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Latin America: Economic Liberation

For those who we are identified with the roll that Latin America this manifertando in the last years for its economic liberation and dependency of the great powers, especially in the apsectos financier, besides the possibilities of taking passage to new commercial activities, integration that favors to him, we cannot ignore what represents before the serious crisis that the world confronts in the financier, the one who does not consider his effects, In this case the Mercosur, alliance that we have come studying from its beginning, more when Venezuela wants to penetrate in her, invites to us to consider that is what is tried to reach with this Summit who began in Brazil the 15, 16 of December of present the years 2008 Venezuela maintains its aspirations of being a very active actor within the Mercosur, despite knows, that still it hopes that the congresses of Brazil and of Paraguay approves their incorporation like total member of the Mercosur, after […]


Editorial Inteligente Company

Who decide on the apparent comfort of not wanting to learn more, thinking than already everything knows to it, are the one who need the attention of the leader of the respective organization more, because those people constitute, without a doubt, the fundamental cause of existing problems and potentials. The System Inteligente Company, is a system of organization whose purpose is to obtain continuous the total satisfaction and of the present and future needs of the client, through the consolidation of the added value and the creation again value, on the part of its collaborators and leaders, in sustantivas activities of the company, using its intellect and its art; thus obtaining, the economic continuity of the organization, and contributing capital human to the country. Between its multiple aspects of benefit, is the one re-to alphabetize functionally in its activities to the people of the company or organization that treat. Autocatalytic learning the autocatalytic learning is one of the final stages […]

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