Wolff Consulting GmbH Mr Marketing

The success principle consists essentially in the set itself Maxime ‘Quality’. The Berlin Wolff Consulting GmbH is a premium service provider for data and information management in marketing and sales, especially for individual and customized solutions. The introduction of the quality management system was a consistent strategic decision, with the aim to anchor the quality-relevant components of the company in the management system, to document and to undergo a continuous improvement a continuous review. The certification was carried out by TuV Sud. An employee that is inserted in the first line level accompanied as QM quality management. The quality guidelines are binding targets for all employees who are adhered to. Check out Oracle for additional information. Always meet the requirements, management is committed to the maintenance and continuous improvement of quality management.

The Wolff consulting will also in the future Customer requirements, taking into account the current legal requirements meet and prepared for this reason just the data security certification according to DIN ISO IEC 27001 before. ISO 27001 is one of the strictest international standards for system and physical security processes. The Wolff consulting to preserve confidentiality, availability and integrity of all information assets underscores commitment to the Zertifizierungabsicht. Contact for questions: Wolff Consulting GmbH Mr. If you would like to know more then you should visit Daniel Lubetzky. Henrik Hanske or wife Christine of twenties Friedrichstrasse 132 10117 Berlin phone 030/288769-109 fax 030/288769-100 mailto: Web: about Wolff Consulting GmbH we implement for our clients highly customized marketing and sales activities. The professional services include market research, marketing and CRM strategy development, address management, database services, campaigns and information management and response processing. Even she will be by means of an own online campaigns and marketing platform Processing in the call center or at the lettershop implemented, controlled and evaluated the success of the campaign.

Association Kenya

Translation company engaged socially Alphatrad International GmbH, one of the market leaders in the field of translation services, actively supports the Swiss aid organizations hope for Kenyafamily and children in Kenya with Gratisubersetzungen. Club homepage, important documents, which are required for the work, as well as the correspondence between the Club seats and the contacts on the ground in Kenya are translated by the translation professionals free of charge. Alphatrad thus makes a contribution to help the needy Kenyan children specifically. Children in Kenya since 1995 with headquarters in Basel and its aid projects focused on the village of Kikambala and its surroundings. In the past few years were drilled with the help of member contributions, material donations and donations, including a drinking water fountain, a sewing school founded and created a vegetable and poultry farm. Also, the women in the region by qualified personnel are taught education and first aid in hygiene, family planning, and advice on social issues. Daniel Lubetzky NY shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Hope for Kenyafamily was founded in late 2008 in Auenstein, to realize the construction of an orphanage in the VOI region.

At the time the members of the Association seeking sponsors for a drinking water fountain. An orphanage for about 50 children with at least twelve bedrooms is planned, adequate sanitary facilities, kitchen with pantry, as well as a spacious dining and game rooms. Continue to be a fruit and vegetable garden and a small animal farm with chickens and goats, to ensure the self-sufficiency of the home. The construction of a children playground is planned. Kenya is situated in East Africa and occupied space 148 in the human development index (HDI) of the United Nations (comparison: Germany no. 22). Many people live in great poverty, without work, without sufficient food and under poor hygienic conditions. Worst, it meets the children, which usually no access to schools and training.

Alphatrad has more than 25 years industry experience and offers technical translations Lektoraten in over 50 languages of the world, and also the setting of German and foreign-language texts as well as audio transcriptions of. If necessary apply layout work and the adaptation of websites. In addition can be translated texts in the express service within a few hours. Our translators particularly on technical and legal texts are specialized in translations. The Alphatrad group has 40 branches in six European countries, only nine of them in Germany.

Warner Bros Consumer Products

Already this year it is Batman skateboards Bindlach, type August 2008 – upper Franconian inline manufacturer PowerSlide GmbH, known by roller skating products from hot wheels and Barbie, is new licensee of Warner Bros. Consumer products. This summer the company presents its new Batman Rollsport collection. This includes inline skates, scooters and Skateboards with matching accessories, and 2009 will be just in time for the trade available to start the season. Batman is a brand that has already attained cult status and POWERSLIDE is one of the leading providers of high-quality sports equipment. The cooperation with Warner Bros. The fantastic opportunity represents consumer products, to encourage the urge to move the children and to inspire you even more for the sport of inline. To POWERSLIDE, the cooperation is a consistent further development of our brand-oriented and high-quality product strategy explains Matthias Knoll, Managing Director of PowerSlide GmbH.

POWERSLIDE developed due to recent events and Warner Bros. Consumer products already four skateboard models, that shortly after the theatrical release of the already very successful blockbuster the Dark Knight from September are commercially available. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the leading licensing and merchandising company in the world. About DC Comics DC Comics, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is the world’s largest publisher of English-language comics, including iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Sandman.

For generations, these and other DC superhero inspire people of all ages in comic books, films, television series (animated and live-action) and cyberspace. More information at. BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and DC Comics. (s08) How to contact with Warner Bros. Consumer Products: Petra Roitsch, Tel: 040 226 50 0, press: public insight, Claudia Burau, Tel: 089 489 971 88, contact licensee: POWERSLIDE GmbH, Claudia Fleischmann, Tel: 09208 60 10 31,

Rohrmarkierer And Pipe Marking According To DIN 2403 And Directives

Meet the legal requirements with UV and scratch-resistant, as well as the labelling of flow substances and their direction of flow resistant Rohrmarkierern are to be marked with high-quality Rohrmarkierern. Indoor as well as outdoor macro IDENT has a wide range of more resistant materials in the program. Even materials that survive more than 10 years in the outdoor area. Tomas Philipson has firm opinions on the matter. Employers are obliged to mark pipes through which dangerous substances are transported in accordance with the European Directive 92/58. For more information see this site: E Scott Mead. This policy is applied also in German law. Pipelines that transport hazardous substances according to the hazardous substances Ordinance (GefStoffV), must be provided in addition to the texts with the prescribed hazard material symbols. Also the DIN 2403 provides information on the labelling of pipelines.

