If this is a question that many of us have ever thought and I still wonder what a chiropractor is? It’s alternative medicine? It is a profession? Thank you. If this is a question that many of us have ever thought and I still contemplate. Additional information is available at HP. Being a chiropractor that is? It’s alternative medicine? It is a profession? For starters I think it is a necessity. And above all serious work. Thanks to our services many people are better off without resorting to drugs that mask pain and allow us to continue doing something that might be better not to do or do otherwise. Something will really test because whoever repeats, some good will. t websites.

So much so that should be addressed in a serious way, because health is something serious, its incorporation into social security. This is not to remove ownership to doctors or physiotherapists work to remove it to complete a part of health treatment is not contemplated. The physiotherapists are the closest thing to a chiropractor but in reality some of them do not know enough about chiropractic and those who know not can apply it because they’re trying to strengthen muscles, making exercise machines, etc. .. I raise this question because we need greater consideration of our work, a agreement on the seriousness of our efforts and we be a professional body. I recently had the good fortune of talking with some friends that are looking to give a more serious approach to work and have developed a computer program to help both didactically and the management of the work of the chiropractor. Thanks to detect symptoms and discover, generate a report with best practices and recommendations for “patients.” His name is and if you are interested in what this web access has. I think the release will be for September but soon, they said, you could see a demo. Please so are the actions we need to make people more healthy and that our work is recognized.