From 4 to 8 April this year, Dr. D. Muller GmbH company was presented for the first time at the fair in Hannover (Hall 7, Stand D14), which consisted of a total of 13 international fairs with over 6,000 exhibitors. The German company formed part of the recognized CoilTechnica, which concentrated the main providers of the industry of electric motors, generators and transformers. The company, Dr. A leading source for info: Master Class. D. Muller GmbH located in Ahlhorn showed visitors a wide range of rigid and flexible electrical insulation materials made of Nomex, Mylar and Kapton, as well as their products thermoconductor, boards and technical laminates.

This international fair was an excellent opportunity for the company Dr. D. Muller of being in contact with potential clients from different sectors and inform them of news about their products and services, as well as guiding them to find a solution to your specific needs. El Dr. D. Muller de main clients come from traditional markets of electric motors and Transformers, as well as new markets for renewable energies such as wind and solar energy, whose specialists are in the North of Germany. The Manager of sales Frank Funke is very satisfied with the first participation of the company Dr.

D. Muller in the framework of the fair CoilTechnica: during this fair we have had many discussions and interesting negotiations by which we will be presenting again next year, said Funke. A meeting was held the first day of the fair concluded directly in the request for an order that was delivered to the customer during that same week. The company is confident that you will continue to receive new orders in the next few days. Dr. D. Muller thanked all those who showed interest in the company which definitely contributed to its success.

Vicente Place

Today it is Sunday and you are in Madrid. Sight that is Sunday you probably you finish rising behind schedule after to have gone to the discotheque and now he is thinking, what I can do today in Madrid? . Add to your understanding with Pepco. Then, by first place the tail to the chocolate factory can be done of san Gins. This place is open all night and serves the best churros as all the city. This plate is perfect for the breakfast and also for an undertow.

Later, it takes a stroll towards greater place, where the collectors of seals and currencies meet. This meeting between friendly takes place every week and the place fills with many people including some mimos and artists. It takes his time watching the currencies and seals but also it is possible to be seen old woman posters, military medals and magazines. If it cannot find nothing attractive, goes to the market the sign. This market to the air-free one is greatest in the Spanish capital.

Here everything can be happened hours watching what there is in the 3500 different positions. One never knows what it is going to find to him. The market is mainly placed in the street shore of tanners, but also it incorporates other streets. The sign closes to 3 of afternoon, the perfect hour to take covers to frontier whim in the street Carlos Arniches. This bar this at the end of the market is necessary to only follow people. For 2 Euros it is only possible to be eaten wonderful mounting. When you are full to eat, perhaps you will have you win to take a celebration. There is nothing no better than the park of retirement to relax outdoors. This park is the green lung of the city and is the perfect place for a sluggish Sunday. It is placed near the meadow museum and is one of the most popular attractions between the tourists. The park was constructed in 1600 like a place where the royal family could present/display a bullfight of bulls. Soon the park was abri to the public in 1800 and nowadays it is known by his lake, statues and architecture. During the summer you will have the luck to free see some concerts in the park. I hope that this article helps them to spend a good weekend in Madrid. If you go to Madrid by the first time advice to reserve a hotel to them in Madrid near greater place, therefore you will be more near all the main attractions. Miguel Vicente is a tourist author. He writes on the hotels in Madrid. He has found a good hotel in Madrid for his next trip.


Many of those who dream of becoming models and see your face on the cover of any magazine or see parading on the catwalk. Whenever we think about models the first thing that comes to mind are the supermodels and glamor that always surrounds them… The reality is that very few of which begin the career of model, will arrive someday to reach the category of supermodels. Most of those who want to be models hard them work start and get some work and many times are rejected over and over again. Not all are lucky that approaching them in the street, or anywhere else, a modelling agent offering to be model and giving you their card. Lot constancy, perseverance and not stop affecting you that you’re rejected is required to enter into the world of modeling.

The first thing that you need to present yourself as a model is a book. The book should be your best photographs, taken on different days, with different hairstyles and clothes. The book of model must contain photos in black and white and in color, and must include a photo of the face, of medium body and full body. To be model does not lack you’re a beauty or you’re high. Depending on the type of modeling you want to devote yourself, need a few requirements or others. For example, for catwalk model height is a very important requirement. If you prefer is photography and exit in magazines or catalogs, the height is not so important but if you are have beautiful teeth and a clean skin. What if it is essential for any model, is have a high self-esteem. For more tips and information about be model: original author and source of the article