Self Leadership

Maybe in a client’s interest lies in self-image that achieves project this car, as it is to show its good taste and purchasing power, and even see it as a way of meeting with the woman of his dreams. However, it is possible that the aspirations of another client than the power of the machine, security instruments and financial know how is the cost of mechanical services, moreover to impress your friends. It say, that client is seeking to buy power, power and personal security, while the other does not. If the seller is only active in speaking without stopping all the benefits of that car, without dwelling on which of its characteristics may lead to negotiations with each customer and, therefore, to close the sale, then this negotiation may not be effective. To negotiate powerfully we understand that customers never buy the product by the product itself, but for what he stands for. It is very important satisfiers find what our customers want. Therefore, our negotiations, far from just being based on talking and talking, should be enriched with the art of listening, tool in which we do not lecture from children and that, however, is of great use to negotiate, as well as describe in more of my books, especially in Self Leadership. As customers, we buy satisfactions, emotions and feelings, and the goods or services given to us or not.

The purchaser of a savings fund for retirement, by example, do not buy a policy signed, but the feeling of knowing they protected in their old age and this gives you peace. If someone buys the most modern mobile phone, not just the phone and takes a form of communication, also known as the buying emotions of the ultimate holder, or the joy of walking down the street listening to MP3 music through the phone has integrated, or the like to be able to take pictures with built-in camera la machine. That same goes for any goods or services purchased. In short, looks at why shopping percatate what are the feelings, thoughts or emotions that make you buy something. Even with money, we list the benefits of a product may not be enough to want to buy.

But if you want something deep, I do not have the resources, and yes I see in it the possibility of satisfying, perhaps find ways to get the money and then buy that which I desire. I invite you to reflect on the subject, to observe and learn to stop based selling pressure the person to buy something that does not want. It is better to give us a few minutes to find out what you want the other and if it is within what we offer. Helping you buy and make you feel satisfied. Writer, consultant and lecturer