Some Time Ago

Some time ago I came across a book that compared life inline with a train journey. I do not remember the title of book, nor its author, but his reading made me think about my life and my loved ones. It was an extremely interesting read, full of memories and feelings surfaced. After thinking a lot about what I read, I played the very thing that had taken between the lines, that life is only a train ride full of entries and downs, punctuated at times of accidents with different results, sometimes mild and other severe, with pleasant surprises at some stations, and deep sadness in others. At birth, we took the train and we met some people whom we believe will always be with us on that journey, and identified them as our parents.

Unfortunately the truth is otherwise, they are always with us. But there are other people that same thing will happen along the route. They will fall somewhere leaving station orphans of his affection, friendship and company irreplaceable. However, that feeling of helplessness that passenger does not prevent others from climbing will be very special to us through another part of the journey. They may be our brothers, friends and those wonderful love that appear to fill a special niche in our hearts and fill it with extraordinary feelings. Of those who take that train, will also do so as a simple walk, while others find the meaning of life during the viajea And there will be others who, anonymously and circulated by the train are always ready in helping those in need without asking anything in return.


We can "trick" easily … In other words, we make our reality through our emotions, that is, from the way we process our experiences. So, why not pay attention to the transformation process in the area of our feelings? Change how I feel, based on the thoughts, that my action on reality is positive, constructive, creative and effective. The reality, first changing my own essence, my personality. Our emotional responses are "manufactured" in the hypothalamus. On it, are created neurohormones or neuropeptides, which are responsible for the emotions we experience. There is chemistry for rabies, for happiness, for suffering, envy … Every thought or emotion to be repeated, creating connections are strengthened.

So associate situations with emotions. For example: if we remain locked in an elevator, the object "lift" can be associated with the fear of confinement. If that association is not interrupted, the brain associated with emotion and thought, strengthening the partnership and creating such a phobia. All habits and addictions operate with the same mechanics. The good news is that once we break this vicious circle, as we break that connection, the brain creates another bridge between neurons that is the "passage to liberation." Our brain is constantly remaking even in old age. Therefore, you can unlearn and relearn new ways to experience the emotions. Each association of ideas or facts, incubated a thought or memory in the form of neuronal connections, which leads to memory through associative memory. There are people connecting "love" with "disappointment" or "Deception", so when you feel love, the neural network will connect with the excitement for how you felt the last time you felt: anger, grief, anger, etc.