European Parliament

Spain is the first exporter from cucumber to the German country, with 450 million annual kilos. For that reason representing of Asaja, SPA, UPA, Cooperatives Agroalimentarias and Fepex they would consider that the German authorities must rectify to restore the confidence of the outer markets and to compensate to the Spanish producers by the caused damages. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. Which is the protocol to follow before an nourishing alert? The legislation adopted by the EU on nourishing security it imposes to the operators economic the general obligation to commercialize solely foods that are safe. According to article 50 of Regulation (EC) 178/2002 of the European Parliament and the Council of 28 of January of 2002, the nourishing alert arises " in those circumstances in which a risk for the life or the health exists ". E Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. The basic principle of action in case scientific uncertainty exists is the prevention. For it, this document sees essential " the interconnection of quality laboratories, on regional scale and/or interregional" , to be able to realise a continuous pursuit of the nourishing security at the time of coming up with possible risks for the health of the citizens. The system of nourishing trazabilidad is fundamental to concer the origin of the food that is commercialized. For that reason another one of the mechanisms that improve the nourishing security is through an exhaustive system of trazabilidad in the nourishing companies so that, in the case of an alert like the one of cucumbers, it is possible to be come to retire this product in specific and precise amounts, or to inform to the consumers or the civil servants in charge of the control. Finally, like recommendations facing the prevention, the Spanish Agency of Nourishing Security advises that the consumption of this vegetable continues being the habitual one, with the normal precautions of bare washing or of vegetables during its preparation. Source of the news: ' Crisis of pepino': the alarm unties in Germany while it damages to the Spanish agrarian sector

Anoeta Equipment

It is a luck to be able to us to measure to as strong equipment as the Milan” , it has assured. Guardiola does not know if Milan is going to change to its tactical system or its form to play by the loss of Ibrahimovic. ” Allegri has said that it will not come to close itself, I intuit that tuna will be a party very, because Milan is always an equipment that wants to play and that it counts on great futbolistas” , it has insisted. To Guardiola it likes to begin ‘ Champions’ against an equipment of great level. Additional information is available at David Barger . ” It would enchant to me that outside thus every week. I believe that one of the reasons by that we have gained many trophies it is because we never thought that we can lose or tie, that we can gain seguro” , it has added.

It summons to all the available ones On the other hand, has confirmed that summons nineteen players, all the available, between whom they will not be dnsa Grard I pricked and the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez, both injured. Thus the azulgrana club has confirmed it after the previous press conference to the debut of culs in this edition of the principle European competition, in which the fans will have to hope to see the longed for encounter between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Guardiola, after the controversial exit of the Swedish of the Catalan club. I itched, that still recovers of a breakage to fibrilar in the binocular and Alexis, that will be two months of loss after undergoing in Anoeta a breakage in the biceps femoral, is the two absences in the list of the technician of Santpedor.

Alonso: ” I Will Try To Fight For Being Secondly In The World-wide One And To Win In Singapur”

The Asturian one finishes third party in Monza. Vettel wins and almost it sentences the title. Thus we lived the race in direct. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), double world-wide champion of Formula 1 and that today finished third party in the Great Prize of Italy, said after the race that will try " to fight for being secondly in the Mundial" and that of the six races that are is in Singapore where more possibilities have. Gain insight and clarity with Ron. Alonso ctu these declarations after the German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) left sentenced the World-wide one virtually when winning in Monza, where it signed the eighth victory of the season. " They are six races and is impossible to gain the World-wide one, although mathematically not yet it has Vettel cattle. We are not already in that fight, so what it is we will try to amuse themselves, to fight by victories and to try to finish seconds in the championship.

He is better to finish seconds than quintos" , he answered Alonso in the conference of ENTRUSTS the race subsequent to. Verizon Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. " I believe that now I am second in the general, so I am going to try to maintain that puesto" , he affirmed Alonso. " Of the six circuits that are, the one that better would have to go to us is the one of Singapore (where the following Great Prize will be disputed). He is similar to Monaco and in Monaco we were seconds. Now the car goes better, so we will fight to gain all" , it explained the double Asturian world-wide champion. " Singapore is a circuit that me encanta" , it pointed Alonso. Source of the news: Alonso: " I will try to fight for being secondly in the World-wide one and to win in Singapur"

