Thermal Insulation – The Pros And Cons

When actually worth a thermal insulation? Thermal insulation is a great theme for many homeowners, as well as buyers. There are several reasons for this. So promise many craftsmen, but also the State, energy savings, an increase of the value of the property and the protection of the building structure. However, the thermal insulation of the outer walls actually brings the desired result? Thermal insulation of the exterior is a thermal insulation of the exterior of many craftsmen, but also energy advisers touted as means to the cost to lower. Most Warmeverbundsyteme (EIFS) made of different materials are chosen for insulation. But this is not quite so easy also again. Because ultimately the cost savings must be only in practice. Speaking candidly Scott Mead told us the story.

Like to be done include showing the heat loss. But these prove nothing at all first of all. Real time ensures good results is the ideal time for a Thermografieaufnahme right after Sunrise, ideally in the winter, then can when there is sunshine the exterior walls still not have heats and thus lead to a falsified result. The most include be made but at some point during the day. The significance is already reduced in many cases. Would you namely do a thermography of insulated houses at the same time, the results due to the same effect were similar. Therefore, it is important to know when the recording was made because presented include. Only in this way, a possible heat loss could be observed.

In addition also the humidity of the walls plays a role in these shots, dry walls have a better thermal insulation. Respect for faulty comparisons like “Experts” dry walls and damp walls are compared and used this as evidence for the effectiveness of the insulation. But the significance is also very limited, sometimes even that’s enough Applying a water-repellent outer coating to get the walls dry again.