"What is the subject photography? I do not even know what there is that this one does. Sometimes I buy products just because I liked their photo on the internet or anywhere else, but not even thought about the fact that someone specifically tried to make sure that I liked. This profession is somehow specially called? Some chichi clever word? "Some told me so a friend during a friendly conversation. However, many not think about such seemingly simple and mundane things like picture of the goods from an online store or catalog. This is something without which it is difficult to provide internet access, but for quality photographic subject not only one camera, even a professional, which is often simply do not have those who want to make a qualitative snapshot of their products for online store or printed catalog. But from the photos, which looks a potential customer very often depends on his decision to purchase, then the background characteristics of other wastes: technical (when it comes to technology), practical, firm and brand recognition, and others.

Not secret that the presence of photography in general – are already well as quality photos – even better, it can directly affect the level of sales. Professional photographer St.-Petersburg. Learn more may find this interesting as well. Currently, there are more online stores are rapidly developing technology on the Internet. Using flash on any website attracts the attention and makes a memorable, if you have the ability to control or some sort of game right here, this not too much, it makes your website more competitive and distinguishes among the many similar, and thus become like you have more complicated. Photo Studio "Experiment" offers a synthesis of photos and flash technology, which provides interesting results, and it is not just for the sake of progress made. Evaluate yourself …

…. Interactive three-dimensional picture … .. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen brings even more insight to the discussion. Virtual fitting room … … and subject to any photographic light is of great importance, the possibility of adjust and change the direction of light to create special lighting effects … Light can show the subject matter in accordance with the idea the photographer and the customer's wishes. This may be a uniform illumination for most natural perception or spotlights to focus on relief and texture, and others. Very often when taking pictures using a variety of accessories, backgrounds, people or animals (people I certainly do not belong to enhancement), which allows you to create the track, the story or the whole story, which is limited only by imagination of the photographer. Often the solution for a specific problem comes in the process and the result can be very unexpected. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and make myself go … Work with liquid and bulk materials always creates a lively frame, so to speak. "Catch" frame is not easy, there is certainly a lot depends on good luck, sometimes you can spend a few days to fill, soak all that surrounds you, but did not get the desired the desired result. Professional photographer St. Petersburg so it is especially fun experiences photographer when the picture can capture the extraordinarily beautiful, lively, subtle, imperceptible movement of the water earlier, which froze the frame in order to remain in eternity … Is it too then I got carried away adjectives? Trying to find the right word.

Diamond Wealth

The largest diamond of all recovered to date is the Cullinan diamond, which weighed as much as before the treatment was 3106 carats, which is equivalent to 621 grams. Huge mineral was discovered by accident more than a century ago in South African diamond mine, owned by T. Kullinanu. Grand crystal was lucky to see Frederick Wells, manager of the diamond mines, when he made the evening rounds. Polukilogrammovy diamond literally lying under their feet, as if impatient waiting for its moment of glory. And soon it happened.

"Cullinan" was sold to the UK for 800 thousand dollars and a gift for my birthday to the King Edward VII. Morris Invest may help you with your research. Facet of the diamond was so outstanding decided to entrust the Dutch company Asscher Brothers, which for two years studied the stone. Only after a thorough analysis of the stone decided to divide into 9 large and 96 small diamonds. Even after crushing two diamonds continue hold the title of the largest in the world. more information. This is a 'Great Star of Africa' (or Cullivan I) weighing 530 carats and 'Little Star of Africa "(also known as Cullivan II ) weighing 317 carats. Very large diamond encrusted in the British Royal Scepter and second stone adorns the crown of the Queen of Great Britain. Another big diamond – "Kohinoor", whose history is incredibly interesting. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Morris Invest. Originally it belonged to ancient Indian hero Vikramaditya (56 BC.

E..) In 1304 after the conquest Duchy of Malwa diamond was kept in Delhi. Diamond is mentioned in the "Notes" the founder of the Moghul Empire of Babur (the great-grandson of Tamerlane), handed down to the Mughal dynasty. Was cut in the shape of a rose, recalling to mind half cut across the egg, its weight was 186 carats. In 1739, Nadir Shah conquered Delhi, but the famous diamond there is not found. It turned out that the owner of the stone Muhammad Shah wore the stone in his turban. Winner offered to exchange turbans defeated as a sign of "eternal friendship" – as Nadir Shah, became the owner of the jewelry. Seeing his brilliance, Nadir Shah, exclaimed: "Koh-i-noor"! ("Mountain of Light"!), Thus giving the name of the stone. Later owners of the stone was the emir of Afghanistan, and from them it passed to the Maharaja of the Sikhs. After the suppression of the British Sikh uprising in 1848, "Kohinoor" was declared a war trophy and presented to Queen Victoria. In 1852, Stone pereogranili, after which its mass is reduced to 108 carats. This diamond is inserted into the Royal state crown ("Crown of Queen Mary").

Party Company

Last time the topic of corporate culture strenuously debated at all levels of organizations: the upper believe mandatory compliance with corporate rituals, the lower classes are puzzled about the performance of these often ridiculous, the rules. But that take root in modern Russia the western corporate standards should not be surprising, because the soil is well prepared. Even during Soviet times, every employee attended mandatory briefings, five-minute, Party meeting, went on holiday demonstrations and voluntary work, factories and schools entire teams went into collective farms, building sites of urban values. That this is not the norm in organizational culture, transforms organizations teambuilding modernity? The origins of the ritual, the purpose of its introduction – it's ready to offer the options of emotions and feelings, feelings in some direction, the right organization, the bed, one way or another, rituals bring to life the company regularity and structured her existence. And the rituals may be imposed from above in a formal form (morning hymns, raising the flag), and spontaneously formed within the team (tea at 5 o'clock, dinners, breaking a couple drinks on Fridays). For example, companies, mostly consisting of members of a professional education and history – the military – the daily flag raising and morning greetings text help cope with heavy loads, work in a hectic, feeling calm and firmness of principles. An important role is played by permanent and unobtrusive reminder of labor discipline. The main thing is not to sink team building activities naked formalism and try to recruit a staff who share common interests of the company. .