We do not know how to love, as we would like, we can not live honestly as you wish. We just kind of a dirty God, we are animals to us before the high feelings! Yes, I hate people, but they also deserve … Read more here: Gary Kelly. dumb parody of the great field of activity kills in us the last drop of reason and conscience … We marking time, although the stubborn belief that we are moving forward and only forward! People wake up to us, long ago cut off the memory, and we casually dancing tango with a pig, which we enclose the closest people in the most convenient cases … We have forgotten how to speak the beautiful language of signs! Well, where do we roll? Why do we cause others to suffer, and not himself … Although we deserve more than those on which you poke your finger, blame the sins and call the scum … Why do you think you are in this world and to live without you bored of all, you are deeply mistaken, you're nobody, just like all of us! Remember that! What would be someone should live by rules that are given us from above, but you can only destroy and mock at life, at people over a … you wear bright clothes thinking that you are coolest, you're a bright person, that you stand out from the crowd …

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but they have … You do not when you become a man, if you continue living as before, look and see what we create … We are destroying … we destroy it, so that cost for a long time, that brings ever over the years, centuries … after the war did not yield and life in fear is not paradise … We are very low … even if you say you are beautiful … I'm not going to lecture on 'what you're miserable creature' because you are already you know … I have no words, but I'm not perfect myself, but still not as sinful as you … you can consider me at least someone, but I could no longer remain silent, even though on paper I said that I wanted to, it hurts and it hurts that human stupidity! But all I was able to do it and not everyone is able to express everything is clean and not resignation, but everyone can find the error and place to which you can pick on … to die out, it does not solve the problem, do not forget …

Camshaft Machines

In the main drive lathe may include single-and multi-speed asynchronous electric motor and a multi-stage gearbox and a mechanical variator or adjustable DC motor and gearbox (usually heavy lathe). Sometimes the lathes used other drives (eg, hydraulic). Verizon Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Automation requirements of small-scale production led to the development of lathes and machining centers with computer numerical control (CNC). These machines have some features. Along with the traditional arrangement is used, in which the frame has a sloping direction, which facilitates the removal of chips and the protection of the working space.

Cutting zone guarded. Programmable: switching speeds of a spindle, longitudinal and lateral motion slide continuously variable supply, fast moving slide, rotate the turret, start, stop and reverse drive of the main movement, automatic tool change (if mnogoinstrumentalnogo store). Some machines are used self-tightening pivot cam and automated tailstocks. In many cases, machines have rotating turrets with individual electric or hydraulic drive. Submission can be made from stepper motors with hydraulic actuators, DC motors, hydraulic motors from; use screws bearing (ball). Tools forge outside the machine using an optical device or devices to adjust the cutter for indicators or patterns. The machine produces only change and consolidation pre-established units or the entire tool holder. Universal lathes are used primarily in conditions of individual and small-scale production. Verizon Communications spoke with conviction.

When equipped with a special lathe means (hydro-or elektrokopirovalnymi slides, quick-automatic cartridges, etc.), their range of application extends to mass production. In mass production, use lathes and turret machine guns and semiautomatic. Servicing the machine is reduced to periodic adjustment, presenting the material to the machine control and machined parts. In semiautomatic not automated traffic-related loading and removal of workpieces. Automatic control of the operating cycle of the machine by means of a camshaft that is running the cams. According to the principle of subsidiary (dummy) automatic and semiautomatic movements can be divided into 3 groups. The first – machines that have a camshaft rotating at a constant rate for a given setting; shaft controls the movements of workers and support. This scheme is used in small-sized machines with few idle movements. The second group – machines with a camshaft having two speeds: low for workers and more at idle operation. Usually, this scheme used in multi-spindle automatic and semiautomatic. The third group – machines, which have, apart from the camshaft, high-speed auxiliary shaft, carrying idler movement.

Russian Culture

What is needed for Russia as an idea that could unite many peoples, cultures and religions? The paradox is that in a country with so many people as Russia, oddly enough, but "people are missing the people." The total secrecy and distrust of each other for almost 20 years of age formed the man's loneliness and a huge chasm between people. This can give a definition as: "social density". Today, public low density, which leads to one negative thing called a "low state immunity." Events in our country to prove it every day. It turns out that the inefficiency of the state – is not nothing but a low social density or weak civil society. Is the power to think about what she had to create a society? I am sure that half the officers did not know the meaning of the term "civil society".

But, in appear, and the citizens themselves do not know what it is. Can conduct simple experiments. In Yandex, type the word "public figures" and then the word "sex" and compare the number of requests. Please note that this number requests per month! I must say that sitting on the internet all the authorities and society, but that there is some reality shows public inquiry – that's for sure. See Gary Kelly for more details and insights. That's when the two terms on the number of equal, we can say with certainty that civil society exists in Russia. We return to the traditional national idea. It's very simple and requires no further explanation and extensive tracts.

