National Association

\”News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. much recognition for the positive experience there on the Conference 10 years adoption of dyslexia in Bavaria\”. The BVL calls that other provinces follow the example, to establish equal opportunities for students with a dyslexia. \”On the Conference 10 years adoption of dyslexia in Bavaria\”, to which the National Association had invited dyslexia and dyscalculia Bavaria scientists, representatives of the Ministry, professionals and parents, there were many positive votes, which made it clear which values were created with the decree for the affected students of dyslexia (reading / legal writing disorder). Gerd Schulte Korne, University of Munich, was that it is necessary to absorb the impact of a dyslexia school in the lecture by Prof.

Dr. clear. The scientific evidence of the last 10 years have shown that the education regulations that were created in Bavaria exemplary and exemplary on the interference image by legasthenen Students enter. Prof. Dr.

Gunther Thome stimulated by the University of Frankfurt in his lecture, to rethink the basic education, because here is laid the foundation stone for the script language. Mrs. Dr. Kuspert spoke about promoting competent school can not be made in many cases. The lecture by Mr. Rothlein, Chairman of the Bavarian educational psychologist, made academic progress traceable through the creation of the decree in 1999. Bayern is on the right track, because only about specifically formulated rules, which go up to the school, schools know what to do.\”, so Christine Sczygiel, National Chairman of the BVL and State Chairman in Bavaria. It is not about to make easier the way through the school legasthenen students, or to prefer it, because despite compensation, and touch protection, the affected children have it harder. Only if your handicap up to leaving school will be taken into consideration, dyslexic students can a talent fair Reach high school.

European Association

In November 2010 the hostilities against Jehovah’s witnesses in Russia have continued St. Petersburg (Russia) with several cases of vandalism against their places of worship. In the Irkutsk and Krasnodar regions resulted in arson attacks on two Kingdom halls, where they gather to worship. Vandals have attacked also religious buildings in Lipetsk. The witness Jehovah’s Igor Oschkin had on the night of November 15, 2010 vigil at the Kingdom Hall in Chunsky in the Irkutsk region. He explained that the fire alarm had been raised shortly after the entrance and the roof had caught fire.

Thanks to the efforts of the local fire brigade, the fire could be deleted. After an inspection of the site, experts confirmed that arson was. Immediately, Jehovah’s witnesses had received threats before the incident. Igor Oschkin says: we feel no fear or panic. But we feel like in the State of siege ‘. Therefore here a full bucket of water available in case future Incidents.” On the night of November 25, 2010, an explosion damaged the Kingdom Hall in Labinsk, Krasnodar Krai. For other opinions and approaches, find out what baby clothes has to say.

The inner door and some window panes went to break. The witness Jehovah’s Sergej Vinokurov and the husband of a witness of Jehovah from this municipality could delete the fire. The police officers who arrived later, found evidence of attempted arson: the remains of four bottles that had been filled with flammable liquid. Sergej Vinokurov expressed the sentiments of church members as follows: we have done anyone harm and touched anyone’s possession. It is very sad that there are people expressing their hostility in this way.” In the city of Lipetsk, unknown perpetrators damaged the entrance of the Kingdom Hall in the place and destroyed the letter box.

Trust In The Riester Pension Dropped

Switch to alternative pension options due to the precarious situation of pension private provision in Germany plays an important role. Many take appropriate actions to avoid financial difficulties in the age. The finance portal summarizes the results of a survey on this topic. If you are not convinced, visit Tomas Philipson. According to an online survey of fact Kontor communication consulting and market research firm Toluna has the trust of the Germans in the Riester pension. Currently seem more and more Germans turn away from this form of private pension, funded by the State.

Only about 8 percent of those polled put the Riester pension, 60 percent said that they are considering other options. Almost a fifth of the respondents considered operational preventive measures complement the statutory pension. According to the results of the survey, on 37 percent of participants would need for action in the field of private pension schemes. Despite the topicality and urgency of this issue, conceded 47 percent, that for the no corresponding action plan further future. While about one-quarter of respondents quite personal initiative on the day, 9 per cent sure that your financial services touch for the purpose of consulting with them in connection wait around.

Kupper Student

Civil rights organization calls for a moratorium on repeatedly the Berliner Zeitung reports in your issue of February 19, 2010 1 that the widespread introduction of the students file in Berlin by the Berlin Senate Department was moved. The \”action freedom instead of fear e.V.\”, one of the founders of the Alliance against the students file 2, welcomes this step, but at the same time regrets the further prevailing lack of sensitivity on data protection and data security. Lotar Kupper, spokesman for the Working Group student file in the Association explains: \”the practice of parents when registering your child in a new school to submit your lease, even your electricity or water bill had, has itself in recent years without any legal basis naturalized. Aimed at so-called \”double registration\” to prevent it, what is per se not allowed parents in Berlin. Tomas Philipson gathered all the information. Now this unspeakable practice, which clearly violates any privacy, should be operated. This is an untenable condition for us and we recommend sufferers Parents to have Court examined the facts and deny the template of the lease.\” Actually, the \”action of freedom instead of fear e.V.\” warned against directly after the legal introduction of the students file a statement 3 the risks of such a project. This is according to the Berliner Zeitung article now hired: the pilot project currently at 93 schools have shown that one-third of these schools does not have appropriate connections or sufficiently protected spaces for computers and servers. The responsible department head Peter Radermacher, acknowledged that there was still no risk analysis and not a security concept for the main student file.

