Date: Friday January 30, 2009, 7:15 AM CDT The daily analysis Copyright 2009, Core Financial Group, Inc.. and Jason Alan Jankovsky All Rights Reserved. Night view Asia / Europe USD improved in Asia, then reversed in Europe The volumes remain low so that the move was exacerbated The Euro broke the support level at 1.2880, but it remains at 1.2800/10 The day’s events All times EASTERN (-5 GMT 8:30 a.m. USD Advance GDP q / q 8:30 a.m. USD Advance GDP Price Index q / q 8:30 a.m. USD Employment Cost Index q / q 9:45 a.m.

USD Chicago PMI 9:55 a.m. UOM USD Consumer Sentiment 9:55 a.m. revised Inflation Expectations USD UOM revised Third day of the WEF annual meeting for Monday times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 9:59 a.m. USD Existing Home Sales 10:00 a.m. USD CB Leading Index m / m The greenback extended its morning gains, with low operating volumes, while the market looks forward to the publication of the American GDP. The events of yesterday were negative for EURO and GBP.

Both currencies were under pressure in Europe, but recovered the GBP to remain near the top night in the area of 1.4347, while the euro was on the defensive. The minimum registered EURO New York in the 1.2806 area, it is noteworthy that the banking situation in Ireland certainly added pressure. The pair recorded the highest in Asia in the 1.2959 area.

Banking Department

First, it should be articles on the topic of investing. General information – terms, concepts, mechanisms and strategies. All the obscure details and nuances you can ask people – Visiting, for example, one of the forums devoted to this purpose. Search the forum sections headings devoted to beginners investing activities, and other topics of interest to you. Tie a familiarity with users forums. If possible read one or two benefits or a book.

Visit some popular Internet resources on this topic, gather enough information written in accessible and understandable language. Subscribe to relevant Internet mailing … And most importantly – do not be afraid to seem inexperienced. Because each of us took suitable training before becoming a specialist. The fifth stage – the specification of investment strategy. Now you need to decide which direction to invest for you? What level of risk is acceptable for you personally? Are you prepared to risk chasing a large percent of the returns, or to start taste safer methods of investing? Choose a mutual fund, OFBU or start from bank deposits? Which tool investment, one of those that you learned about the fifth stage, looks the most suitable for you? What do you know about the level of its risk and return, what are the main indicators are inherent to it? Naturally, at the primary level is preferred less risky investments, preferring to bank deposit programs or at least respected credit unions. In the meantime, continue to gather information.

Ask for a start, principles and modalities of work: – Mutual Funds (SIF) of all kinds and types – general funds Banking Department (OFBU) – Gold Deposit – unallocated bullion accounts (CMI) – this year promises to be the most profitable investments – Asset Management (DM) – the organizations providing services management trusted them with the means to gain profit. – Credit Unions (COP) and other organizations working with the involvement of investors. If the services of any company providing services to cash management are like you – do not hesitate to ask all about your products and services. Do not forget, you trust them with their money. Maybe in the early stages and smaller, but still money. Make sure you know all about this company – how it invests, where, how, what its assets, the period of … Companies offering high interest rates, at first to be subject to you concerns. Do not forget the bitter experience of the MMM and similar pyramid schemes. First and foremost, pay attention to companies and organizations operating in the investment market for quite a long time and won a credibility. Do not start with large amounts – it must be remembered that almost all investments are inherent risks, and risk once large facilities – a dangerous occupation. Therefore, start small, at least at first. Live life of the investor, learn about the major pitfalls, then proceed with the serious action and the amount. Thus, step by step, any of us with a corresponding desire can achieve some results in the field investment. What exactly – it depends specifically on each of us. Efficiency, success and harmony to all!