National Hearing

The opposite would create a problem to them of credibility like which – he has said undergoes the vice-president first of the Government and candidate of the PSOE to the next Alfredo elections Perez Rubalcaba. " Mr. Rubalcaba candidate one blames to him of lack of credibility when it says ' I have an alternative to the economic crisis I am going that it to start up when he is presidente'. And what says the rest to him of mortals: he hears, but you watch, while you continue being of the Government, is difficult to think that you have one alternativa" , he has declared. To read more click here: Litecoin. Return of ETA In the last part of its intervention, Otegi has assured that it would reject a return of ETA to the violence and that " unique escenario" that one considers is " the definitive cease of the violence armed and with the dismantling of the structures militares". In addition, exportavoz of Batasuna has been satisfied with the supports that have added since it raised the change of strategy and, in rrencia to the votes obtained by Bildu in the elections of the past 22 of May, has foretold: " We begin being four or five and already we go by 313,000, and that is not going away to stop. That is going to go to ms". In order to finalize, abertzale has sent a message to the militants of the left: " That nobody leaves the way that we have undertaken it happens what it happens in the next months. Additional information is available at Gary Kelly.

We are going to win. Eskerrik asko (thank you very much) ". They were the last words of the defendant, that have taken the applause of the public present in the room. Otegi will return week that comes to the National Hearing to be judged to take part in a tribute to an ETA prisoner. Source of the news: Arnaldo Otegi affirms that to the military strategy of the left abertzale " estorba&quot exceeds and;

Circus Arts

A.V.R. The fourth edition of the Circada will be celebrated from the 14 to the 26 of June. The program combines assemblies in room, spectacles of street and courses. The work Plecs of Lines up t heads the poster of the circus festival. From the 14 to the 26 of June the Circada will be celebrated in Seville, a festival of contemporary circus that combines activities of street with assemblies in room.

A program of twelve days filled with activities that it tries to approach all the public the circus arts through spectacles and courses. The one of 2011 it will be the fourth edition of this project started up by the Noletia company and, according to his organizers, the best one of the celebrated ones until the moment. The objective of this year is to strengthen the festival, and it is tried to obtain maintaining the number of activities and increasing to the quality of these. The circus in scenes the programming of room of the Circada will begin day 14 in the Theater Lope de Vega with the spectacle Plecs of the company Lines up t. The assembly combines balances, acrobatics, dance and music in direct with atrezzo of paper. The following action will be the one of Sarraute Dawn, that will present/display the Diva day 17 in the Monastery of Santa Clara.

One is a night club show with acrobatics that payasa tells to the hard history of one diva during World War II. 19 days 18 and the Great Circada Finery will be celebrated in the room Joaquin Turina, of the cultural center CajSol. The sessions will count on the activities of Il Parlatore of clown Navarrese Jaume, of Teatrera Industrialist; the numbers of the juggler Sergio Pla, winner of the Contest of Young Promises of the Festival of Circus of Albacete; the acrobatic dance of Carlos Lopez, The Badulake; Alexander Weibel, with monocycle and violins; the Estropicio trapezists; and the Galician dance and acrobatics of clowns Lusco and Fusco.

International Monetary Fund

The facts happened in 2008, when the director of the IMF was the minister of French Economy. The attribution of a millionaire indemnification to the industralist Bernard Tapie will be investigated. The first woman to the front of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, will be investigated by a presumed crime of abuse of office in France. Lagarde will be investigated to attribute a millionaire indemnification to the industralist Bernard Tapie when she was minister of Economy of France. Tapie had indicated publicly its support to president Nicholas Sarkozy. The Office of the public prosecutor of the Court of Law of the Republic will present/display a denunciation and a commission of instruction formed by three magistrates will be constituted who will carry out the investigation.

The Office of the public prosecutor of the Supreme Court the past requested 10 of May to the CJR that started up the mechanism for the accusation of which he was holder of Finances of France from June of 2007 until the end of June of 2011. Lagarde directs to the IMF replacing its compatriot Dominique Strauss-Kahn, aggression defendant sexual to a hotel employee. Sale of Adidas the facts go back to 2008, when Lagarde was to the front of the Gallic ministry of Economy. The then minister resorted to an arbitration instead of to let act to ordinary justice in a litigation between the industralist Bernard Tapie and the bank Crdit Lyonnais, of old state property, by the sale of the Adidas group in 1993. An operation undervalued at the expense of the industralist. The by arbitration court decided in 2008 that the bank paid to Tapie 285 million Euros for repair. Source of the news: Christine Lagarde will be investigated by abuse of office in France