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Latin America: Economic Liberation

For those who we are identified with the roll that Latin America this manifertando in the last years for its economic liberation and dependency of the great powers, especially in the apsectos financier, besides the possibilities of taking passage to new commercial activities, integration that favors to him, we cannot ignore what represents before the serious crisis that the world confronts in the financier, the one who does not consider his effects, In this case the Mercosur, alliance that we have come studying from its beginning, more when Venezuela wants to penetrate in her, invites to us to consider that is what is tried to reach with this Summit who began in Brazil the 15, 16 of December of present the years 2008 Venezuela maintains its aspirations of being a very active actor within the Mercosur, despite knows, that still it hopes that the congresses of Brazil and of Paraguay approves their incorporation like total member of the Mercosur, after in December of 2005 it subscribed an Agreement Frame of adhesion. This he is one of the political points more conflicting that underlies in the agenda of the Mercosur to one week of the summit in San Salvador of Bay, Brazil. The deputy Robert Count, member of the Parliament of the Mercosur, said to the AP that " there is no newness, but the subject is no progresado" , on a definition of the congresses of Brazil and Paraguay. By the same author: Ron O’Hanley. In the summit of the Mercosur one does not hope that the subject is boarded since it will be led burning commercial questions and even now, in the light of international the financial crisis that introduced a new frame in the economic perspective of the sub-region. In the Agreement Frame of 2005, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay they were committed to " to reach free comercio" with Venezuela, according to a cronogram of tariff lowering of duties that went from the 2010 to the 2013, and some exceptions to the 2014. .

Editorial Inteligente Company

Who decide on the apparent comfort of not wanting to learn more, thinking than already everything knows to it, are the one who need the attention of the leader of the respective organization more, because those people constitute, without a doubt, the fundamental cause of existing problems and potentials. The System Inteligente Company, is a system of organization whose purpose is to obtain continuous the total satisfaction and of the present and future needs of the client, through the consolidation of the added value and the creation again value, on the part of its collaborators and leaders, in sustantivas activities of the company, using its intellect and its art; thus obtaining, the economic continuity of the organization, and contributing capital human to the country. Between its multiple aspects of benefit, is the one re-to alphabetize functionally in its activities to the people of the company or organization that treat. Autocatalytic learning the autocatalytic learning is one of the final stages in the evolution of the learning of the people, in laque generate its own knowledge. That is to say, after happening through learnings obtained in previous phases, that begin with the traditional formation where the teacher explains and the student listens, continuing with other types of education-learning in which gradually person gets to learn independently, although of very basic way, and soon she is placed in the autocatalytic one. This concept one is described to details in the book ” System Inteligente Company, a proposal to the world exceeds how it must be the company of the Era of the Conocimiento” (2005), by Anbal Basurto Amparano, Editorial Inteligente Company, Mexico; and there it exposes how it evolves the generation and transmission of the knowledge, this is in the following phases of the learning of the people: 1. The traditional courses, 2. Ubiquitous courses, hard 3.Auto-learning, directed interactive 4.Auto-learning, autocatalytic 5.Aprendizaje, 6.

Constructivist self-teaching and 7. Constructivist work. In the System Inteligente Company, the mentioned phases are developed by means of the Athenian, who is defined as: ” Powerful school of learning and self-training, whose final goal is that the person learns working and works learning in its place of work, obtaining to generate, to structure and to spread useful knowledge for the profit of the mission and vision of organizacin”. The impulse to the autocatalytic learning, is advisable for any organization, is company of individuals or public institution, by the diverse benefits that it generates, this is as much for the organization as for its clients or users and the personnel of the same. There are cases in which the effectiveness of the mentioned type of learning has tried on, like in the Federal Commission of Electricidad (CFE) of Mexico, in which Technological Universities were created specifically destined for their workers.

The people who enter the phase of learning-autocatalytic, they acquire the capacity to generate knowledge from the book reading, and thus can write other books and would arrive to prepare courses for the transmission of their knowledge to other people who are in previous phases of learning. This way, in the organization in which the exposed thing takes place, one foments the creation, preservation and increase of the intellectual capital in the same. In the book System Company Intelligent, it is exposed that in this phase of learning the people will be preparing themselves to enter the Synthetic Phase of the System that is the denominated Network of Micronegocios.