Art Subject

The art to love is a subject of ample phantom that is not confined exclusively to an physical-affective act of expression as the majority creates. Learn more about this topic with the insights from findshadow cyrus. The art to love acquires different tonalities within its different characteristics that it acquires in the later plane, sublimates and extensive of its being; containing lastingly, elemente it runs and essential in his facets of denominated existence: banquet, based on principles of morality, altruism, respect and other characteristics of divine nature; eternal. The art to love reunites, by concatenation, multiform sensations, existing qualities, feelings and understandings in the peripheries of arcane the passional one, in which they cohabit I conglomerate of elements, that influence marvellously developing of a pure feeling, waked up; that they equip to his possessor with the knowledge although empirical of the knowledge and abilities that need for the optimal unfolding of this denominated nature: love. However, the attainment of such art is not so reasonable and feasible, perhaps as we would want; normally the majority does not know the true exact quintessence of naturalness and action that the subject of the love has. Ironically category does not lack sabelotodos of a ochava that tries to explain this terminology with arguments of verified ineptitude which they do not make but embarrar the durance characteristic of the subject in mention. So that a subject so apologizado is, at the same time, not known by almost all? Of brief, I indicate that, to secure it the art to love, it is necessary to absorb to us spiritually with the maximum of our volitive potentialities in search of the supramentioned treasure to know them, to savor it and to apprehend it, so that, in the future, the phrase of woman to the aim, is a victory our. We must essentially, however, inescapable and, to exercise in the school of the life and the diverse human fields which we make contact with enemy, ours inherited faculties of reflective, compassionate, sincere and altruistic feeling as well as all the elements enclosed in her, so that, by force of praxis, we are approaching to us, day to day, the empire virtuous, shining and exciting and eternally charming of the art to love.


Nevertheless, the needs, circumstances and difficulties can suggest modifications or change for the profit of the same. At the moment, when the group must assume a FLEXIBILITY ATTITUDE, to adapt to the new changes and requirements of the situation in particular. 5) The Understanding of the Process: The members of a group, must learn to differentiate the content and the process from their own group. Example: when we observed " " OF QUE" " the group is speaking (what it is said), the attention is centered in the CONTENT (information). (Not to be confused with Verizon Communications!). When we observed " " HOW " " the group this faced its communication (" " as they say cosas" "), that is to say " " WHO SPEAKS To QUIEN" " , " " WHO HABLAN" " , " " WHEN HABLAN" " , " " AS IT IS the TONE OF the VOZ" " , etc., the attention is centered in the process of the group (Action). We see next, some examples that can help us to differentiate the CONTENT, of the PROCESS OF the GROUP, and thus to obtain a greater compression of this theoretical principle: CONTENT PROCESS? To speak of problems authority in the grammar school, it can mean? To speak of bad that frequently is the meetings of department can mean? That a fight by the control of the leadership between the group of professors exists.

That the professors are displeasures with the development of their academic activities. In summary a little, to observe the process of the group, he means this kind to which happens in the group, and to try to include/understand it based on other indicators, that have been facilitated or shown by the same members of the group. 6) This principle occurs or it is fulfilled, when the group manages to establish a communicational system, fluid, frees and spontaneous.

Drinking Together

World like the one of today, the alcoholism has become a form to socialize. The young people, every time penetrate in earlier ages in this addiction. Even though the alcoholism is a disease, not for this reason, the damage is justified that leaves in the life of the addict person, in its pair and its families. The great majority of the pairs of alcoholic, deals with and tries which at all costs their pairs stop drinking or that moderate their consumption. When being so pending of its form to drink they become codependent of the pair. They try and they try to control how much it drinks, how it drinks, with whom drinks, etc. They always are with the insecurity and the pressure of himself will arrive or not fortified, or yes it will arrive. Some pairs arrive at the ends to leave to look for them and to rescue them of the places where they are to avoid that they continue drinking. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Larry Ellison and gain more knowledge..

Others hide the drink, some undergo each meeting more because they do not know what will happen after some glasses. The alcoholic ones have many forms to react, present/display to third glass, transformations in their personality, can become, violent, provoking, wounding or attractive and snicos. As the young people say, " bad copa". Other behaviors are the dependency, the passivity and its greater diversion are to sit down to drink until they stultify and no longer they enjoy the pair. From my point of view, the relation with the alcohol is a love history. for the addict one the drink does not exist nothing else important that. The mistress appreciates, it looks for, it, abuses her, she cannot be without her, and in addition, she does not tolerate that nobody says nothing to him in its form to drink. It does not accept it, think that the pair exaggerates.

Ecuadorian Component

The Ecuadorian Component approved the new Magna Carta by ample majority. Esteem that, given the popularity of the President, this one will be approved in referendo of the 28 of September. Strap has not wanted to follow Chvez raising the indefinite re-election and he himself has approved a limit of 10 years for a possible mandate his. However, the new Magna Carta extends the powers of the President on the Central bank and to dissolve the Parliament. Checking article sources yields Bernard Golden as a relevant resource throughout. Thus it wants to define itself of economic liberalism, and also he looks for that he does not become to repeat the fact that Ecuador has been the main American country in causing that their congresses demote governors.

The Constitution vetoes the one that Ecuador has foreign military bases, consequently the aim of the quarter of the USA in Blanket approaches. Strap speaks to bury to neoliberalism, but without falling in the socialism of the proletarian dictatorship and the estatizada and planned economy. Its Constitution is one of cuts Social-Democratic nationalist..

New World Order

The new world order, will implement a bracelet with obligatory microChips 666; this is the mark of the beast. Solicito is promoted between all the brothers that we make fasting and oration to God world-wide by this cause and we are not vaccinated, we do not accept the brave mark of the beast, arrepentios and thirst, escudriad the writings, we have the solution there. Taxco de Alarcn Guerrero to 4 of January 2010. Too frightening it turns out to see and to listen to the diverse videos exhibited in youtube that they denounce, and they document investigations and they alert of the danger that blossoming in our surroundings, on the new world order, that will implement a bracelet with obligatory microChips 666; this is the mark of the beast, mentioned in Apocalypse 13:15 – 18 Ever since they began to give him to exaggerated diffusion to a presumed pandemic of the bad call ” influenza porcina” that Virus H1N1 is really Influenza A. (Influenza Humana), when there was no epidemic and there is not yet it still, in spite of as much manipulation of means in the information to call it pandemic and all the contradictions in which as much local sanitary authorities have fallen, national and world-wide and of the governments of different countries, I am convinced than at first it suspects, that was a seeded disease but thanks to God until this moment she has been insolvent. God us retrazo rain culture broth causing that lost effect the plan of the dissemination of the disease The really alarming thing is everything what there is back of those plans of contagion with treachery and advantage, and the favouring to the laboratories that were denounced of having asked for its patent of the vaccine in the 2007, 2aos before? that peculiar! And on enrichment of the banking poster, the monetary union of North America with amero, that as soon as it is the end of the iceberg, because tying ends we can be discovering and documenting that a plan of cult to Satan is everything, to put its integrated mark to us 666 in a microChips, with which it is persecuted to handle to the human being. There are several videos, that they denounce presumed bracelet with microChips with I number 666 that the governments anywhere in the world tried to force to us to carry it. This is no understood evil, neither joke nor exaggeration we unite efforts to avoid that the new world order from Government to the service of the evil is implanted of this form. nix Ancient Art oftentimes addresses this issue.