Magdeburg MCM

MCM investor Management AG, Magdeburg: Who wants to buy a house or an apartment, must ensure that funding on much. Magdeburg, 17.01.2014. In the face of low interest rates for the passbook, lower warranty rates for life insurance and uncertain stock markets enjoy real estate of popularity. You mean own four walls not only pensions, but also a better quality of life for many people. But the dream of owning a home can quickly become a nightmare, if the financing bursts.

Usually financed real estate over a long period of time. You permanently can afford to the rates for the credit. Therefore should be interested before buying an overview of risks and possible changes in their income get, as far as this is possible. Also the regular expenditures in the future home should be listed. Master Class is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Because even if it saves the rent, fixed costs incurred each month,”according to the experts of the Magdeburg MCM investor Management AG.

Without Equity capital should not be financed real estate better. There is a risk, to unexpectedly high debt. In many cases, it is worth to use existing old age pension contracts, also credits from Riester contracts. Here it is possible to remove capital to use them except for the financing to debt repayment since January 1. In any case you should consult therefore possible regardless of a financing specialist. Only the choice of the right financing, so Bank loans, savings credit, etc., can decide quickly over several thousand euros per year you can possibly save. Thus, it is possible, to cede savings accounts in the context of the family. These deemed equity in part anyway, and thus make the total financing cheaper. For people who want to commit literally no years of credit on the leg, there is a profitable alternative to the profitable German real estate market. The MCM investor Management AG offers investors here the possibility to profit through profit-sharing rights from the odds of MCM investor Management AG. Investors are served it prefers with current yields.

HansFinanzMarketing GmbH

With grade II listed property in Bavaria for high yields of Bavaria is Germany’s strongest economic state. Many global corporations are located in Bavaria and ensures a high years employment rate and a high purchasing power in the South of the country. Companies such as BMW, MAN, Siemens and Infineon have their site in Bavaria. Particularly the State capital Munich plays an important role at the national and international level. But even cities such as Augsburg and Nuremberg move increasingly into focus by companies and investors. The strength of Bavaria but also ensures high real estate prices: the demand, especially for high-quality housing, is great. Landlord achieve above-average returns with real estate in Bavaria and benefit from the strong income levels that are as high in Bavaria as nowhere else in Germany with high rental prices.

Clever investors the opportunity to purchase monument real estate as an investment. If you are not convinced, visit Cerved Group. About the classic advantages of real estate investing in Bavaria also, Monument-protected objects also provide unique tax advantages and the best future prospects. Monument real estate in Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg and other parts of Bavaria are sought after. A high demand facing an ever-diminishing range of listed properties. Tenant for this reason prefer the well renovated old buildings the classic buildings – increasingly because monument real estate have unique structural features and possible to make individual and modern living in ornate, historic walls. The living quality in monument real estate is high – and such an object thus just for demanding individualists a optimal solution.

Monument real estate in Bavaria can be a worthwhile investment. However, it’s also here significantly on the location of the property. Also monument objects are different, like classic real estate, in its return on investment prospects and their rental potential – and so the objects should be selected carefully with the help of experts. The team of engaged in years of mediation of listed real estate in all over Germany and also in Bavaria offers numerous interesting monument objects. The company interested not only helps the individual selection of the correct real estate – it is buyers with a comprehensive and competent advice in all questions relating to listed properties for the page. Company description of provider investment monument offers a serious investment in listed real estate in whole Germany. This investment particularly attractive tax advantages for investors and helps to preserve old buildings.

Eternit Contract

To underestimate the risks associated with the sale of a property is the liability of the seller. Although sold used houses and apartments regularly see Disclaimer of warranty. The seller, however, is not protected by the caveat emptor in the notary contract, if he conceals him known defects.In this case, damages claims threaten sensitive height. “We advise our customers therefore to disclose all known defects”, explains the Dortmund real estate agent Dr. Marita Hetmeier: In some cases the note revealed shortcomings in the notary contract should be noted to make a dispute from the start out of the way. ” As a salesman, who knows that the Eternit facade of his house with asbestos fibers is contaminated, the basement sealing defective and the basement is damp, must inform the buyer prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract.

The same applies to an acute infection with wooden trestle, a leaky roof or a non-functioning heater. Circumstances must be the seller even then reveal a defect if he has eliminated him technically correctly prior to sale. This applies in particular to an infested with rot. Even if the rot is redeveloped, the incidental infection reduces the fair market value of the House. For this reason the jurisprudence assumes that the seller must reveal the buyer a rot even after proper restoration. Dr. Hetmeier: Also on the real estate market is a good old saying: honestly lasts longest! We watch as a honest broker that that sales of houses and apartments anything under the carpet is Vice. Buyer and seller benefit equally.” Dr.