The Stove / Oven

A stove is now technology and feature of the everyday object in any kitchen. Differences are usually only in the equipment. There are oven, have a downward opening front door or a drawer front. At first, the panels or grids in drawer guides, which are attached to the inside can be slid or the oven has the plates telescopic Rails, running on and- or be pushed out. A stove with a front Drawer fitted the brackets for the sheet metal directly at this and are thus at the open automatically pulled out. The functions of an oven: At the top and bottom the ceiling and the floor of the stove are heated by heating elements.

The heat in the Interior of the oven passes through the natural air flow. Can ceiling and floor separately heated are termed top heat and bottom heat. The fan distributes the heat generated with the help of a ventilator in the Interior of the oven. In comparison with top and bottom heat so the temperature can lower and energy saved. In contrast to the circulating hot air has a ring radiator is attached to the fan. Thus, blowing hot air in the oven and not only the already generated heat distributed. Preheat the oven eliminates the hot air.

A stove with grill has an unobscured heating coil achieves an intensive Browning of food on the ceiling. Some devices allow here still switch on the fan for the air recirculation. So-called combination units have still a built-in microwave in addition to the usual functions of the back. On the one hand space savers is this in the kitchen, on the other hand, a concurrent use is not possible. For cleaning, there is indeed enough kitchen accessories, yet offers herd of the technique these days also self-cleaning. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. may also support this cause. The pyrolysis called function cleans the stove only due to heat. The dirt in the stove is carbonized it and falls off by itself or can be removed. The pyrolysis is relative energy-consuming.