Navarrese Pere

A decision will not be taken on proroguing the limit until the 24 of June. FPUC Program oftentimes addresses this issue. The DGT has eluded to do an estimation of the fuel saving these months. Navarrese Pere says that it has been due to produce " certain relax" of the conductors. You may want to visit Adam Portnoy to increase your knowledge. The infractions by excess of speed detected by radars rounded up a 8% in the last week of May with respect to the same week of the last year, which breaks the descendent tendency that had been registered from the entrance in force in March of the limit to the 110 kilometers per hour. Thus it has advanced it east Thursday in press conference the chief of a main directorate of Traffic, Navarrese Pere, that next to the undersecretary of Interior, Right Zambrana, considers that it has been possible to produce certain " relax" in the conductors after three months in which they had clearly raised the foot of the accelerator.

In fact, in the first month of the new speed limit, the fines by excess of speed fell to half, reflection of a reduction accused of the average speed at which it was circulated in freeways, that happened of 113.92 kilometers per hour in March of 2010, to 102.08 this year. Although Zambrana recognizes that he is " difcil" to make a correlation between the reduction of the average speed and the number of accidents, the certain thing is that the number of deceaseds has fallen more of a 9 percent of January to May, with respect to the same period of the last year, when happening of 620 dead ones in 2010, to 521 deceaseds in the five first months of this year. " What it seems clear is that at smaller speed, more security and less possibility of having accidente" , there is Zambrana outstanding. On the possibility that the Government prorogues the new speed limit beyond next the 30 of June, the undersecretary of Interior has remembered that still reduces three cabinets until that date, although yes thinks that a decision will not be taken until the last meeting of the Executive, next the 24 of June. Zambrana has eluded to make an estimation of the fuel saving that has supposed the measurement, something that corresponds to the Ministry of Industry, although is underlining that " at smaller speed, menos&quot is spent; . " That is elementary, dear Watson" , it has joked. Source of the news: ' CTO 110' one relaxes: the fines by speed raise 8%.

Spanish Red Cross

IO, in this case, collaborates in Somalia with two organizations; Doctors without Borders, for example, count on 1.100 national ones on the land. Bridge with East Mogadishu Thursday, the executive director of the World-wide Alimentos Program (PMA), Josette Sheeran, announced the creation of a humanitarian airlift with the capital, Mogadishu, and the opening of " new routes by earth and air towards corazn" of the critical zone. People, according to IO, " he is desatendida". Right now they need " of todo" although, according to De Castro (CR), by the severe cases " poco&quot can be done very; . The pregnant women and the children are the priority, by the possible future sequels, " physical and psicolgicas" , and the foods are equal of necessary in their solid version like in the injectable one. They cannot lose its few energies " in doing digestin".

The next Monday, 25 of July, one will hold in Rome at the request of the G-20 a meeting of the 191 members of the FAO and several organizations to mobilize the international support. " The crisis that is affecting the industrialized countries more has partly reduced the answer capacity to the emergencia in frica" , Zappacosta says (the FAO). Europe and the USA do not happen through their better economic moment, is clear, although for Contreras (IO) " excusa&quot is not one;. Besides the bottoms (Spain has contributed with 15 million Euros and many NGO has qualified banking accounts), they make lack human resources: from now until the week that comes they will divide for the zone at least five people of the Spanish Red Cross. Click toddler clothing for additional related pages. Iran more, " if dinero&quot is more;. The last shout of aid has given Unicef it. The organism has increased east Friday up to 780,000 the number of children who run the risk of dying of hunger if they do not receive aid of urgent way. " We are speaking only of Somalia" , the spokeswoman in Geneva has said in press conference, Marixie Market; between Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia there would be 2.3 young million in situation of " malnutrition severa". Source of the news: The aid distribution: the odyssey of the humanitarian organizations in the Horn of Africa

