The Protagonists

And therein lies the great success of the ladies, who have now surpassed the 500 probably. In the limit of a block of Linden, two legs, which celebrates this pedestal Footless adult Fiand forever a stereotype, converts rather with unlimited Fantasy, with glucksender joy of forms, colors, details and accessories to fifty centimeters of height wood a theme repeatedly with largest sculptural desire so that it is never brittle, never a dull moment. Here she shines with great knowledge of Anatomy and handles in the art box with moments like stand and free leg, also with citations in the rich world of product placement, advertising, symbols, pictograms or diversity of advertising logos. The salt in the artistic finesse soup of Fiands – and I love this wood Unlebewesen especially for it – is the sophistication of the faces. Facial expression suggests gestures, which is also, by far, and it is the sheer joy, (and unlike you can in the meantime do not call it) to see such a group “Edekas” in the face.

With a few, then again many sections in the soft lime Fiand breathes authenticity her ladies, so, as should they alive – pinocchiogleich – wake up and start trudging, were not fused with this infamous wooden block. The Protagonists of the village shopping Eldorado pout, smile, seduce, bursting with rage, here and these there are introspective, addicted to buying, realistic, very realistic, full of life, they are full of energy and exhausted at the end of the group. Nix, what is not there. Almost the same city. And all of that through the power of Fiands, differently to draw – in this case with the carving knife to distribute life, are as different as we as human beings.

A schema that is never schematic, so lovingly working the artist that it transported never severe, but the ease and joy that saves over the artist of the first look at the load up to the last movement of the carving and the “final varnish” in the make-up of the little treasure. The development of the first button eye women with tiny mouthfuls, (of which, in addition to the many others, even two in my collection I have: gallery owners are also only people who cannot resist the temptation) to the current sculptures shows the skills, the The professionalism with which the artist to record their observations in the timber is capable. Not only the courses that keeps them themselves, but also taking it, give her the security to take portrait orders, knowing full well that the delivered order with great satisfaction of the portrayed is accepted. When all the hundreds “Edekas” – are just the “normal” women, capacity to open our hearts in their simplicity, which is but yet so individually, in addition to the different characters, such as the kid who kept the bag, the Bernese mountain dog, the Lady in the wheelchair or the elders in traditional dress (in the break in style with the adidas bag) -. Because they create space for associations: “time, which sees look like Aunt Erna” or “That looks like Grandma”! Laughter and joy can sometimes give art. Here, there is always something new to discover, to marvel. So the project has become ‘100 Edeka women’, which means only “Edeka women”, a great success: all previously shown, so a new home, far away from found lovely sculptures of the Edeka and Atelier. The ones you see here are just to have, then they’re gone. Understand you can’s Michael Marius marks