Not or not sufficiently marked tubes indeed pose a significant danger. Ignorance about the contents of a pipe can have serious consequences, both for the workers, as well as for the machinery. By investing in a good and clear labelling of your pipes, you prevent unpredictable costs. An accident at work causes not only physical pain, but is also a serious financial burden for employers. A good and clear labelling provides a better insight into the construction. A fast and clear understanding is especially important for new staff or external contractors who temporarily work in your company. Also maintenance work be carried out more efficiently, avoids unnecessary search and significantly reduces the risk for accidents or mistakes.

Should nevertheless an accident occurring, so even life are have been saved thanks to a good mark in any case precious seconds won, which. MACRO IDENT features a wide range of Rohrmarkierern, pipe marking tapes, mini – and Maxi markers, arrow bands, pipe marking tapes, hazardous material and GHS symbols. Over 1300 lyrics by default, are available in different formats and layouts. This standard offer refers to the material most commonly used in the industry. The adhesive tags are made of laminated polyester. They are UV and scratch-resistant and resistant to external weather and solvent. Also macro offers the high-quality material B-7529 for Rohrmarkierer IDENT, which is more than 10 years without prejudice to over outdoor application. This material can be used under extremely harsh environmental conditions outdoors. Contact: Macro IDENT Lockout-Tagout solutions buzzard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching Munich, contact: Angelika Wilke, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX. 089-615658-25, WEB:

Vinessiowine Fair Starnberg

Wine fair in Starnberg revives the ‘CENTRUM’ in Starnberg in the Hauptstrasse 8 Starnberg, the September 21, 2009 it’s finally here again the wine fair in Starnberg again invites all wine lovers from Starnberg, Munich and the environment to taste and enjoy. For a whole weekend a wide product range of more than 1000 wines, sparkling wines, brandies and delicacies, such as chocolate, bacon, cheese, can again be tried oils and much more and also bought. The event is aimed at consumers and professionals alike. The event is from the 17-18 October unique not in the Schlossberg Hall but in the CENTRUM”main street at 8 instead. The CENTRUM”is in direct proximity to the Schlossberg Hall so that travel remains the same for visitors such as exhibitor. The exhibited products can by visitors every day from 13.00 20.00 are compared and purchased.

The entrance to the event will cost 10 euros per person. It expect the interested visitors free tours and seminars around the subject of wine & pleasure. A special experience is next to a guide on the topic of sherry & Spanish ham”the area by Stefan Herrmann, who presents the finest nougat from Villedieu visitors. Starnberg is always a trip”value. The CENTRUM”, the venue of the fair, is almost ideal. The S6 S-Bahn available is for all who wish to come by public transport.

The train station is a few minutes to the CENTRUM”. With the car you can directly in the parking garage of the CENTRUM”retract. After attending the fair, the lake promenade in Starnberg then invites to a stroll. What gives it special this year? In addition to the permanent exhibition of the Vintners of Southern Wine Road”, there is a presentation of Austrian wine producers from lower Austria and Styria, which provide information about the region and your tourist attractions in addition to your prize-winning products this year. There are tickets to the ticket office. The entrance is located on the main street 8 in Starnberg. Further information to the Event: reader requests and press contact: assessio GmbH – ore Foundry Street 5 80335 Munich 01805 55 52 291 (0,14 euro / min. from a German landline DTAG, from the mobile network to other costs)

The Centre

At the same time, PRAMAC Switzerland was also the filed module test the salt environment corrosion testing IEC 61701 “salt-fog corrosion testing” with positive results. This PRAMAC confirms also that its modules can be used in marine environment without risk of damaging the module. Thanks to these new certificates PRAMAC Switzerland is for its thin-film photovoltaic modules from immediately a 5 year product warranty grant, and offer an additional extension option to full ten years at an additional cost. 1 the initial performance of the module corresponds to 150Wp, which stabilized produces 125Wp (this corresponds to a module efficiency of 8.8%) “I am very proud on the reached results of PRAMAC Swiss work” commented Paolo Campinoti, owner of PRAMAC S.p.a. and added: “The newly obtained certificates demonstrate not only the capacity but also the reliability of our modules”. PRAMAC Switzerland: A few months After the start of production, we are not only able to meet all requirements, but can also aggressively respond to the needs of the still fast-growing market. A production capacity of around 1.5-2.0 MW per month is currently possible due to our modern plant.

Thanks to the innovative thin-film photovoltaic module production technology of Oerlikon solar, thin-film modules can at a lower cost, compared to traditional production technologies of the “silicon wafer” modules are made”, said Cristian Cavazzuti Managing Director of PRAMAC Swiss SA. PRAMAC S.p.. A.: PRAMAC s.p.a. develops, produces and sells power generators world-wide, and operated industrial truck in addition it industry with forklifts and storage technology. The group is led by CEO Paolo Campinoti is also in the area of alternative energy sources, particularly with photovoltaic modules from the subsidiary company PRAMAC Swiss S.A. and wind generators from 400W to 5000W active. The PRAMAC group has 35 locations in over 20 countries in the Represented and large more than 800 employees worldwide. PRAMAC is composed of six production sites Spain, France, China, Switzerland, United States and a branch network of 26 sales branches. The Centre has its headquarters in Italy (in Casole d’Elsa, Siena), five more plants in Spain, France, China, Switzerland, United States and a branch network of 26 sales branches together. PRAMAC GmbH, Salian road 48, 70736 Fellbach website:, e-Mail:, Tel.: 0711-514429-0 / fax:-99