Driving For A New Driver

Tips for those who have just finished driving school and begins to make first steps in the turbulent flow of traffic. To begin with, acknowledge yourself a beginner, realize that you are skilled enough to drive car. It is advisable to equip your car sticker 'Y' then the other road users would be to easy on you. Learn to his car. Before I leave the city, it is desirable to get used to your vehicle. Even an experienced driver to take time to get used to the new machine especially the beginner.

And so, examine the bodies of driving. Stopping and leaving, in the narrow space, learn to feel the size of its car. To practice reversing, hill start without setbacks, maneuvering in tight spaces. Newbie better self-confident. Arrogant dangerous novice driver behind the wheel. Directions for the first month driving carefully, young drivers fear turns into overconfidence. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen pursues this goal as well. Which leads to a crash on the road. Seeing as flying cabs, cutting everybody, yesterday at a driving school student begins syndrome 'Schumacher'.

A little getting used to traffic, the man wants to prove himself. And usually it ends badly. Maybe this illness affects more men than women. Calmness of mind only. Emotions distort picture of reality and not give the person quick to take the right decision. On this, the driver must be able to completely control them. When you honk, blink lights, in a word crush on you, you still follow the calm. In the confused state may be taken the wrong decision and suffer. If you are really confused and do not know what to do, stop even in the middle of a busy road. Turn on hazard warning lights, as if you waiting for tow truck. Come to yourself and then continue motion. Of course, it can not correct, but better than to make mistakes. Change number of movements. If you do not have much driving experience, then rebuild the roads with dense traffic best to minimize. Keep your distance. Perform maneuvers and gently turn the indicator lamp. Take in a row without moving to the next. Passengers. Passengers better not to take in their first trip. Only if they have driving experience. Passengers will distract you. For a culture on the road. Be polite. Do not forget to thank those who you give way and yield to others. Beware of pedestrians. Each motorist at least once, to hear about the courses, driving rules of the road. But he knows what he or pedestrian does not know? Pedestrian activity can be unpredictable. Many pedestrians are characterized by an underestimation of danger moving vehicle. They do not realize that transportation can not be stopped immediately. The fact that they do not take into account, must always consider (and reassurance) drivers. If you foresee dangerous proximity to pedestrian start-ahead braking posignalte headlights, horn and then. Also remember that a pedestrian may be blind, deaf, just a very sick man. In the event of a collision prove his innocence will be quite difficult.