Relaxation Recreation

Naturistenfamiliensportgemeinschaft United. Credit: Dr John Holtsclaw-2011. Our Club area is situated between Portsmouth and Arsbeck in the beautiful Schwalm-nette nature reserve, accessible and yet located in a quiet area, surrounded by forest. The site is approximately 36,000 sqm, largely untreated with mature trees, protected by forest surrounded. The location of the place invites you to hiking tours and / or bike ride in the wooded area or between meadows and fields. In Holland, one can undertake flying visits easily by bicycle or on foot. Asparagus and strawberry fields are located nearby. Riding stables, swimming pools, golf courses, romantic restaurants, nice, cozy towns and places complete the excursion and activities around the beautiful grounds. The stay on the site gives you the feeling to be close to nature and allows people to solve through sport from everyday life, to soak up socializing and conversations with friends, new force.

Straight young families find peace and Recovery from everyday life, the children explore the grounds, have fun on the playground or play in the community. Despite the vastness it is not alone. We are there for each other… Age some members give up to the end of the year their places, so that we again for new members have space. Families with children are welcome, because our youth is so slow in the teenage years, and the little ones are so rare. Just make an appointment and look at our site, some of the members get to know. We are looking forward to you. Gabriele Remscheid youth officer