Variety Food Forests

Species diversity of forest foods is associated with the geography of their location. In the taiga zone, for example, the most common and popular blueberries, raspberries, currants, cranberries, cranberry, cloudberry, blueberry, mountain ash. More southern regions are added to them strawberries, blackberries, sloes, viburnum and many others. Parts of the country rich in nuts. In the forests of Siberia and the Far East and include pine plantations, covering an area of About 40 million hectares.

In the southern areas grow walnut, chestnut, beech, pistachios and almonds. The broad geographic spread of hazel bushes are. Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for clean pillows. A special place to increase the harvesting of wild occupy areas of Siberia and the Far East, where there are big, but still not enough resources reclaimed pine nuts, mushrooms, and many wild fruits and berries, including the unique to this region (Actinidia, Schizandra Chinese, Amur grape, etc.). An exceptional variety of species of wild fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, medicinal plants rich in Western Siberia. Its forests are famous for not only the large-fruited black currants, raspberries, blueberries, and superior to its taste and medicinal qualities of sea buckthorn, called for a strong odor, "Siberian pineapple". Necessary cleaning pads.

Western Siberia has become a federal center of the effective exploitation of wild resources. Of the total resources of the country to share in Western Siberia has about 20% of stocks of fruit and berries and 30% fungi. Use wild resources in the territory of the Soviet Union is very uneven. In the forest zone of European part of the most intensively carried out the collection and purchase of fruits and berries in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod regions. Phil Vasan oftentimes addresses this issue. In a very limited number of data resources used in the Trans-Baikal and Yakutia. As for the Central Asian republics, the extreme eastern and north-eastern regions of our country, almost no preparations of wild fruits, berries and especially in the restoration of fungi there are not pursuing. Harvest wild in the above areas, even such high-value fruits like cranberries, cranberry, cloudberry, sea buckthorn, different types of mushrooms did not collect. From the above above shows that the potential food resources of wild high, and based on it, along with agriculture can significantly increase food production and expand their range.

Chief Engineer

Frequency of partial examinations set by the owner of the building, the operating organization, depending on the design features of the building and the technical condition of its elements. 12. Unscheduled Inspections should be conducted after natural disasters, accidents and the detection of harmful strains reason. 13. General inspections of buildings made commissions, including: chairman of the commission – director (Deputy Head, Chief Engineer) organization, committee members – those responsible for systematic monitoring of the operation of buildings and structures, the representatives of the in charge of the operation of certain types of engineering equipment, department heads, production facilities, shops, offices and a pile of safety and other departments directly operating the building, a trade union representative. To work Commission experts may be involved, experts and representatives of the construction and repair organizations.

14. The results of all examinations are issued regulations, which marked the defects found, as well as the necessary measures to address them with a timetable of works. The act is signed by all members of the commission and approved by the owner of the building or his authorized representative. 15. The results of all inspections should also be reflected in documents account the technical condition of the building (the magazine of technical building maintenance, data sheet). These documents should include: assessment of technical condition of the building and its individual elements, the location and parameters of the detected defects, their causes and possible solutions. 16. If you find minor defects in structures should be organized for constant monitoring of their development, give reasons of the degree of danger to the continued operation of the building and identify possible solutions.

Science Psychogenetics Offers A Chance To Anyone To Manage With

Psychology as a science, from ancient times has become very well known. Worldwide, it attracted millions of people. There are lots of different kinds of points of view that it explores the psychology. It is often said that this science required to solve the problem, the main issue which is why an individual acts, one way or another. The emergence of such a science as psychogenetics (nowadays also develop sub-sectors: the genetic psychophysiology and genetics of individual development), usually associated with opublikatsiey two works by F. Galton: the book "Hereditary talent" and a small but very important article, "History of the twins as a criterion of the relative powers of nature and Education ". These books laid the foundation for methods psychogenetics 2m: Family and twin.

In general, psychogenetics using genealogical method – an area of knowledge, which is located on the border between psychology and genetics, the subject of study which is the ratio of heredity and environment in the formation of interindividual variability of mental traits of man. This science is simple and clear recommendations about how life feel good, successful and healthy. Psychogenetics problem – determination of not only hereditary, but environmental causes of the differences between people on the psychological aspects. Methods psychogenetics – are methods help determine the impact of hereditary factors and environment on the formation of certain psychological characteristics of people. The best-known methods are: Method of twins, genealogical method, population-based method, the foster children. But the most demanded and rassprostranenny psychogenetics method – a method Toycha, allowing to improve their behavior in the environment.

In 1954-1960. substantiated the concept psychogenetically human behavior, and implemented on the basis of its amazing for its implementation of the consultative method, called IDEAL-method Toycha. During the following years, Dr. Toych in all the world exercised their method on a set of people and always sought the desired results. His method allows every person the right to control their own destiny, to be in abundance and harmony, achieve our objectives, successfully completing initiated the case. To date, there are many centers that perform consulting psychogenetics. But we should not trust any adviser. Encouraged to seek only to specialists. One of those experts – Irina Danilova it – Consultant psychogenetics. It conducts private consultations on numerous issues of psychology. Can help solve problems such as: catatonic syndrome, akathisia, anomie and other diseases psychological origin.