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Pilar Palacios Quito

Not wither their cocoons and remain fragrant roses in the spring of time infants do not darken his days are still light in the middle of the night do not end after the epitaph, remain open prologues, where the children die each year die!, assigned to be life, memory and hope! nOnce children die enhances the pain and only the intimate conviction that they find life beyond, after death, full of eternal life, nourishes and oxygenates our desire to live even when turn off the light in our cytoplasm, even when caged our atoms in nostalgia, even when drawing the tattoo on his absence in our steps, only the illusion that new auroras with saturated frost hope will be challenging noxas Spartacus gallop in tormenting marshes of memory. When children die life leave his body language and pride themselves in the brilliant way the mystery, other dimensions are witnesses of His grace, other breezes wave his hair, and are not […]