Also, if the chimney on the roof exceeds the 1.5 meter (regardless of the angle of inclination of the roof), mandatory to install extensions. Further details can be found at Gold Investments, an internet resource. For this purpose the mounting bracket for the stretch. – Flue connection – often the diameter of the outlet on the boiler is not coincides with the range of standard sizes of chimneys, and in this case, the only correct solution is to use a reducing adapter to a standard diameter. In addition, the attachment of the first element chimney from the outlet on the boiler requires a mandatory special seals stove sealant (1500 C). – The horizontal sections chimney (where specified in the design) should not be longer than 1000 mm. – By basic laws of aerodynamics smoke, as well as warm air rises (but not on a horizontal line). Also, that such areas adversely affect the thrust of the chimney, they also often become "trash" compartments tubes – sometimes carbon build-up. – Gilzovka chimney – when connected to a gas boiler flue brick brick inside the channel is set one-wall stainless steel tube, with those retained. gap between metal pipe and bricks – so masonry is protected from the damaging effects of acid environment, can quickly warm the flue and the formation of a good natural draft, as well as simplifies the process of cleaning the chimney. – Build the chimney – the vertical part of the chimney is always going to "move condensate", an extension of up to prevent condensation on the exit outer wall of the pipe.

The Camera

Otherwise, early or later the entire structure may simply come down on your head. But for outdoor unit of a special fixture is required. He, as the saying goes, "stand up on foot." It is only necessary to pick a place for him (when choosing a place keep in mind that the unit is not blowing in the curtains or wall, and stood away from the heat source). While unit is not attached to the floor, but after laying all communications move it from place to place anymore. Thus, the indoor unit You can not install: 1. … Over the heat source (eg, above the battery). To broaden your perception, visit MasterClass Founder. Otherwise the air conditioner will work on refrigeration, "before losing momentum" and very quickly goes down.

Imagine that you opened the refrigerator door, and it will be cool not only the camera, but the whole room. He "earn" and fails to end the day. The same thing happens with air conditioning. In addition, the heat coming from the battery room, a plastic housing unit may deformed. 2.

… In areas where devices are constantly working with high-frequency electromagnetic waves (eg, drill, drill press). High-frequency oscillations can "bring down" the chip (CPU) installed inside the air conditioner. 3. … Directly over the bed or place of work, otherwise there is danger always catch a cold or, worse, pneumonia. 4. … Where air circulation is impeded, for example, curtains, etc. The distance to the obstacle should not be less than 3 meters. Otherwise, air conditioning, which maintains the set temperature automatically fails.

StreetLight Controllers

Graphical displays can also be used to display data from other systems, such as data from video cameras, lights, sensors air pollution, temperature, humidity, etc. As controllers of various segments of the network of city lighting used Internet servers i.LON SmartServer company Echelon. To communicate with the ballast lighting SmartServer uses the LonTalk protocol and the normal power line, which saves on cabling management. However, outdoor lighting, where the network medium is a transmission line, characterized by high noise level, so the i.LON SmartServer, a special function redo. Collection and processing of up to one million units of data from the segment controllers and ballasts in lighting lamps shall StreetLight.Vision specialized module Data Collect.

All information received is converted and stored in a single database SQL, which is used to analyze the energy consumption for lighting fixtures and identification of faults planning the replacement lamps. To transfer data from the controller network uses secure channels GPRS / ADSL. The composition software includes six major StreetLight.Vision Application Web Portal – The analysis of consumption", "Fault Detection", "Remote management, "" Working hours "," controller "and" Economic Indicators ". These applications allow you to monitor and control street lighting controllers, lighting and brightness depending on natural light. In addition, you can develop your own Web-based applications, simplifying management and reporting system of street lighting in the city. Remote communication with controllers, lighting segment provides software module "Remote Control" which allows you to view data on the status of each lamp lighting in real time.

Because of this, system manager can remotely control and monitor lighting on the streets of the city through Web-based interface for secure communication channel. And the control system can be called from anywhere in the city and at any time. New software StreetLight.Vision already received on the market, and it can be available through the company's managers "ARMO-Systems", which is the official distributor of hardware and software solutions to companies and Echelon StreetLight.Vision. For more information on software, controllers and ballasts lamps coverage, please e-mail or multi-channel telephone (495) 787-3337 for sales managers. Echelon Corporation is the pioneer and world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and software for construction managers LON-networks. Established Corporation LonWorks technology is used today to organize distributed network management in transport, control systems, street lighting, building automation and technological processes in industrial enterprises. At present, Echelon publishes a full range of equipment LON: controllers, routers, Web servers, adapters, Ethernet, PCI, USB and other devices.


What kind of fibers the same question? In the first all – of the heat-resistant, able to work for a long time at high or very high temperatures. Then – about hemostoykih that can withstand prolonged contact with the most aggressive chemical environments: strong acids, alkalis and oxidizing agents. And finally, the question is, apparently, of the fibers used in one of the most important areas such as medicine, particularly in surgery and alloplastica. Technique every day increases the demands on heat resistance, heat resistance materials. Two or three years ago, we were not aware of fibers and fabrics, can hundreds of hours working at a temperature of 250-300 , without compromising the strength or failure. And now required for fiber work in more severe conditions – at temperatures above a thousand degrees.

And these synthetic fibers have already been established. True, the "work" as long as they only a few minutes. But the thing that has identified ways to address this complex and very important technical problem. The search for chemists working in this field are focused generally on certain classes of synthetic polymers, especially hetero. Macromolecules of the substances containing aromatic ring, different stiffness – it makes heat-resistant polymer.

On the basis of precisely such polymers, American scientists have created two years ago, polyamide fiber-HT, the temperature "endurance" of which reaches 350-450 C. There are methods for producing fibers capable of withstanding a short time heating to 700-1000 . These macromolecules also have a cyclic structure. But this structure is not characteristic of the source material, it occurs in the fiber at a special treatment. What does this mean? Take, for example, normal poliakrilnitrilnoe fiber. It shrinks and loses its strength even at 150-180 . But start to warm up the fiber, slowly raising the temperature to 250-300 -and structure, and with it the properties of the fiber gradually changed.

Vosper Thorneycroft Engine

As a result of their propulsive performance modern water-jet almost as good as the propeller, and at high speeds and often exceeds it. Water cannon is very popular, where high-speed small craft should move freely in shallow water. Firm 'Vospauer' – a division of the famous British company 'Vosper Thorneycroft', which is building a small patrol boats and military vessels, has developed a series of water jets for advanced landing craft as the only engine of this allows such a vessel on the go 'pop' on the beach, and then weigh it on their own through the back of the jet, which drives the water under the hull. This advantage can be use and pleasure crafts, specially designed for 'landing' on unequipped shelving shore. Perhaps that is why the American company 'Hinckley' water cannon installed on their 36-foot model deykreysera, which by chance is called 'Picnic'. Safety – another positive feature water jet. The impeller is located inside the boat and not a danger to people nearby in the water.

This – the main reason for used water cannons and jet-skiers in tow. Rescue boats – another area where the water jets can play safety critical. In most cases, water-jet boat added solid fraction of the weight. Precise: not so much an engine as being in the water it constantly. When calculating the weight of the propulsion speed vessels of this water must be to add on to the weight of the vessel. Part of this added weight may compensated for the lack of line shafting gear as reverse and 'stop' provides a simple turn of the deflector (but in most plants need at least clutch between the engine and water cannons to the motor can operate independently of an engine operating mode).