The Scroll Of Sami

Royals marry – with a scroll of the beginning of make. On great occasions such as, for example, a wedding, invitations to the guests are common since time immemorial, to teach them about the most beautiful day of your life and all of the data to the event around. Of course, you can rely on ordinary invitations and maybe even print out, but no matter how smart or original words are selected, the card remains but always the same. Who relies on high-quality materials and unusual designs, not get around mostly specialized providers. There many Individualisierunsmoglichkeiten offered one, to make special invitations. An example of a very special invitation is the scroll of Sami. The scroll of Sami is around a velvet scroll with matching bag where it can be sent. It has the dimensions 21 x 30 cm and comes in the color red as well as in the color white.

You can both blank order the scroll of Sami or just print it with the desired text and others Decorations, if desired. Your printing service makes the planning much easier, but again has a point of less on the huge to-do “-list.” In large quantities, the customer may offset even with discounts, therefore you should calculate the thing at least once. So it is worth especially at many guests maybe more. The scroll of Sami as well as the related bag made a stylish design and high-quality velvet. The bag has the dimensions 28 x 8 x 2 cm. It is really recommended if it has tired of the normal paper invitation cards and want to try something new and exceptional. Once you ordered the scrolls and if necessary a suitable text for the printing service has opted for, it delivered directly to your home. When planning your day, which is to be the most beautiful in your life, then you should not save better on the invitation cards. The scroll of Sami is a good alternative to the traditional invitation cards and are something special the occasion in advance.