Financial Crisis

Investors currently dominate turbulence to secure investment opportunities on the stock exchanges worldwide. Therefore, many investors are looking for safe investment opportunities. Top real estate are. But not only potential landlord come on this idea, but also self users. Rental for investors include mainly yield factors and lasting value as a benchmark of decision when buying a property. Therefore the rental potential of the property, the location and the facilities of the building are important. These factors are given, so good yields can be generate.

The risk of a landlord in the loss, against this he can insure themselves but with a special police. Also a certain danger persists that the tenant leaves the apartment in a not lettable condition, in the worst case destroyed even the establishment. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. But usually these are isolated cases. Most tenants pursue their financial obligations on time, so financial failures rarely occur. As well as the Rental of apartments or houses is risky in itself, that every landlord should be aware. Basically, the rental of real estate is a solid and also promising form of investment even with population decline.

The reason: Increasing the consumption of living space per person. 22 square meters per person available, were in 1965 as the value rose until 2009 to around 47 SQM, as an Empirica study pointed out. This development should continue according to the study, so that the living space consumption increases by a further 14 percent by 2030. To compensate for this usage, annually 300,000 housing units should be built – including building losses – so 50 percent more than currently. Therefore, it is expected that the living room is running out not only in the cities but also in many large – and medium-sized cities. For landlords, this means that demand for housing will be at least stable, but also rise in many regions.

Munich Market

Increasing real estate prices for apartments and houses in Germany. Read more from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Magdeburg, 10.12.2013. Especially in the cities, it is harder and harder to find an affordable home. According to the Bundesbank real estate prices in Germany’s cities have grown so sharply, that the living room is overpriced considered perfect. Could “currently overvaluations between five and ten per cent there.” In major cities such as Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Cologne real estate prices were up to 20 percent above the level that can be explained with economic factors. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a cheap apartment in a German city. Currently, there is a significant price gap between cities and more rural regions in Germany.

In the monthly report of the Central Bank, told a nationwide overpricing in the market for residential real estate in Germany was still “not knowing”. However it had price increases in recent years in urban areas for Given apartments and houses, the are “fundamentally difficult to justify allow”. Residential real estate have risen since 2010 to an average of 8.25 percent. In larger cities, the prices for apartments even by more than a quarter have gone. Background of the price increase in real estate is that apartments and houses in Germany massively won in recent years on appeal as a financial investment, it was said in the monthly report of the Central Bank. After the bursting of housing bubbles in the United States or Spain, foreign investors would have discovered the German housing market for themselves. The opinion have prevailed also among private investors in the past few years increasingly, that asset secure leave best with real estate property. The profit prospects are still very high, especially in light of low interest rates.

Again invigorated interest in Germany’s real estate market for one due to the lack of range of other markets. In addition, the German economy is very stable, which in addition Attracts buyers. Who wants to invest in the profitable German real estate market, is in the right place at the MCM investor Management AG. The Magdeburg underwriter can benefit their investors in the form of an alternative from the Immobilienhype: rights simplifies the access to the real estate market a broader target group. There is therefore a win-win relationship: the MCM investor Management AG, benefited even their investors benefit. Balance between safety, yield potential and high flexibility of investment products are the core competencies of the MCM investor Management AG.

German Rates

Complete real estate financing now to uniquely favorable terms surprisingly the European Central Bank (ECB) at the beginning of the month has lowered the federal funds rate. Thus, a measure has been taken again to counter the looming recession in Europe and to support the campaign against the debt crisis. (A valuable related resource: cloud computing). For the first time in two and a half years, the interest rate was lowered again. The level of interest rates is now 1.25 percent. Many experts consider the ECB rate cut as critical, in particular with regard to the rising inflation. Consumers but benefit from the unexpected turn in the interest rate policy and can adjust well to still lower interest rates. Well two years spend the interest rates for consumer loans at a low level. The interest rate cut pushed this development and moves to lower fixed interest rates German to banks in the lending business.

Who decides now for buying a property, benefiting from particularly favourable financing conditions. In the face of looming inflation and which surely long not experienced debt and economic crisis in Europe is an investment opportunity worth keeping investing in real estate. Just monument real estate are in focus – they are characterized not only by the resilience and stability, but also by a high valorization potential and special tax benefits. Both personal use and rental listed real estate represent a long-term safe and stable investment. In the face of the rising rental rates in major German cities, owner monument Realty achieve today – and probably even more in the future, interesting returns in a rental. High-quality, modern living room behind historic walls is today demand like never before – and many tenants are willing to grab even deeper in the Pocket for the special living quality.

Of course no monument real estate of the other matches: A careful selection of the object is important in order to get the actually hoped-for return later. In addition, buyers must be in the Prior to comprehensive thought make, how much it may cost the real estate, to stand still with the personal financial conditions in accordance. Even the lowest interest rates for pay off eventually only then, if not financially take over real estate buyers. The team advises interested parties competently and individually about the subject monument real estate, whose selection and financing. Company description of provider investment monument offers a serious investment in listed real estate in whole Germany. This investment particularly attractive tax advantages for investors and helps to preserve old buildings. PR contact: HansFinanzMarketing GmbH & co. KG Kai Albert airport RT 52 a 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040-532 99 194 E-Mail: Web: