Patchwork Life

You always wanted to do something with their hands? “Do you know how exciting weave scraps?” I think you imagine how it vyglyadit.Iz flaps can come up with a lot of things on that you have enough fantazii.Eto very simply, if you know how to sew. Quilting is very widespread throughout the world, it is very difficult to determine the origins of all this, but the patchwork, came to us again from the stone ages. After all, even the ancient people sewed their clothes from pieces different sizes and different animals. Philip Vasan insists that this is the case. Patchwork technics for any nationalities own, native and every nationality brings style patchwork their folk trends and eventually we sufficiently samovyrazitelnuyu, separate, culture sewing. Patchwork favorably differs from any style already that Sewing products not strongly must clog head – from what sew and suffice whether tissue as what color choose …. This practically wasteless production but most importantly that things Technology patchwork obtained a home with soul, with a certain degree of creativity, and they never go out of fashion. If you’re passionate and creative person, you want to share experiences or just chat with the talented people, then come in to our site with respect to you, site administration Patchwork quilt life life, scraps, quilting, patchwork, patchwork, scraps, odealo from rags, scraps of embroidery, patchwork Technology, Patchwerk, quilting, quilt, patchwork quilt life skills, patches, patchwork, patchwork, patchwork, scraps, odealo from rags, scraps of embroidery, patchwork, Patchwerk, quilting, quilt, quilt art scrappy life, scraps, quilting, patchwork, patchwork, scraps, odealo from rags, scraps of embroidery, patchwork, Patchwerk, quilting, quilt, quilt art.

Southern Europe

Wild rabbit refers to the order Lagomorpha. It is considered the birthplace of Southern Europe. On the territory of Ukraine introduced at the end of the last century. Body length – up to 40 cm and live weight – 1.5-2 kg, is painted in dark gray with a reddish tinge cysts, low abdomen lighter. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. In southern areas, while settling for worthless lands wild rabbit can become an ordinary hunting-fishing species, dramatically increasing the biological productivity of hunting grounds. However, the desire a high number in a limited area almost without exception, the surplus population often leads to erosion and loss of forage established colonies. Wild rabbits prefer to inhabit open areas land – prairie ravines, small copses, while not avoiding the vicinity of human habitation. Colonies live in burrows, readily settle in the quarries, the stacks of straw man arranged shelters and other shelters.

Reproduction wild rabbit starts in March (3 – 4 litters of 3-7 rabbits). A female gives birth to a year on average, 15-20 rabbits. The gestation period 28-30 days, the rabbits are born naked and blind. Check out Who is the CEO of MasterClass for additional information. Milk feeding lasts up to a month. Mortality young is high, especially in rainy seasons. Mature rabbits are aged less than one year, some specimens to 5-6 months, but more often involved in breeding the following spring.

Feed the rabbits away from the hole and not go under slightest danger hidden in it. Not run very fast, but nimble, following trails. Life activity of rabbits can be seen at any time of day, but the greatest activity in them is at dusk.

Party Company

Last time the topic of corporate culture strenuously debated at all levels of organizations: the upper believe mandatory compliance with corporate rituals, the lower classes are puzzled about the performance of these often ridiculous, the rules. But that take root in modern Russia the western corporate standards should not be surprising, because the soil is well prepared. Even during Soviet times, every employee attended mandatory briefings, five-minute, Party meeting, went on holiday demonstrations and voluntary work, factories and schools entire teams went into collective farms, building sites of urban values. That this is not the norm in organizational culture, transforms organizations teambuilding modernity? The origins of the ritual, the purpose of its introduction – it's ready to offer the options of emotions and feelings, feelings in some direction, the right organization, the bed, one way or another, rituals bring to life the company regularity and structured her existence. And the rituals may be imposed from above in a formal form (morning hymns, raising the flag), and spontaneously formed within the team (tea at 5 o'clock, dinners, breaking a couple drinks on Fridays). For example, companies, mostly consisting of members of a professional education and history – the military – the daily flag raising and morning greetings text help cope with heavy loads, work in a hectic, feeling calm and firmness of principles. An important role is played by permanent and unobtrusive reminder of labor discipline. The main thing is not to sink team building activities naked formalism and try to recruit a staff who share common interests of the company. .