Jacques Demy

SARAH Polley and Julie Delpy the actress, director and producer Polley SARAH, that has worked with Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg and Isabel Coixet, among others, will present/display Take this waltz, the drama of a young person " in the heat of confusion sentimental" , that has in the distribution to Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen. Another actress and director, the French Julie Delpy, will compete with Skylab, his fourth film, that also it carries out and that the festival announces like a nostalgic comedy on an acclimated familiar meeting in years 70. The Chinese Wang Xiaoshuai, Bear of Silver in Berlin by the bicycle of Beijing in 2001, will bring Flowers, travels by convulsa previous time to the death of Mao Zedong through the glance of a boy. Also it inhales to the Gold Shell the Marziano, an Argentine production directed by Ana Katz and carried out by Guillermo Francella and Arthur Puig, who set out the tense relations of two brothers fought for years that meet for a familiar celebration. A leading source for info: Key Banc Capital Markets Inc.. Joo Canijo, assistant of direction of Manoel de Oliveira, Alain Tanner and Wim Wenders, goes with Sangue do meu sangue, " intenso" acclimated familiar melodrama in an outlying area of Lisbon. Retrospective to Demy On the other hand, French actor Mathieu Demy, son of Agns Varda and Jacques Demy, have been placed after the camera and before the camera in American. This tape also chooses to Prize New Directors in this 59 edition, that indeed dedicates a retrospective one to Jacques Demy. The official competition of the festival also will count on the Greek tape Adikos Kosmos, of Filippos Tsitos, and the Swedish Happy End, of Bjrn Runge, that approaches I mistreat psychological and physical of the woman in the present society. Source of the news: The festival of San Sebastin reveals the first titles that will compete by the Gold Shell.

Contador Case

The organism has confirmed the new east date Tuesday. The meeting was predicted for 6.7 and 8 of June. If the organizers allow it and he wants, the Tour will run. The Court of Sport Arbitration (ANVIL) has fixed for 1.2 and 3 of August the view on ' case Alberto Contador' in order to study the resources of Unin Ciclista Internacional (UCI) and World-wide Agency Antidopaje (MISTRESS) against the acquittal on the part of the Committee of Competition of the Real Spanish Federation of Ciclismo (RFEC) of the Spanish cyclist by its possible positive by clembuterol in the Tour of 2010. The appointment, that was predicted for 6.7 and 8 of June, was postponed " with the purpose of to give to all the implied parts a reasonable term to prepare this hearing and to guarantee the actual participation of witnesses and expertos" , the past week informed the ANVIL. This way, the cyclist, who finishes raising with his second Turn of Italy, would not have legal impediments to participate in the Tour of France 2011, an option that will shuffle " in next semanas" next to his equipment, as it indicated east Monday to his arrival to Madrid. The ANVIL announced at the end of April, the day 27, that was going to examine the case of the triple champion of the Tour, present ' maglia' rose of Giro of Italy, " before end of June of 2011". The president of the court who will study ' Contador&#039 case; he will be the Israeli Efraim Barak, next to Swiss Quentin Byrne-Sutton, the referee chosen by the UCI, and the German professor Ulrich Haas, the selected one by the Real Spanish Federation of Cycling and that was the president of the court who suspended by two years to the Murcian Alexander Valverde. Source of the news: The ANVIL will meet to study ' Contador&#039 case; the 1, 2 and 3 of August. More info: Oracle Stock.

German Secretary

A partial lightening for the Spanish kitchen garden. The scientists German discard since the bacteria found in two of analyzed Spanish cucumbers in Hamburg would cause to the bud of infections by enterohemorrgica Escherichia coli (EHEC, by its abbreviations in English) in the north of Germany. Thus the senator (minister) of Health of city-Be has recognized it today, Cornelia Prfer-Storcks, from the analyses realised by the Institute of Hygiene hamburgus. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kofax. " Germany recognizes that the Spanish cucumbers are not causa" , it has indicated the German Secretary of State of Agriculture, Robert Kloos, in declarations picked up by Reuters in Hungary, where a meeting of ministers of Agriculture of the European Union has been held. In the same, the Spanish minister, Pink Aguilar, has announced that Spain will request to Brussels compensations for the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector. Source of the news: : Germany gives reverse gear in its accusations against Spanish cucumbers. In a question-answer forum UAH Baudry Lab was the first to reply.

