The Same

A defined style beyond the fact of developing a proposed graph different, attractive and functional, must strive to establish a coherence between the various elements of the design used, such as: color palette, volumetry, the contrasts, the type of resources support, etc. Each one of the elements must have the same conceptual intention and you solides graph. A design with personality has the same level of quality in their photographs, their icons, buttons, etc. The key word here is consistency graph. Typographical consistency and legibility a website with typographical consistency and good readability is a nice site which projected much professionalism. This is why that should plan the typography of our design and try to give it a consistency to their use, many sites manage to successfully base their identity on the typography used, for the dedication with which designed its presentation. The readability of the content within a site, in addition to being something fundamental to the accessibility of the same is an important element of the personality of the same, therefore that the shape and style that we give will have a strong impact on the experience of the user’s visit. An effective navigation menu and featured many are unaware of the impact of design on the menu and see it only as a defining element for navigation.

The menu is possibly the area that greater amount of clicking received within our site, and represents the reference point for the navigation of users, so it is a good design, attractive, functional, and featured will contribute greatly to give our site a touch of distinction and professionalism that we want to show. Icons consistent and attractive modern web design is much supported in iconography, since it is an element that allows you to order i give eye candy to the presentation of our content. Having nice, modern icons and mostly ad hoc to the intention of our site, projected a strong sense of professionalism in its design, ensuring that all the icons used to have the same style and graphic consistency.