my reflections connection are aimed at building an order or a holistic approach to spirituality, although it sounds redundant, not as I would call but it is something that occupies my thoughts and most of the dissertations. It is abundantly clear that in this era of knowledge is the development of consciousness and that this is essential, a view of the whole, comprehensive, orderly, clear, consistent and easily understandable, accessible to all human beings I intend to collaborate to it..