I leaned in you, you leaned in me hand with hand, eyes in the eyes fingers with fingers, heart with heart song and emotion sea and to love, lips with lips finally! after as many hands, eyes, fingers and heart I reached what as much desired, the lips not any lips, but yes yours Now I have that them, desire them always and with many interminable kisses and kisses that are not comparable, nor imaginable or lived for me and neither for you. Let us combine thus love let us make a pact, why not? yes, I say a pact! that is of blood two souls in one alone only one hand, a finger and a heart let us be an only being, a love, a life a road and a desire interminable desires is alone what meeting in me you desire for me, you desire in me, me desire in you. Only desires, never before desired, nor dreamed perpetual desires and that the perpetual one walked either desired for you, as much how much I have this desire in me walked way as my desire in such a way desires my hand, its hand its hand in mine is my desire and that it is more desire yours, Love mine. Rosaine Saints.


A new Feeling pra My Life! with the time people discovers that the love is the best form to grow, and if today I grew in such a way on the inside I am because already more I do not describe without remembering You! Who said that perfect pair does not exist? Who can explain something so great that already in it fits more in my Chest! Of as many times I admired that you, Innumerable I saw that you to pass, To the times alone saw I you, To the times you I stopped looking at pra me! I felt something so good, but not wise person what to say, God Only knows of as my will of speaking with you was Enormous! To say you everything of pretty that he was kept, To express my immense will to be to its Side! I not wise person its name, its choices, much less that one day everything would be thus, Not wise person where you liveed, but already kept to you inside of Me! The afternoon end was always in the same way, I passed serious, Wanting to smile, But Looking at always you, Ace times did not seem, But on the inside I was dreaming! This is the purest Truth, You is well more than what one day I dreamed, Mine life was so Monotonous and alone I lost myself I found when you! In deep I wise person who at the certain moment the things would go to happen, Because have things that they are pra to feel, and plus nobody obtains To see! In the truth I looked at for the sides, But he only wanted to look at pra inside, Felt something so pure so soft how much the Wind! For the old Phrase Not to say ' ' We can see, but we cannot sentir' '. But for the certainty that I had that in the alias process GOD would go you to assoprar pra me! I Prayed and only left my opened window, Interlaced my fingers and twisted so that he was making the certain thing! Excuse if lacked to Courage, Excuse to me if to approach I did not obtain me, I find that I did not obtain because insufficient words were pra to express themselves! Something that comes of inside, Well bigger of what is verses of any History of Love, and if today I am so Happy, I must you, to be who I is! I feel as if you were to the half that I looked for all my life, and suddenly I incased myself I eat a gone trip alone of! I find that exactly that I did not know you one hour it would find, Could far be, But my heart would inform to me! After having you have the sensation of already having seen the same future without wanting, Of one hour pra another one I you saw in all the dreams that I dreamed having in you! The time is optimum author of meeting, passions and farewells, Now I know, I was valid the penalty to wait each as so that you entered in my life! Debtor my God! . . For assistance, try visiting MasterClass Founder.

Other Loves

Other Loves – perhaps I suffer badly from one deriving one of the plagues, of needy pains, are not of this world, the direction that I lost between colors. Doctor hears: – The months I do not breathe, my eyes, such as they were, they are not more, and I repeat: it wants to save me, therefore already story the days. fer in this field. Official site: MasterClass. – Already I lost the taste of these gostos, had been, it does not have as to explain, and if it depended on these as many faces, to one of them, corava the ways. – And I cry, as I cry doctor, when listening a certain name, and when seeing certain hair, listening certain steps, already I lost the man direction? – Expensive gentleman, listens what I go to speak to it, not meeting in sciences of doctor, yours cure, only hears without disagreeing, you suffers badly from one tremendous one, one badly that few dare, you suffers, son, of the evil of the Love, most hideous and insolente badly to love.


Beautiful place, the holy ghost place An environment takes that me to the meeting with the holy ghost. Ritual that has years if I repeated. Ahead of that covered with star sky, I can feel the magnitude of the creator. The breeze touches my skin, as a caress. The owls observe with attention each order that I carry through. I feel the angels my return. The peace fully breaches with the gates of my soul.

per instant I remain silenced, immovable sensible that sublime one to be able it consumes that me completely. I feel myself so happy, a meeting that restores the soul and of the direction mine to exist it. The magic of to that makes me place to smile, to cry, to praise Mysteriously I can say that I see the servant in everything my return! Simply my point of meeting with the creator. At this moment nothing it makes direction, therefore I disconnect myself of this world and I connect to the creator. My point of light, a place of divine inspiration.


IT WAS THUS In one afternoon dull that the Sun teimava in playing of being moon perhaps cries out me, Without wanting, or to the fondness of the Universe, its look lights what not even the sun made, In one ' ' tiro' ' , in one to blink, my soul, without knowing, is complained. Without perceiving the intention and in an instinct ' ' minimalesco' ' , it comes the fear and I run sea pro, to Its comforts me abundance. Its sound inebria me. Always! Trying to run away from what the Destination already had traced, the cold wind brings me to the tripping, To the side, with a look dissimulating to be lost, but hearing the whisper of my indifferent outcry, it waits me to you. I do not know if my love, if my disaster, or if my arrest (now I know that my confinement). Enraged for the insistence of its obscure look, I arrive until you.

I invade its soul, consumption its seiva and in this I discover my pain, at a moment of heat, still painless. In a meeting of souls, each one finds its oasis, kills its hunger and ceases its headquarters. The night, the bottle of wine, the waves, all, in a ledo deceit, smile pra me, the wound, despite disfarada of love, as kiss of a vampire, if opens and anesthesia. Today, perhaps for will of God or whim of the Devil, nor another love, that until tried, does not obtain to cure, what the proper love judged to be.