Physical Effect

You are on the contrary, often key challenges to which each person rubs it also can grow and must grow respectively (Eg development tasks such as choosing careers in adolescence or love relationships and sexuality, but also the self-development is one of them, etc.) Physical dependence produced by the example of nicotine nicotine, taking into account all factors, a rather low level of physical dependence. However, the two factors "Absorbtionsgeschwindigkeit" and "degradation rate" very pronounced effect. They lead to a typical consumer behavior, which is heavily "influenced physically. A dose of nicotine in a cigarette after a few inhalations has already (in seconds). The total amount of a cigarette is removed in about of an hour to an hour again. Therefore, for many smokers, there is also the need to consume one cigarette every hour, so the supply is assured of nicotine for neuronal stimulation. The degradation can be accelerated significantly by drinking water, because nicotine is a water-soluble substance. The "Disastrous" in nicotine addiction is, therefore, their rapid Uptake and rapid degradation.

This almost "frantic" pace determines the physical Suchtkomponente for nicotine. The nicotine dose, however, is generally low, the effect strength of nicotine as well. Of course you can also suffer nicotine poisoning, but such cases are rare. This shows that even with most massive dose of the effect produced is not comparable with other substances. The duration of intake of nicotine to play in the physical dependence as a rather minor role, because the degradation rate of nicotine is too high.