The testimony of Agabo Again we had been summoned by Gabriel with the intention to deepen a little in our analysis more than one has occurred in calling: The primitive church of Jesus Christ. The meeting was acclimated in the Jewish synagogue of Antioch, a city located about seven hundred kilometers to the north of Jerusalem, almost before the island of Cyprus, a place where an increasing number of conversos was concentrated, that had been scattered because of the persecution that was on the occasion of the martyrdom of Esteban. the reason of having chosen east place for our encounter, is due to the fact of to have been, indeed, Antioch, the first place where it was called Christians to them to the followers of the new religion preached by the disciples of Jesus. Toddler clothing can provide more clarity in the matter. In the place it was waiting for a man to us, who when seeing us, narrowed itself in a strong hug with Gabriel, and he received to us with a kiss in the cheek to each of us. After to locate each to us in its place, which previously was established, Gabriel, gave beginning to meeting, did us to remember, that completes time that we were together, had promised to us to continue with the invitations to people directly involved in the facts that will be reason for analysis, so that this way, we pruned to include/understand better some aspects, than they could have past somewhat unnoticed by the relatores of the same. This time, we have guest very special, man that has played a significant roll in a great variety of situations, that made to the life and security, of Nobel leadership that had to lead the destinies of the church of Christ.. Learn more at this site: Adam Portnoy.