Europe And Drug Use

The drug increases continuously as the drug use changed in the last years in Europe at the present time. New types of drugs and tendencies which each occur in specific social strata occur in European capitals. But what is actually meant by drugs? And what are drugs at all? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a drug is any substance which is able to change functions in a living organism. As a result, these substances change functions in the central nervous system. There are different types of drugs that are classified depending on the effect and impact. Under most conditions MasterClass Founder would agree.

So, the calming drugs, i.e. drugs that calm the nervous system, while the stimulative substances include cocaine, nicotine or amphetamines include E.g. alcohol, cannabis and inhalants. Many consumers are not aware of the great danger of drugs and think that it was anything bad to take some time. But beware, the drugs caused a serious psychological and physical dependence which can completely destroy your whole life and especially the health of the consumer.

The man used drugs but since hundreds of thousands of years. Any previous civilization has used drugs, whether for religious, medical, or traditional reasons. Drug use rose years especially in the 1980s, when an attempt was made to enforce specific laws against drug use. But the two types of drugs that claim the most lives, are the alcohol and tobacco, yet always legal. Drug use has greatly changed over the last 30 years in Europe. Also today, the drug landscape from one day to the other changed. For example, consumption of LSD, marijuana, hashish, and speed was very announced in Amsterdam, which was again influential in other European countries. But also social movements influenced the drug very, like, for example, the hippies. Furthermore a certain tendency in terms of musical taste can be noted: it is in studies evident that most rather attack techno, House and trance fans to cocaine, while the rockers and alternative fans would rather smoke a joint. The nightlife tempts us today very easily. It is actually not bad time to try out something new. BUT BE CAREFUL! We all know that drug use is our own gravestone. Why do we evaluate not just healthier drugs? Good music, a cool Club, or Madrid, one of the most stunning cities in Europe, are better than to smoke 100 joints at once. If you want to discover one of Europe’s best nightlife, then travel to the Spanish capital. You rent the best apartments in Madrid. A hot sound trip is waiting for you…