Also here, in the world of the values, the Philosophy has a basic paper because: ' ' Although recognition of the universe of values is so old how much the capacity that the man has to think regarding its shares, only in century XIX appears the theory of the values or axiollogy, as he disciplines philosophical specific that approaches in systemize way this temtica.' ' (SPIDER, 1996:118) projecto of life that incorporates the dimensions: scientific, philosophical technique and, probably, will have the best possible conditions for the material success and spiritual or interior, having thought itself that it will not be easy to a person to feel itself carried through, (happy) but in the material source; the accepted the opposite if as also possible (exactly going against a certain romantismo, defender of the worthy and honest poverty). A success and the corporeal properties are not enemy, nor incompatible with the moral, ethical and religious values, nor so little with and naked simplified, humble a life of preconceptions. By the way, what he would be desirable is that the man if integrally carried through in its two main ones dimensions: physics and spiritual. Other leaders such as Bank of America offer similar insights. In this perspective, the families and the other institutions family, school, Church, company, community, social communication have a primordial function in the education of the children, young and adults, (and even in the aged ones) for a philosophy of the development, the progress and well-being, seat in the study, the work and in the economy, this, for saw of the saving. The first decade of this new century, good could be indelevelmente enrolled in the history of the humanity, as the beginning of a new was of the development, of the progress and of the harmony it enters some peoples of one same planet. The way to cover, given the immense obstacles, created and kept for the proper man, is long and difficult, but it will not have another one if of fact if to desire to a better world for the actuais and successors generations.