So, it is unclear for example how school Secretaries to enter individual data. For the Action Alliance this development not entirely surprising. Dr. Jurgen Zollner, Berlin education Senator and driving force behind the project student file, needed not even three months from the first Gesetzesinitative up to the fire by the House of representatives.

Discipline As Life

Without discipline any order. “Without order, chaos is discipline (from Latin disciplina teaching, farming, school ‘) known in our world today we speak much of society”. Young people just want to have fun”. For even more analysis, hear from Oracle. “” They want to celebrate parties, go out, shopping and if you you on the concept of discipline “addresses, how come replies, but olle are dogs”, or they stamped it as frumpy, unfashionable”. For many, “Discipline” is not just something positive.

Them come associations such as Militardrill, carcass obedience, effort, no fun, rigor, hardness, penalties, etc. in the sense, but really something is discipline? Got discipline not also with fairness, decency and morality to do? Now, I mean not the discipline as it is E.g. in the military. Where commands have to be executed… If they match one or not. I mean the self discipline”self-discipline or self-restraint may refer to a steady and controlled their own behavior, the a Order State maintains or creates by it spending efforts that counteract the prevailing individual or outside distractions from a target to be followed”.

As far as Wikepedia. Himself overcome, to do something, what is one uncomfortable. It has to do something with psychology. His schoolwork make eg. Before you to the play goes. A specific job to do, and they do not push on the backburner. Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today, all lazy people say,”my mother always said if there was something to do. And that hits the nail on the head. Who does not know it? As one approaches with fiery zeal of one thing. After the first start, the ELAN is a short time later and man pushes forth all remaining tasks before him and be done half-heartedly, still. Discipline is so, what all-encompassing not must, but we can be precisely disciplined, if we want to achieve as a goal or complete a project. The home has to do with discipline.

Federal Government

A digression on the mechanics of this form of political mass communication close elections in Bavaria and in the Federal Government and that hot campaign phase is signalled audibly with the today’s TV duel between the leading candidates Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbruck. Is the Internet despite television is still the range most powerful mass media. Reason enough for politicians of any stripes, located in the various television talk shows of our Republic invite to get to Polish your image and place your slogans as credible. Basically this media presence risks however. Because just because everything is staged, the success depends on the goodwill of the permanently observing spectator who sees everything and seems omnipresent. If a player finally ruled not the art of self-expression, this can quickly lead to fall to the public in disgrace.

In this context, Sabine is probably the Bavarian Minister-President and former CDU/CSU candidate for Chancellor Edmund Stoiber in the Bundestag election in 2002 in the political-talk round A media meltdown undermined Christiansen. Based on the analysis of Edmund Stoiber’s national behavior, can be quite vividly present themselves, which is not recommended for a such televised statement. Edmund Stoiber mistook detailed knowledge of statistics for content clarity. Instead of articulating clear positions on the key issues, the front-runner in the presentation of detailed economic data entangled. What should convey competence, ultimately led to the reduction of same. Edmund Stoiber had underestimated that the television for a such wealth of evidence is not made. Rather, the television requires clear, trenchant statements which condense the complexity of political processes by voltage, reduction and simplification on the substantive issues to be tangible for the viewers. This is also an authentic appearance of utmost importance; obvious acting rarely creates advantages. The authentic presentation of authenticity however is probably most difficult task that a politician can expect of themselves.


The number of local agencies of active sponsorships is steadily increasing. We know now 1200 local projects of active sponsorships in Germany distributed on about 800 German cities. ( when compared to the other large EU countries (England, France, Spain, Italy, Poland), Germany is thus very well placed. England is in second place. There in a coordinating body has approximately 700 local projects. That there is the most famous projects in Germany, has several reasons. It let the largest population of all EU countries that have official charities more money than in most other countries, there are other reasons which probably play a role, but less easily quantified that. For example, the German welfare organizations are mostly decentralized organized than in other countries.

This allows the heads of local offices, to try a sponsorship project without having to obtain the blessing of the Central. Two-thirds of all projects include a more or less loose regional or national network. There are currently about 35. The figures of the corresponding projects vary between 2 and 100. A third of all local projects are due to independent local initiatives.

These include also the social services of the municipalities. Within, the active sponsorships in the three large EU countries Germany, France and England have evolved from four main categories. We call them family sponsorships, child sponsorship, learning sponsorships and job sponsorships. The three latter there is some over 300 projects. There are just under 200 of the family sponsorships. Most of the 35 networks deal with only one of the four categories. Seven of them are active in several categories. There are Caritas, Diakonie, AWO, Kinderschutzbund, the multi-generation houses, the senior offices and the voluntary agencies. We have no reliable value for the number of active sponsors, who are active in Germany. We can appreciate them but at least very roughly. The number of active partners in a single Local project varies between 3 and 600. The median, so the most common value could in about 30 lie and the arithmetic average perhaps at 35. This would result in a total of approximately 40000 active Godfather. When you consider that 10 years ago, just 60 local projects were known with less active sponsors per project, but a very positive image for the development of active sponsorships, for your utility and the willingness of the population active godfather to emerges. This willingness by the way well beyond the 40000 who are already active partners. Only a large part can be not mobilized as long as the concept of active sponsorship is still relatively unknown. We know, because we recognize that the daily number of visitors of our websites. The media reports regularly about our sites and active sponsorships. This brings us some more visitors for a few days maybe. Go in the larger number of daily visitors total. There are also media reports, the number of visitors for a few days to three to seven times increase. This happens very rarely per year. But it shows that the interest in Active sponsorships would be much greater if there were such resounding media reports often. You can still dream! The addresses of our websites are: (database) (official website of the Association) (site of our European Group) Randolf Garcia