The Personality

He is formed the personality, our mask or social coating, that drowns to the essence. Although indispensable, the personality is, in the majority of the cases, a series of prejudices, positions, dreams, ways of manipulation and neurosis, " aligned with respect to the way essence arbitraria". Invaded by the legion of " yoes " , it does not allow to the man the possibility of developing his true one to be, that stops to explain what is a lifted being more. Gurdjieff spoke of different stages that can live a being human: " There are several states of brings back to consciousness: 1) The dream, in which our machine continues working very low under pressure. 2) The wide-awake state, in which we are at this moment. These two S-states the unique ones that the man knows current.

3) What it is called brings back to consciousness of himself. It is the moment at which a man realizes itself as much, as of its machine. We have it by sparkles, but only by sparkles. There are moments at which you occur to account not only than you are doing but also of same you doing it. You can see so much " yo" like here of " I am aqu" , as much the anger as " yo" that he is angry. It calls to this memory of himself, if it likes. Now, when one complete account and of &quot occurs constantly; yo" and than this doing, and of which " yo" one treats, you becomes conscious from itself.

It brings back to consciousness of himself is the third state. This it is a point summit, since only from this third state the man is able to develop his essence and to get to be a man N 4, balanced and exact. Then it will have the possibility of constructing to his soul and its other bodies (men of N 5 to the 7), to fulfill the destinies superiors of the cosmic evolution, through access to a called state " Objetiva&quot brings back to consciousness;.


The regrouping follows its course, as in the case of the BRIC, with the interesting invitation to South Africa to get up to its last meeting or the case of sub-group ISBA (India South Africa, Brazil) or the coincidences between Brazil and Turkey on the Iranian nuclear program. The announcement of retirement in 2014 of Afghanistan or the conversations with talibanes makes the possible results vague of that armed intervention. In the middle of this process it follows slow, even paralyzed, the construction of a substitute world order. China and Russia, meanwhile, have obtained a modus vivendi, with demilitarization of their borders and to share of influences in Central Asia. India and Japan come near before Chinese irruption. They are all reacomodos in search of better positions against the new global order.

Inclusively we can write down the Korean crisis against this background. North Korea, with serious problems including of hunger, is governed by a species of religious sect, but we removed some towns like the Kurds could become general when saying that it is the unique nation seated on two states, that is to say, legally is the unique nation that remains divided after the reunification of Germany and Yemen. That division continues being an inheritance of the cold war and an anomaly to solve, although the origins are clearly in the Japanese invasion of China, origin that stays in the present crisis, since the norcoreanos heirs of those facts follow in the power in a species of hereditary monarchy. And because they see those of the south like a North American appendix. There are foreign troops in North Korea, but no thousands of North American soldiers in South Korea. While it is continued watching simply the North like a problem of development of nuclear weapons will be no adjustment. By all means that its regime is a dictatorship of the worse ones and its record in human rights includes all type of violations.

Evo Bolivia

Of all the American republics with more of a million square kilometers Bolivia she was the unique one in which their regions did not have autonomy or chose their governors. Today, it is wanted to happen to the other end to transform it into the most federalised of all. Sunday 22 Tarija followed the way of Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando voting S.A. autonomic statute by a 80% whereas a third of the registered one did not support (a high but nonforceful absenteeism). Nor the government can protest that in those departments the majority supports to them, nor the prefects anti-Socialists can protest to count there on an overwhelming support. Government and opposition free a dangerous play. In all the civil governments (and in some military) whom Bolivia from 1952 to the 2005 had were divided that today they animate Yes, but that they have been sent only to defy to the super-centralism (that before they maintained) to mine the first indigenista government of his history. Evo, when impelling a boycott that has not prevailed, runs the risk of alienating to the departments without majority quechua or aymara.

Morals calculate to take revenge of their rivals being caused who he YES gains referendo revocatory, the same that would lose some competing prefects. The opposition esteem that has created zones that contain possible agrarian or nacionalizantes reforms, but come divorcing of the plateau. In this match Morals blame their rivals of oligarcas (but it does not dare to expropriate to them) and the right urges on the danger that Bolivia becomes the new Cuba (but without it seems could today be able to revoke legally to Evo). Original author and source of the article.