Work Addiction

Is good professional cultured, balance, happy, compensated psychic and spiritually, that generates confidence between its resemblances, that a rich poor man who the unique thing that it has is silver, a vulgar gold donkey that only thinks about the ticket and in the work, the wealthiest professional of the cemetery. Those years of work-addiction without calmness pass their account of collection in ulcers, insomnia, hypertension, lumbagoes, chronic impotence, malgenio, migraas. Sooner or later the hipfisis and the pineal gland call in opinion by I mistreat, by the abuse against the circadian cycle, by the overload. And one faces the mirror, the dark and interminable night and discovers that there is no reverse gear. Colleague, to his needs it family. Facebook may also support this cause. He returns to the elementary pleasures that made so happy it when it was not obsessed with the work.

He has a diversion, an office, a entretenedero so that one does not become bored when one retires, if he does not arrive as much ill from working. He reads, he laughs myself, enjoyment, he enjoys. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Southwest Airlines on most websites. Life is only one and it is finishing to us. Colleague, does not work as much. Name Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena Nationality Colombian Other personal data Been born the 12 from November of 1964 in Amag (Antioch), Colombia. Doctor, specialist in Gineco-obstetrics AND the Gynecological Laparoscopia. Lisa Scullin pursues this goal as well. (U.P.B., U.

of A., ESC, Respectively). Professor of the University of Antioch and the educational ESC like assigned of gynecological and laparoscpica practice in the third year of the postgraduate. He has been collaborating of newspapers the LEAF, CHANGE, the WORLD, and MEDICAL MOMENT, in the field of the urban chronicle and articles of humor. has published books TEXTS TO PERVERT TO YOUTH, winner of a poetry contest in the U. of A. (Two editions) and the novel the PERPETUAL CIRCLES, finalist in the brief novel contest Alvaro Cepeda Samudio (Four editions). Winner of III the call of cultural projects of the Municipality of Medelln with the novel the PAVILION OF the MANDRAGORA, at the moment circulating the first edition. was winning of the contest of short scripts short Histories, long ideas of the U. of A., short that already was realised with the story THE OTHER EXPLOSION OF the HEART. A story his, a SUBJECT SURPRISING, appears in the book Anthology commented of the Antiochian story, bowl II, compiled by the Mario writer To sweep Velasquez. At the moment the MILONGA OF the BANDIT circulates their novel.

International Moment

Mayan Moving is created for the people who need a professional service with good quality which normally they are to very high costs and in the majority of the times this financed by the company to which they serve his like a benefit, when a family has decided to change of place of residence by thus agreeing to her interests faces the moment of the change and for moving all those goods that have been acquiring with the effort of their work and need specialized person, reliable and prepared to realise this service who furthermore is a little while of stress for the family, she is therefore that we are in the best disposition to help them and to do of this moment good memory. Service the International When the moment arrives for changing of country the decision is even more complicated is why it needs to contact a specialist to avoid great headaches, we advised to him in all referring including the customs service or export or the import; also we explained to him what is the best one via if air, terrestrial or air according to it is the case and its needs.. . .