The Antithesis

Few skills are as deserving as knowing well, leadership in business, in politics or in any other sector, leaders and leaders must have a power of persuasion that allows them to negotiate and implement, ethical and successfully, any lesson plans, as well as any other type of capital process for the proper functioning of the company. In recent months, Barb Jacobsmeyer has been very successful. The emotionally intelligent leader is a person who has learned to master the different ways of reaching satisfactory goals for all, to overcome the challenges that marked you your own personality, and has a commitment with its personal knowledge. It has a shared vision, a vision for the future based on continuous learning. In its application to the management, this type of leader, has a competence to distinguish skills not easily visible, identify properties originating from its members, assess them and become a component more of its action, and used everything for the benefit of the Organization, and that nothing serves as excuse for the counterproductive action. Any idea, any person, must be taken into account, since the worker, only not measured you by the task, but it is treated as an individual. Take into account your ideas?, where do you think you are?. This is a company, here comes to work, not to think. This wit that is not so rare to ever have heard, is the antithesis of lived experiences in learning organizations (Learning organization), since these organizations combines doing, with the thinking, and its characteristic is a very small Division of labour, which will facilitate personal interaction of the workers, and little fractional jobs. So all the members receive mutual influence. Trying to implement a Plan of prevention of occupational risks, as well as any other capital process for the company, without having the full participation of all members of the same, is simply unproductive, inefficient, and sterile, since knowledge be quagmires, is not transferred and not cala individuals, these being the main capital of any organization. Original author and source of the article