Risk Food Poisoning

How you protect yourself from can – by Patrick Schroeder Bonn when dealing with foodstuffs complying with certain temperatures plays a crucial role frequently, to prevent an undesirable proliferation of micro-organisms. For more information see Dahua Tim Wang. The majority of the bacteria is harmless to humans. However, some can lead to diseases. According to the World Health Organization suffer in industrialised countries annually up to 30 percent of the population on diseases transmitted by food. 76 million cases are registered each year in the United States alone. Among them are 325,000 hospital deliveries and 5,000 deaths.

Diseases that can pass from animals to humans, generally known as zoonoses. Common pathogens of such infectious disease are salmonella. According to the Robert Koch Institute alone in Germany in 2007 55.400 cases of human salmonellosis recorded. Especially children, elderly people, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable for this disease. Professor Andreas Hensel, President of the Federal Institute for risk assessment, determined by a poll that 27.9% of the population are among the largest consumers of health food. Especially those involved feared genetic manipulation and lack of markings and controls. Here time-temperature indicators, so-called TTI, can assist in the future helpful consumer. They are attached as additional label on the packaging and document the proper cold storage of the product.

The first TTI was used at the beginning of the 1990s by the French retailers, Monoprix. In Germany, the first test runs begin with this technology. The OnVu TTI system label is affixed on the package and activated using a UV light source. A photochromic pigments is it immediately blue in the middle of the label, and the clock starts ticking: because the discoloration of the temperature-sensitive blue material is dependent on time and temperature. As long as the darker colored middle range is him than the surrounding reference color, the product is fresh. Once the core is brighter than the Apple, the product is no longer suitable for consumption”, explains Matthias Harsch, a spokesman of the Executive Board of the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen. The food chain is monitored from production until the sale of the products. Moving the goods in the possession of private individuals, the legal monitoring stops and everyone is responsible for the proper handling of food. Consumers often bring food poisoning with the except-home consumption in conjunction and not believe that diseases can arise when preparing at home. Experts estimate, however, that most of the cases have their cause, probably between 50-87 percent”as Simone Thomas from the Institute of agricultural engineering, financial engineering department, the University of Bonn. The most common reasons for microbiological growth be errors at the Storage. An insufficient cooling is associated with the most outbreaks of food poisoning in conjunction. Recommendations are have often not adhered to, because the consumer because of their previous behavior were not sick and made no such observations in her circle”, so Thomas next. Minced meat spoils easily, because the large surface area resulting from crushing provides a good breeding ground for salmonella. The Consumer Council Brandenburg advises therefore, to transport minced meat in summer acclimatise in a cooler bag and carefully before preparing to check whether the meat unpleasant smells or otherwise noticeable effect.