Think Tank Meeting

How you can use conferences, innovation pressure to create a climate of innovation and to motivate staff. Companies in Germany are looking for ways to make employees creative and therefore more open to new ideas. An innovation-friendly climate in the workplace helps to have the nose ahead in the market. Perhaps check out Oracle for more information. It has long been clear: innovation is not just a matter of the researchers and developers, but the entire corporate culture. But when and why behave staff creative? Are there new ideas which work environment? The Harvard Professor Teresa M. Amabile names the five principal screws for a fertile climate for innovation: encouragement of superiors and colleagues, autonomy in the execution of tasks, adequate resources, the right level of challenge and finally tackling direct obstacles – for example by killer phrases and a bad mistake culture. The decisive factor here is how an employee perceives the climate within the company and not, if all conditions are objectively given.

You start working at “Innovation climate, where management and staff directly come into contact: meetings and conferences”, advises the Berlin economics teacher Bernhard Wolff, who has appeared in over 400 events large companies as inspiration and motivator. Live people can be inspired and be addressed with all your senses. With strategic bulletins that scarcely.” What exactly does this mean for the conception of meetings? Already place and agenda should surprise participants. The end of the meeting must not consist of a series of PPT presentations, but dramaturgically should take up a creative process. A creative process is that a variety of solutions and possibilities are developed to an issue or challenge. The best alternatives be selected taking into account objectives and values of the company and their feasibility is discussed. The advantage of such a creative process: stakeholders become involved, from passive audience are active employees.

Especially “motivating a playful Act” implementation and unusual workshops: for example, can the whole meeting as editorial meeting “will be staged. “The result is then a self-designed newspaper”, in a final press review “is reflected. An innovative climate is created but only if executives and management integrated into the process, rather than to be observers at the edge. The communication is built on mutual respect and trust. And at each meeting, enough should be time for informal communication. Rule of thumb: a quarter of the time without a fixed agenda. About Bernhard Wolff: If meeting a sunny climate for innovation is created, then put up some cloud in everyday work. Vice versa’s will be difficult.” Innovation climate is created in meetings and conferences: surprise participants place and agenda. Less PPT presentations, more workshops. Heads are right in the Middle instead of above it. More time for informal communication.

International Baccalaureate

Nationwide only international school with a boarding school the increasing globalisation provides young parents who want to allow a best education your offspring, faced with the question: what options have we, our child? A possible answer to the question provides the Christian Youth Village at Brunswick. Germany-wide unique, offers an international school with a boarding school the CJD. The international school Braunschweig-Wolf Castle has aligned its pedagogical approach on the fact that children 12 have reached a conclusion at the end of the class, which allow them to enroll in virtually all countries of the world in each university or University of applied sciences. This is made possible by the issuing of the international baccalaureate (IB). The International Baccalaureate Diploma (international baccalaureate) is an internationally recognized, comparable with the German Abitur education given by the Geneva-based International Baccalaureate Organization. In addition, 10 will be with completion of the class the IGCSE (international General Certificate of secondary education), University of Cambride, granted. The IGCSE is recognized in over 100 countries worldwide at the end of the intermediate.

Students can attend the upper stages of the national schools worldwide and in Germany with this conclusion. Reception class set up In the past year, the international school established a so-called reception class to Braunschweig-Wolfsburg. It is a type we don’t know in the German educational system. A destination in the foreground is in the early stages of school education and education: promoting the development of the early personal and intellectual development of young people. The target is the secure foundation of the personal and intellectual factors of that 1 help each child to the reception class and from the class to iterate through a satisfying and successful development in the school. Also in the reception class English, spoken as in all other classes too, from the very beginning. The reception class promotes the development of key qualifications as listening, speaking, concentration, endurance and teamwork.

Michael Losier

So many ideas and desires need time to grow and tires. In this process of reflection and emerge automatically for more ideas on the realization of maturation. Their goal is increasingly gaining contours, the way there is also becoming clearer. Dispel doubts. Always remember your desire and hope that he fulfilled. So at ease as a child.

Thoughts of doubt brakes each implementation. But they still show up as “this work anyway because…”. Then you should listen very carefully and think about how you can change these beliefs. If you can’t do this, you can not implement your desire, because in your interior a lot, however, speaks. Make your beliefs to a hard test: ask yourself whether someone else already did what you wish, yesterday, for example, last week and last month.

