Cultural Dialogue

Only with integral individuals we can have a sustainable, sustainable world in the way of the evolution of the universal consciousness. However, despite strong constraints generated by education reductionist tendency to integrity, the reunion with our spirituality, is immanent, is part of our essence, and aside from the formal situations arising from the cultural patterns of the separateness and hierarchies, in human beings exists the tendency and the internal need of unity and harmony. This was what I could detect in the above-mentioned research above. In the formal setting of the groups subject to the hierarchies and the conflict of institutions, social, manifests egoism, competition, rejection, anger, etc. but in the same institutions, in the atmosphere of informal relationships, in which every human being makes contact with another outside regulatory ties, manifests the compassion, collaboration, unit, peace, trust, humility and love, to a much greater degree. And still with more intensity, manifest these values in people who receive information and through dialogue to share ideas about the meaning and the importance of these values for the transcendence of the human being, because based on dialogue, feel affinity that all that already exists on the inside of each person.

The exercise in practice of the holistic dialogue, has allowed me to expand the vision that had my context, because by this means, to generate an atmosphere of trust, aspects of other people previously unaware that manifested and of which perhaps themselves, nor in my own case, I had woken up. The dialogue has helped me to slowly strengthen self-awareness. Courses that during the master touched me to teach, also have helped me a lot, because every time I’ve checked that trend to the reunion with our essence, is immanent, and have helped strengthen my own tendency in this respect. I’ve learned together with those who touched me sharing this knowledge, and I’ve failed to realise that, despite the terrible weight of the conventional paradigms, when he converses on our essence and its community with the universe, manifests our spiritual nature, and the motivation to help others also find it.