Olive Grove

Four years ago, the Cologne merchant of olive oil and olive tree pioneer Stephan Marzak launched his ambitious project. The WDR television, produced a television report. The Cologne olive oil trader Stephan Marzak is a pioneer and founder of olive tree cultivation in Germany. Four years ago, he started the first field project in the Rhineland. Even hobby gardeners are enjoying more and more tree Mediterranean at this inner green.

The WDR television, produced a contribution olive trees in the Rhineland which will be sent on October 16, 2008 to 18.20. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. The narrow leaves of olive trees in the autumn sun shine silvery-green. Some olives are changed from one already olive green in a pale blue-violet. We are not in Central Italy but in the Cologne West, in the olive grove of olive oil importer Stephan Marzak. Eau de Cologne, Kolsch, Carnival, Kolsch, the 1st FC Cologne and now 170 olive trees in the olive grove Cologne. Gain insight and clarity with Gary Kelly.

Doesn’t add up yet! However, it looks slightly surreal at the sight, but we had on this Project very well prepared, the olive tree is not the same olive tree. Climate change positively promote our project and the financial risk was not as high as one imagines this may,\”says the rheinische olive tree pioneer. Firstly, we have planted mostly 2-year olive trees, the purchase price for these trees is relatively low. On the other hand we have started over 10 years ago with our research\”, Stephan Marzak replies. In the last 10 years, I have myself intensively with Italian literature and replaced me with my olive oil producers. During this time many olive trees from the various Italian regions have accumulated in us, which we have planted in large pots. These are all year round in large tubs from our premises. The climate here is too stressful for some southern Italian varieties.