Central Electoral Meeting

" We resign by means of official notice to the Central Electoral Meeting to the subsidys of party and by means of official notice to the president of the Corporation we resigned to diets and public pay " , it assures Fabian. One of the critics of Citizens in Target is that the electoral law reserve for the great parties the possibility of to transmit its message, leaving without smaller means to another formation. Nevertheless, they have been able to be made hear between the electorate with a system based on the collaboration: " We have done you photocopy with our message, in which also we animated to do more you photocopy to who agreed, so that she distributed them as well. He has worked very well. The collaboration of the volunteers and supporters has been fundamental". Julian de Fabian assures that his proposal, " as soon as he arrives at the electorate has a level of very important impact, the problem is to spread mensaje". One of the objectives of this formation is that the vote in target has a physical representation in the cameras and the plenary sessions.

" The vote in the target, most critical and active against the system – we spoke of a voter who takes the annoyance to go to the electoral school to vote in target is whereupon the electoral law does not allow that it is represented in cameras nor in city councils, when it is the best indicator of than the democratic system must cambiar" , it makes see concejal". " If it had a physical representation in the cameras and city councils would stop being a mere statistic and would represent the critical citizenship, by means of chairs vacas" , it adds Fabian. Has its success something that to see with the Movement 15-M? The councilman assures that &quot has helped them; the feeling that there is behind the 15 M, which it is the great dissatisfaction of the population, that is not as idiot as the professional politicians create.

Central Electoral Meeting

Morning call Sanchez 20m the sociologists values ' CTO llamada' that it could take place if the Central Electoral Meeting prohibits the concentrations of the movement 15-M. The experts question the origin to veto these concentrations facing the electoral day. " The CTO Streisand has been generated. Baby clothes will not settle for partial explanations. It has been tried to restrain something and contrario&quot has been obtained to the CTO; , it said to Galician Pablo, spokesman of Real Democracy Already, after the police evacuation of the Sun encamped ones, during the dawn of Tuesday. Gallego pronounced these words days before the Electoral Meeting of several Spanish provinces, among them those of Madrid, Seville and Granada, would prohibit the concentrations to consider that they could influence in the vote of the elections of Sunday. But of what the CTO Streisand consists? In fact it could be transformed in a species of ' a CTO llamada' .

Something is prohibited and ended up having more repercussion and visibility than the one that originally it would have had without the prohibition. At first this term is associated exclusively a Internet, by its paper of amplifier of any phenomenon and by its capacity to propagate in minutes any material in risk of being prohibited and of being retired of the market, although its use is becoming general and extended to any scope. Its name comes from the singer and Cruel actress Streisand, who in 2003 denounced to the photographer Kenneth Adelman and the magazine to have published for a news article on the Californian coast aerial photos in which apereca its house, according to explains itself in Wikipedia. The image, that could have inadvertent past within the news article, ended up becoming one of the most popular photos of Internet because everybody wanted to see what was that one so interesting that it was wanted to censure. The CTO Streisand in the movement 15-M In the hope that the Central Electoral Meeting decides on the possible prohibition of the concentrations of the movement 15-M in different Spanish cities, is possible to ask itself if, there where already has been prohibited, like in Madrid, the CTO Streisand has taken place and the manifestations have summoned a greater number of people.