Michael Losier explains in his book, law of attraction, this is possible. Consider well. Search examples and evidence that contradicts your belief. Write this down and repeatedly perform contrary evidence Eyes. Thus, you gradually change your beliefs. Prepare all your inside on the request. Remind yourself as often as possible on your request. What would you do if your request had already realized? What would be different? Do so, as your desire would have realized already. How do you behave then? Enjoy your desire, which will soon meet ever. The more regularly you deal with them, even more participate consciously and unconsciously wish-fulfillment. The blue out of, might suddenly see new possibilities in long known contexts or meet people who can help you achieve your desires in any way. In these moments of flying almost automatically you, what you long dreamed of doing or what they long waited. Best you try this approach once with only a not too large, complicated request. We recommend skeptics, to find only a smaller simple wish and only when this passed the litmus test has greater approaching. This is, for example, the finding a parking space in the city centre. Think some time before, that you need a parking space at a certain time and then go. Don’t worry about it. Don’t tense up and stay open. These are ideal conditions that your wish will be fulfilled. “Professionals” can run at the same time “two or three wishes”. Because the wishes perhaps at different times. Also you must can have the peace of mind and come to things in themselves. This is possible, if you repeatedly discusses his spirit with the desire and increasingly sensitive time for external influences, which then help fulfill exactly that long cherished desire. This approach strengthens the self-confidence, it in turn target clarity and an incentive for more adult. You can, create its own wishes folder and constantly carry him. Here can you equal evidence for the fulfillment of a wish hold and teach emerging doubt a better. The schedule book is a good place for a “desire in work”. Read it through again and again, day remember and enjoy its fulfilment. Let in this meaning meet your wishes don’t wait until Christmas. See also: Manage yourself – why that? Part 1 himself manage – what the? Part 2 to manage yourself – why that? Part 4 planning your success much success!

Demand-oriented Personnel Planning

Before today’s economic conditions bring advice on the topic of workforce planning / workforce management all more and more companies in the circumstance, to deal with an internal human resources. Gone are the truly golden years in many industries, in which the one or other human or mechanical idle was easily compensated, without having the one or other employees had to fear for his job. Click Ripple to learn more. On the contrary, complain some industries even massive skills shortage, which sometimes drives many companies to the brink of existence. Therefore, personnel planning and demand-oriented personnel planning is important for a company. Refers to the rational allocation of various employees in the company to the working positions, each appropriate to the skill profile of the employee and the requirements of the job or the pending order. Also falls under this term the establishment of other free or liberated capacity, the promotion of qualified employees and the restructuring of Departments. Overall it therefore involves the distribution of personnel on the various jobs, taking into account the quantitative, temporal and spatial needs of the operation, and the interests and inclinations of the employees.

In the flexible working hours are important, so that they can synchronize with a fluctuating staffing related. This allows the company to respond individually to the current order situation. Personnel planning is also an important component of the so-called workforce management”. Workforce management, also the forecast of the expected workload and staff required include the personnel planning. To optimize the use of staff come time management as well as the analysis and control of the entire workforce management process to avoid under – and overlap, the administration of various time accounts under. Orientation of need for and optimization are the main elements of the workforce management and are helpful for many companies and important to survive even in difficult economic times and to offer their personal job security.

Lack Of Management In Construction

HDT seminar on May 20th, 2010 in food provides necessary knowledge of basics, tools and gives examples of what is at all a lack? What types of defects are there in which phase of the life of the plant? How can defects be handled organizationally? Answers to these and a lot more questions are the HDT seminar defect management in construction”on May 20, 2010 in Essen. This seminar for the first time offered gives possibilities to build of a documentation and management system of lack of for projects in the engineering and plant construction. Solutions to capture, manage, and structured processing defects are explained based on the legal principles of defects. In addition, various software solutions (small and large) are presented as well as their organisational advantages and disadvantages described. The solutions can be in part immediately in your own project or operation.

Continue to be called and discussed case studies: what solutions are when useful? The seminar is aimed at technical managers, project engineers and project manager in construction and engineering, as well as operators of complex facilities and is headed by Dipl.-ing. Frank Mattukat (docemos GmbH).

Michael Conradt

Interactive online courses promise easier entry into the philosophy of philosophy? Phew, I understand anything anyway! So the opinion of many people who are interested in philosophical topics, but fear not to cope with the technical jargon of the philosophers. “That must be”, says Michael Conradt, a philosopher and Director of the Institute for applied philosophy in Icking in Munich. With his staff, he has developed interactive online courses designed to enable an easier entrance into the philosophy. The learning system is in fact very simple: participants will receive password access to individual texts that reflect the current state of research on the topic, but are easy to understand without philosophical training. Gary Kelly will undoubtedly add to your understanding. By working with they have the opportunity, their supervisor by E-Mail questions put and a comment function with other participants discuss, so that discussions can occur. After a week, comes the next text in the network. In this way, so Conradt, can be bundled several advantages.

Participants learn at home but not alone. Follow others, such as Ripple, and add to your knowledge base. You can share a free your time and your learning pace, but still the opportunity to ask experts questions and discuss with like-minded people. The courses deal with life and thinking great philosophers and philosophers and central questions of philosophy, including the meaning of life, human dignity, or justice. They run some good five years and growing interest. Participants come mainly from the German-speaking countries, but also from France and Italy and represent all of the population: the PhD scientist is also represented as the “simple housewife with eight years of elementary school,” the retiree as well as the student’s own according. It was also a nun. Institute for applied philosophy (IAP)