Adriano Gonzalez Leon

The name of Revelation must not only be related to an instant determined within the zulian literature, but they should see it as an expression of a very intense moment within the Venezuelan letters. So intense that the national literature not returned to be the same, especially in the wonderful world of poetry. The Decade of the 50s they are decisive for what would then woven into the art of words. A decade is closely related to the true feelings of the surrealist avant-garde and its libertarian meaning. A meaning that they could not handle or assess the members of Friday, but that if explotarian the young poets who will take the floor in the middle of the 20th century. Brave poets who take as a starting point your experiences abroad, particularly in Santiago de Chile where come into contact with a universe of images which, United to their previous readings of European surrealists and futurists, forge a symbolic bridge towards other worlds trapped inside themselves.

Contact with Mandragora founded in 1939, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, Rosamel del Valle, Pablo de Rokha and Vicente Huidobro’s citizen of the oblivion, will make possible that surrealism enters the country with vigour and awareness needed to finally open the floodgates of national poetic modernity. Among these young people are Adriano Gonzalez Leon, Juan Sanchez Pelaez, Salvador Garmendia and Hesnor Rivera. All of them tried to form a literary grouping whose name would be Equinox in Caracas. Adriano Gonzalez Leon and Hesnor Rivera sat down to define a manifesto with which break into the Venezuelan letters. However, they do not raced with good luck. Various reasons forced these young people take different directions.

Hesnor Rivera returns to Maracaibo and in 1955 founded Apocalypse. There is a fact meaning that definitely hurries the founding of the group. Invite the poet of Silvia to give a recital at the home of a privileged family in the city.

Unemployment Claims

News Economics USD the dollar cede against the euro yesterday the dollar had mixed results. However, the outstanding feature was the fall against the euro. Several factors influenced the American currency. Thursday didnt varied events, however, Unemployment Claims ended up surpassing expectations and is for this reason that the dollar suffered some bearish pressure. This phenomenon caused the dollar to give ground to the euro during most of the day. In addition, the ECB reduced rates of benchmark interest by 25 points taking them to 1%, which could increase confidence for the European region.But it is noteworthy that which affected strongly to trade in the dollar was the result of the Stress Test, in simpler words, the audit that the Obama administration made to the US financial sector. It was reported that a total of 10 banks of the audited 19 should increase its capital at $75 billion.

The announcement intended to appease the waters and certain investors nervousness, caused a stir. However, several analysts estimated figures of much larger recapitalization, and for this reason at the last minute the dollar advanced.Yesterday the dollar lost 75 pips against the EUR and closed at 1.3362. However, the American currency against the yen recorded significant gains, advancing about 80 pips and reaching the 99.20. Against the pound, the dollar won 120 pips and closed at 1.4996, while the English stock market advanced. This happened since England remained without variation rates of interest at 0.5%. The question that remains is if the American currency will continue advancing against the pound during the day today.For today the expected several publications, especially the Non-Farm Employment Change and unemployment rate to be published at 1230 GMT. If results exceed expectations, the dollar could recover part of the ground lost yesterday against the euro. However, if the results meet expectations, may the dollar to develop a trend bassist.