Telmaco Film

The possibility to be next to taca became possible each visited island and each obstacle looser. Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. gathered all the information. The facts counted and lived by Odisseu in the film did not need to correspond to the logic of the reality, therefore with the imagsticos resources and of cenogrfica production of the film, the spectator has the impression of that the occurrence of those facts in those contexts was likely yes. So that a narrative is complete is necessary that beyond start, way and end, it has facts, personages, place and time. all these constituent need a propeller and incentivadora spring of the tram. As example, if the film showed the adventures of Odisseu without having disclosed at the beginning the attitude ultrahas supper of the hero stops with a god, the film would be without favour and it would not have felt and incentive the spectator to attend the film without knowing the causalidade of the actions, the conflict. This conflict tends to be express in history, then after the introduction. This is observed in the film, when in the first Odisseu chapters it tells the birth of the son, the relation with the wife and its situation as king of taca and in way to this context if sees debtor to leave for the war of Troy. It is important to stand out that in a narrative it can have diverse conflicts and this is perceived when attending the scenes where Telmaco and its mother, Penlope, do not accept the deductive death of Odisseu and with anxiety and fear, they search ways to burlar the candidates and to gain time to obtain an indication that denies the death of the king. The development of the film understands the events, that in successive episodes, Odisseu tells the adventures that lived since its exit of Troy: the sojourn in the island of the Ciclopes and the fight with ciclope Polifemo; the episode in the island of olo, king of the winds, where its friends for greed liberate the winds and provoke a violent storm, takes that them to the country of the cannibals; the meeting with the Circe witch, who transforms the friends into pigs; its ticket for the Hades, country of deceased, where reencontra its mother; the release of the Island of Calipso and the arrival the land of the Facios.