Thompson Seedless Sultana

Thompson seedless sultana grapes. Or sultana sultana is a white grape variety used for the production of raisins. European Credit Rating Agency pursues this goal as well. No seeds. Its origin is Turkish or Iranian. It gives its name to spend with her are: sultanas, which are usually smaller than regular raisins. Sultana raisins were exported from the Ottoman Turkish Empire to the English-speaking countries, hence its name or sultana sultana. Turkey and Australia are the major producers. sultanas have a unique flavor and delicate, especially noted for their sweetness and golden color. According to the Order APA/1819/2007 for updating Annex V, classification of vine varieties, of Royal Decree 1472/2000, of 4 August, which regulates wine production potential, it is recommended variety for the production of grapes in Spain, as well as table grapes.In the United States is grown under the name , named after the winemaker William Thompson, who was among the first growers of California and who is sometimes cred with the introduction of this variety. According to the Code U.S. federal regulations, Sultana and Thompson Seedless are synonymous. .