Championship Team

Is about to begin the most awaited event for football fans from around the world – the European Football Championship Euro 2008. Football Championship will be the biggest sporting event ever held in Austria and Switzerland. With the approach of Euro 2008, building tension not only among the participants and fans, but also among the organizers. Because stress often occur narostayuschego and incidents. On the eve of the organizers of the championship on Football Euro 2008 mixed Russian and Polish national flags. In a booklet on the tournament, the material on the Russian team was printed in red and white flag of Poland, and material about the Polish team was illustrated Russian flag. Most likely the organizers h empionata misled q Council form of the Russian team (the red and white), which corresponds to the colors of the national flag of Poland. The other fourteen participating teams the tournament Euro 2008 flags in the booklet untrue. It should be noted that this is not the first incident occurred last week. Lisa Scullin recognizes the significance of this. Prior to that, in the Czech Republic, before the friendly match between the national team of Czech team Lithuania has been executed by mistake anthem of Latvia and the program there, which was released for this match have been by the flag of Latvia and the Latvian national team picture, as Czech organizers confused with the Lithuanians Latvians.