Monsignor Augusto Castro

Continuation of recordings audio of missiology Maria classes and the Church’s mission: to see all that huge machinery that we have assembled in the 20th centuries, one dreaming of a church in the style of Mary. Or a Marian church with a church’s Marian profile. As Juan Pablo II said it. Let’s start with an experience of the past year. In the month of may, at the end, there was a Congress of Mariologos and Missiologists in Cochabamba Bolivia. And there was every day a presentation, and then a few comments from the papers.

Then one of the papers was titled models of Church Missionary and gave it Monsignor Augusto Castro, a great misionologo, and well-known also here in the Peru. Colombian Bishop. This man who has published a lot of books, and also has a book of theology of mission, big enough, gave us a huge amount of models of the Church Missionary, and the Church in general. Models of Church. When the Conference ended, I had to make the topic Mary, model of the Church, commenting on the Conference that he had heard, and then told him of these words. At this Conference you Monsignor Castro, us has presented many models of the Church. But he has never talked about Mary.

And you He is a member of the Congregation of the Consolata. Monsignor belongs you The Consolata missionaries. The Virgin of the Consolata will reproach not having mentioned his figure as a model of the Church Missionary. And as you It has not done so, I’m going to do myself. Presenting Mary as ecclesial model, highlighting the Marian profile of the Church, and leaving aside many of the models that you explained. And so we began to talk about there Mary model of the Church. Because it is that happens today what it said a great theologian this if we have to put on his knees before the but not to worship him but to tickle, to make you smile a little, because it is a great theologian, but he is a theologian, serious man of aesthetics and beauty.