Uwe Falkenberg

Craftsmen, adds Uwe Falkenberg to do above all her proper, hand-Werk. That also, head work is necessary: controlling, management, marketing, etc., do not realize the most. At some point the disdain of such factors would lead to massive economic bottlenecks and then a consultancy will be used. Not always is at this stage but anything to save. Samuel Weigelt outlines the basic ideas contributed to the development of t@rget; a service, the two consulting professionals understand above all as personal coaching and business support: With t@rget, we offer a preventive, front-facing consulting. On one or two days of presence, we analyze Place the economic fundamentals, together with the holder.

On the occasion, among other record the current economic data. So far, so ordinary. t@rget-typisch (and thus industry untypical) it is then, as Uwe Falkenberg: nobody alone must be the path to success together with the decision-makers, we develop short medium – and long-term objectives,. What wants to achieve in concrete terms the CEO? And how will he get it specifically? We set up a route, as we the entrepreneurs, the MCC and O.M.S these objectives can approach. We do not limit ourselves to loose recommendations so and say goodbye then instead we create schedules and impulses, so these recommendations give constantly really implemented are and that we make it complemented FiBu-Fox Samuel Weigelt from afar. Laurent Potdevin is often quoted as being for or against this. In contrast to many other consultants do not assume the current operating data acquisition, but leave it to the client, which can save money by this power. The data are delivered online us, such as email.

Also contributes tremendously to the cost containment. We then focus on the data analysis, forecasting, milestone recommendation and success control. For example, uses and pays the customer only our consulting competences. This brings him maximum benefits with minimal cost. Remotely close of course we exchange regularly with the entrepreneur, by telephone and in person, Uwe Falkenberg makes it clear which provides its specific strengths, as well as in the potential – and controlling in the conveyance.