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State Property Privatization

Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Lease of State and Communal Property 'from 29.06.2004 1905-IV (hereinafter – the Law 1905), the second part of article 4 of the Rent Act amended the fifth paragraph, under which also may not be the subject of lease the following facilities: – state-owned of national importance and not to be privatized in accordance with the second part of Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Property Privatization" of 04.03.92, 2163-XII, as amended by Law of Ukraine dated 19.02.97, the 89/97-VR (property complexes of their structural units whose main activity is the production of goods (works, services) of national importance, a list of which is determined by Part 2 of Art. 5 of the Act) – included in the list of objects of state property, not subject to privatization, approved by the Law of Ukraine "On the list of objects of state property, not subject to privatization" of 07.07.99, 847-XIV, which produce excisable goods. LANDLORD in accordance with Article 5 of the lease, the lessor with respect to a particular type of property are integral property complexes of enterprises, as well as their subdivisions and real estate. State-owned property not included in the statutory funds of business entities that were created in the privatization process, except for property related to property complex of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and sectoral academies of science; integral property complexes of enterprises and their subdivisions and real estate belonging to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; integral property complexes of enterprises and their subdivisions and real estate located in communal ownership; Subdivisions companies (subsidiaries, departments, sites), and real estate, whose total area exceeds 200 square meters.

Sell Commercial Property

For owners of commercial real estate – exclusive information support of your proposal in the print media of Volgograd and the Internet. This site contains reliable information on commercial property, exhibited by sale and to rent. Options for rental and sale of commercial property, offices, warehouses, regularly updated and corrected. This means that you can track all changes in the market commercial real estate prices and trends. On our site you can find the latest news real estate market, including commercial. We have also presented and analytical materials on buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate. The database is represented by commercial real estate for all major types: office, warehouse, commercial real estate from the leading companies in this industry.

Thanks to the Base commercial real estate, you can easily find and make correct choice of office, warehouse or commercial space, choose the most appropriate to your condition to rent office space. You'll also find a large list of suggestions: office rental, rent office buildings, rental of commercial space. In a highly competitive and comparative lack of space commercial real estate in Volgograd is impossible to do without the services of a professional realtor. Commercial property for sale in recent times become more marketable transaction. Buying and selling space, value for money in commercial real estate has long been a lucrative business of Volgograd and the Volgograd region. Buying or selling a commercial Real Estate aims to future profits.

Experts predict the price of commercial real estate will continue to rise, because demand still exceeds supply. And because construction of new buildings and will gain momentum. In order to effectively search for proposals for the sale and leasing of office premises using modern IT-technology and systems combined with advanced communication strategy to promote the objects. With the online-application, you can request a search for office rental or sale, as well as to offer their premises for sale. In addition to our clients real estate company "Kvadrametr" provides professional advice on marketing, analytics, expert assessment of projects in commercial real estate sales and rental offices. Our experts will select the best object of commercial property on purpose, price and conditions of sale, coordinate and solve all questions valuation of the object, transfer of rights to object, will prepare a full set of documents. Professionalism of Realtors, a vast, constantly updated database of objects and individual approach to customers – a guarantee of successful cooperation. The difficulty is that commercial property to satisfy the maximum on all counts: the area of the city, distance from any cultural centers, room size, layout, its location within the building, floors, price and more. This is a very difficult task, with which we help our customers cope.