European Parliament

Spain is the first exporter from cucumber to the German country, with 450 million annual kilos. For that reason representing of Asaja, SPA, UPA, Cooperatives Agroalimentarias and Fepex they would consider that the German authorities must rectify to restore the confidence of the outer markets and to compensate to the Spanish producers by the caused damages. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. Which is the protocol to follow before an nourishing alert? The legislation adopted by the EU on nourishing security it imposes to the operators economic the general obligation to commercialize solely foods that are safe. According to article 50 of Regulation (EC) 178/2002 of the European Parliament and the Council of 28 of January of 2002, the nourishing alert arises " in those circumstances in which a risk for the life or the health exists ". E Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. The basic principle of action in case scientific uncertainty exists is the prevention. For it, this document sees essential " the interconnection of quality laboratories, on regional scale and/or interregional" , to be able to realise a continuous pursuit of the nourishing security at the time of coming up with possible risks for the health of the citizens. The system of nourishing trazabilidad is fundamental to concer the origin of the food that is commercialized. For that reason another one of the mechanisms that improve the nourishing security is through an exhaustive system of trazabilidad in the nourishing companies so that, in the case of an alert like the one of cucumbers, it is possible to be come to retire this product in specific and precise amounts, or to inform to the consumers or the civil servants in charge of the control. Finally, like recommendations facing the prevention, the Spanish Agency of Nourishing Security advises that the consumption of this vegetable continues being the habitual one, with the normal precautions of bare washing or of vegetables during its preparation. Source of the news: ' Crisis of pepino': the alarm unties in Germany while it damages to the Spanish agrarian sector

Anoeta Equipment

It is a luck to be able to us to measure to as strong equipment as the Milan” , it has assured. Guardiola does not know if Milan is going to change to its tactical system or its form to play by the loss of Ibrahimovic. ” Allegri has said that it will not come to close itself, I intuit that tuna will be a party very, because Milan is always an equipment that wants to play and that it counts on great futbolistas” , it has insisted. To Guardiola it likes to begin ‘ Champions’ against an equipment of great level. Additional information is available at David Barger . ” It would enchant to me that outside thus every week. I believe that one of the reasons by that we have gained many trophies it is because we never thought that we can lose or tie, that we can gain seguro” , it has added.

It summons to all the available ones On the other hand, has confirmed that summons nineteen players, all the available, between whom they will not be dnsa Grard I pricked and the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez, both injured. Thus the azulgrana club has confirmed it after the previous press conference to the debut of culs in this edition of the principle European competition, in which the fans will have to hope to see the longed for encounter between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Guardiola, after the controversial exit of the Swedish of the Catalan club. I itched, that still recovers of a breakage to fibrilar in the binocular and Alexis, that will be two months of loss after undergoing in Anoeta a breakage in the biceps femoral, is the two absences in the list of the technician of Santpedor.

Alonso: ” I Will Try To Fight For Being Secondly In The World-wide One And To Win In Singapur”

The Asturian one finishes third party in Monza. Vettel wins and almost it sentences the title. Thus we lived the race in direct. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), double world-wide champion of Formula 1 and that today finished third party in the Great Prize of Italy, said after the race that will try " to fight for being secondly in the Mundial" and that of the six races that are is in Singapore where more possibilities have. Gain insight and clarity with Ron. Alonso ctu these declarations after the German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) left sentenced the World-wide one virtually when winning in Monza, where it signed the eighth victory of the season. " They are six races and is impossible to gain the World-wide one, although mathematically not yet it has Vettel cattle. We are not already in that fight, so what it is we will try to amuse themselves, to fight by victories and to try to finish seconds in the championship.

He is better to finish seconds than quintos" , he answered Alonso in the conference of ENTRUSTS the race subsequent to. Verizon Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. " I believe that now I am second in the general, so I am going to try to maintain that puesto" , he affirmed Alonso. " Of the six circuits that are, the one that better would have to go to us is the one of Singapore (where the following Great Prize will be disputed). He is similar to Monaco and in Monaco we were seconds. Now the car goes better, so we will fight to gain all" , it explained the double Asturian world-wide champion. " Singapore is a circuit that me encanta" , it pointed Alonso. Source of the news: Alonso: " I will try to fight for being secondly in the World-wide one and to win in Singapur"