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Media – is knowledge. Media portrayed the people through their knowledge in the course of events. And knowledge – is power. If there were no mass media, we'd be monkeys. Journalism is considered the second old job after prostitution. Second, most likely because the first kings had a good rest, and then to know and then in the same rhythm. Information – it's like food and good whiskey, that eventually turns into a story. She lightning speed.

But in journalism it is special because it always have to react. Any other than indifference. Irkutsk Regional News Portal – information, it covers news of the world, the freshest updates can be found here. The set of partitions that divide the news by spheres of life to the full to give you what you want to know: the society, crime in the world. If you want to dive into the world of culture, the section "Culture" to help you choose what is worth your attention. Festivals and Events, Arts, and so on.

With regard to culture will find in this section. Culture – an integral part of an outlook that allows us to touch the most beautiful that exists in the world. r Irkutsk – teeming events is constantly changing city. everything that happens in politics, changes in legislative projects, innovations. For this you need to go to the "Politics" of the information portal of Irkutsk Irkutsk Regional News. " The portal have decided not to confuse the theme "Politics" and "society", even after all they are closely intertwined. But politics in general needs to be discussed. Therefore, the "Company" you will find a discussion such sub-topics as education and society. In the sections "Sport", "Tourism" are dealt with themes of the same name that all of us are perfectly familiar. It is undeniably also an important part of life in the city of Irkutsk and the residents, because youth – a young, this is all new that comes through it in almost all sections of the resource. Unfortunately, crime is an integral part of every city and country. Many factors gives rise to it and with it constantly fighting bodies. The chronicles of crime you see in the "criminals". At any evil there is opposition, so let's hope there is for preventing similar events. World events – it's certainly one of the most important topics in the portal and for every person. Everyone wants to know as much as possible what is happening outside, not to be in a shell of ignorance, which often do not compare with what is happening outside the country and abroad. News portal of Irkutsk – a modern news portal that will introduce you to a new course that takes place in the world. You can also find here various ad gallery Angarsk. In addition, the portal is regularly updated news from Angarsk newspaper.